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1866 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1866 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1866.  The Rev. Harland was a curate at St Martin’s Church.   Nothing further is known of ‘the certain nuisances’ referred to in the 4th August minute.  In the 1st September minute referring to the issue of ‘attendance tickets’ we appear to have the first mention of attempts to increase regular pupil attendance.  Good levels of attendance were important, since Government Grant levels took into account attendance data, and, of course, because absence would have a direct effect on a child’s progress and therefore results in the annual Inspector’s examination.  However, it must be remembered that Ruislip at this time was a rural school with many children coming from families with high levels of poverty walking several miles to attend school through unmade paths.  The first Log Book, in particular, shows the issues that impacted on regular attendance.  In 1866 have our first mention of the employment of Monitors (see the General Introduction).

fol. 6r
February 3rd 1866
A meeting of the School Committee was held today
when               Mr Ewer and the Revd A.A. Harland were present.  

Bills due to Mr Trenchard for books etc. and to Mr Stevens for coal were ordered to be paid.

Albert A. Harland


fol. 6r
July 7th 1866
A meeting of the Managers was held today
when               Mr Tooke, Mr Lawrence and Mr Deane were present.  

The Annual Report was agreed to.

A.W. Tooke


fol. 6r
August 4th 1866
A school Committee meeting was held this day
when               The Revd C. Packe, A.A. Harland, Mr Deane, Mr Lawrence, Mr Ewer & Mr Took were present. 

The school was ordered(?) to be closed and certain nuisances cleared away.

A.A. Harland


fol. 6v
September 1st 1866
Present            Revd C Packe Mr Took Mr Deane

Books and sundries ordered.  

Attendance Tickets to be issue to the children

F.H. Deane


fols. 6v-7r
October 6th 1866
Managers Meeting
Present            Mr Lawrence, Mr Deane, Revd C. Packe, Revd A. Harland  

The bills of Messrs Cox and Poulton were presented and examined

Maria Powell was appointed Monitor for six months at the rate of £5.0.0 per annum  

Rosa Hill was also appointed at £3.10.0 per annum for six months  

The arrangement with Mr Lavis was altered and the present arrangement made between the Managers and him is that he should receive the whole of the School Pence for his own use and a further payment of £35 per annum, the above to take effect from the 29th ultm

Francis H. Deane


fol. 7r
November 3rd 1866   
Managers meeting
Present            Mr Lawrence, Mr Ewer, Mr Wilde, Revd A.A. Harland  

It was unanimously agreed that Mr Lavis should receive a fixed salary of £80 per annum.  

Mr Lawrence undertook to purchase for the school six small chairs and two armchairs.

A.A. Harland


fol. 7r
December 1st 1866
Managers Meeting
Present            Mr Lawrence, Mr Ewer, Revd A.A. Harland  

It was agreed that the Monitors now employed as Teachers should continue to give their instruction until the termination of their six months – the time originally proposed in which to give them a fair trial.  

The question as to whether the use of the school rooms should be allowed to the members of the Eastcote Cricket Club for certain readings was deferred until the next meeting.

A.A. Harland



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