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1865 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1865 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1865.  Little of import was recorded in the Committee’s minutes that year, though these do identify the School Master at the time, Mr Lavis.  The National Society, referred to in the Minutes for 15th August, was the body supporting the development of Church of England schools (see the General Introduction).  In addition to providing grants to schools, it ran a significant publishing section producing books to support teaching in schools.     The 15th August minutes also refer to the annual report (see the General Introduction).  The 'subscribers' were those members of the Parish that gave financial support to the school.  In later years of the ninetieth century the inspection reports were published in the Parish Magazine.

fol. 4v
June 3rd 1865

A meeting of the Managers was held this day  

Some fresh notices of meetings ordered to be printed.

A set of Capitation Class Registers No 11 suitable to the requirements of the Revised Code, ordered.

F.H. Deane


fol. 4v
July 1st 1865

A meeting of the Managers was appointed for today, but only Mr Packe and Mr Deane being present, the meeting was adjourned to the 8th of July at 4 o’clock.

C. Packe


fol. 4v
July 15th 1865
A meeting was held to fill up the return for the Inspection
present             Revd C. Packe, Mr Deane, Mr W. Lawrence, Mr Edwin Ewer  

It was resolved that the holidays should commence on the 29th of July.

C. Packe


fol. 5r
August 15th 1865  

At a meeting of the Managers the annual report was agreed to and ordered to be printed and circulated to the subscribers.

It was left to Mr Lavis to enquire about the price of vans to take the children to the Zoological Gardens and to report to a special meeting to be held this day week.   

Mr Deane to get certain books from the National Society for the use of the School.



fol. 5v
September 2nd 1865
Present            Messrs Tooke, Ewer, Deane  

The Inspector's Report was presented.  

Mr Deane and Mr Lavis to arrange about the treat intended to take place on Monday week.

Francis H. Deane


fol. 5v
October 7th 1865  
Present            Messrs Lawrence, Ewer, Deane

Francis H Deane


fol. 6r
December 2nd 1865
Present            Revd C. Packe, Mr Lawrence, Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr F.H. Deane

Mr Lawrence undertook to see to some repairs.

C. Packe



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