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1862 - School Plan


The Ruislip National School 1862

The National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church in England and Wales was established in 1811.  Its aim was to have a ‘National’ school in every parish in England and Wales. These National Schools employed the monitorial teaching methods introduced by Andrew Bell. Ruislip reacted swiftly to this innovation, setting up its own school within the church grounds within a year (see A. Humphreys, ‘The Origins and Development of Bishop Winnington Ingram School’, Ruislip, Northwood, Eastcote Local History Society (1978), 20-22).

In 1862 the parish acquired land from Kings College, Cambridge for the erection of a more substantial building on Eastcote Road.  A copy of the Deed of Conveyance between Kings College and the parish was obtained by the school in 1952 and is now in the keeping of the London Metropolitan Archives (Acc/1035/10/E).  

The Archives also hold a copy of the plan of this 1862 school (Acc/1341).  This appears to have been part of a record of National School buildings originally kept by the National Society between 1851 and 1871 (the latter date being that when government grants to the National Society towards the cost of capital projects ceased.)

The plan is on a single sheet 74cm x 56cm and appears to have been made by the well known Uxbridge firm of Fassnidge.  It includes side elevations and plans of the school room and the school house.  During the 19th century it was updated to reflect various internal adjustments to the school room, and the addition of an external door, the latter by the use of tracing paper overlays.  

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The newly acquired site on Eastcote Road, showing playgrounds, 
school rooms and Master's house.

The layout of buildings with the Master's house on the left of the school rooms.
It would appear that originally the layout allowed for 
separate boys' and girls' rooms with no provision for Infants. 

The side elevation of the school house





The ground floor plan of the house, including the 'yard' coal store and external toilet.

The first floor plan.

The side elevation of the school rooms

The internal arrangement of the school rooms, 
with later additions drawn in (the two gallaries).  
The plan appears to show three groups of desks occupying 
half the space in each of the two main rooms.

The side elevation of the school rooms with the overlay showing the adaptation 
of the left hand porch to include a door parallel to the main building 
rather than at right angles to it as appears to be the case 
from the earlier ground plan above.

The internal arrangement of the school rooms with the overlay 
showing the adaptation of the left hand porch 
to include a door parallel to the main building.



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