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1847 - National Society Enquiry


National Society’s Church School Enquiry

The Local Studies section of the Uxbridge Central Library holds an unpublished typescript copy of a 'History of Bishop Winnington-Ingram School Ruislip' written by Rosalind M. Scott (née Page) in 1970.  In this she refers to the National Society conducting a survey of Church Schools over 1846-47. The enquiry found that the Ruislip School at that time had 76 boys and 35 girls taught by master and mistress at salaries of £40 & £15.12s

We have not yet been in a position to trace and examine the source of Mrs Scott's information.
In 1839 the
Committee of the Privy Council on Education, was established - the first government department to occupy itself with and have oversight of Education. The Committee's remit was in the first instance to control the awarding of annual grants to schools. One outcome of the creation of the Committee was a requirement that schools, in order to receive a grant, submit to inspection. By 1843 grants were being made towards the costs of buildings, furniture and apparatus. 

The establishment of the National Society in 1811 had almost certainly been the catalyst for the creation of the Ruislip School in 1812. The rational for its record of the state of the Ruislip school in 1846-47 is not yet understood: it may have been part of the grant making process, or in some way related to a sequence of Education Acts that appeared between 1841 and 1852.  The second of these, in 1844 included in its description 'to secure the Terms on which Grants are made by Her Majesty out of the Parliamentary Grant for the Education of the Poor.'




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