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1864 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1864 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1864.  The Managers included the Vicar (Rev. Christopher Packe, 1834-78, who also held the positions of minor canon of St. Paul's Cathedral and priest-in-ordinary to the Queen), Edwin Ewer, W.A. Tooke, Francis Henry Deane, the Curate (Rev. Richard Holt), William Lawrence and James Patrickson, most of whom were signatories or witnesses to the Deed of Conveyance with Eton College of 1862.  

The ‘Rule’ outlined on the 6th July, relieving the Master and his wife from attending meetings of the Managers suggests the early date in the school’s development where ground rules for its meetings were still being defined.  There is no occasion recorded in the 1864-1903 Minute Book where the Master attended a meeting of Managers, except for the single occasion on 2nd November 1889 when he was issued with an ultimatum concerning his future at the school and his level of pay.  

There is reference to the annual Government Inspection.  The Committee of Council on Education introduced a Revised Code, relating to elementary education, in 1862.  This tied the Government Grant that a school could receive to the outcomes of an annaul inspection and testing of pupils - a system often known as 'payment by results'.

There is also a reference to a Ladies’ Committee. Men were clearly in control of the school and its running; the ladies were to provide the children’s tea and cakes and to be involved with the girl’s needlework (cf. 12th September 1881).  In 1900 (8th September) it was felt necessary to remind the ‘ladies’ of their subordinate role. Ladies Committee.  The question was left to the Vicar. It being understood that the Ladies would have no control over the work of the teachers and that their visits would be to encourage and help both teachers and pupils – not to find fault or interfere with the scheme of work.”


fol. 1v
June (4th?) 1864
Resolved that blinds be ordered for the Class Rooms as well as the School Rooms and that a carpenter be employed for fitting up the same.

Mr Tooke consented to accept the appointment of Visitor for the present month.  

C Packe

fol. 1v
July 6th 1864
At a meeting of the Committee held this day, present Mr Packe, Mr Deane & the Secretary.

It was resolved that,

It be a Standing Rule of these schools that the Master and Mistress are not expected to attend the meetings of the Committee unless specially required to do so.

That the midsummer holidays be four weeks, one week being extra in consequence of the Christmas holidays being one week less than stated in the Rule. To begin Monday July 11th

That the treat shall take place at the end of the holidays: a visit to the Zoological Gardens for the elder ones; and tea and cakes for the younger.

And that the Secretary write to the Secretary of the Ladies’ Committee, communicating the above Rule passed at this meeting and also requesting them to have their monthly meeting so as not to interrupt the regular hours of school attendance.

C. Packe


fol. 2r
August 6th 1864
At a meeting of the Committee held this day
present             Messrs Holt, Patrickson, Lawrence, Deane  

It was resolved that Mr Holt should obtain the new books determined on by the Committee.  

That the Ladies’ Committee should be asked what description of press or cupboard would be most convenient to contain the needlework of the school.  

That the Secretary be requested to communicate to the Ladies’ Committee that the Managers are willing to allow the children to have their treat on Monday the 15th Inst.  The treat to consist of a visit to the Zoological Gardens for the elder children and tea & cake for the younger.

That the Secretary be requested to provide an account book for the Ladies’ Committee.  

F.H. Deane


  fol. 2v
September 3rd 1864  

At a meeting of the committee this day
Present            Mr Lawrence, Mr Patrickson, Mr Ewer, Rev’d R. Holt, Mr Deane  

No particular business was brought before them.  

Francis H. Deane


fol. 2v
October 1st 1864
At a meeting of the Committee this day
there being present Revd R. Holt, Mr Lawrence, Mr Ewer, and Mr Patrickson.  

The Inspector’s Report was presented by the Secretary.  





Capitation Grant for 21 months




Less two months under Article 52(a)




            Balance received




Secretary’s a/c with Treasurer




  Cash received by the Secretary




  paid                 by       ditto



Amount received by Treasurer



 J. Patrickson


fol. 3r
November 5th 1864
A meeting of the Committee took place this day

Revd R. Holt, Mr Lawrence, Mr Ewer and Mr Patrickson being present

The Schoolmaster called attention to the defective state of the drainage at the back of the schools, and to the draughty condition of the windows.

James Patrickson

fol. 3r
December 3rd 1864
A meeting of the Managers took place this day
Mr Patrickson, Mr Ewer, Mr Lawrence and Mr Deane present  

Resolved that an examination of all the children take place on Friday the 23rd inst at half past nine

Francis H Deane


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