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1867 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1867 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1867.  The January meeting considered the placing of rails at each entrance, this implies at least two entrances, however, the school plan of 1862 only shows a single entrance on Eastcote Road. Families were expected to contribute a small amount towards the expenses of the school, the school pence; Mrs Woodman’s case - discussed in the April meeting – probably resulted in a reduced payment, due to exceptional circumstances. In relation to the 1st June meeting, the School Master, living in the school house, was a tenant of the Managers, and therefore they were responsible for all aspects of the upkeep of the house – including it would seem a wobbly post for the clothes line!  The well, the only source of water for the Master and his family, was again causing problems in 1886 (20th February). The National Society, referred to in the Minutes for 12nd November, was the body supporting the development of Church of England schools (see the General Introduction).  In addition to providing grants to schools, it ran a significant publishing section producing books to support teaching in schools. Towards the end of 1867 we see the Managers actively engaged in seeking to appoint a male assistant teacher; this possibly resulted from comments in the annual inspection report. Almost all staff at the school would have been female, the Master being the exception.  Later entries in the book suggest that William Crump was successfully appointed. 

fol. 7v
January 11th 1867
Managers meeting
Present            Revd A.A. Harland
                       Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr Wilde

Mr Trenchard’s bill was ordered to be paid.  

Mr Wilde moved and Mr Edwin Ewer seconded a resolution to have rails placed on both sides of each entrance to the school grounds – Mr Wilde undertook to have the necessary fence put up.

A.A. Harland


fol. 7v
February 2nd 1867
Managers Meeting
Present            Revd A.A. Harland
                       Mr Lawrence, Mr Wilde  

After reconsidering the resolution of the last meeting that a railing should be placed on each side of the entrance to the school grounds, it was proposed by Mr Wilde and seconded by Mr Lawrence that ordinary clay pipes should be laid in place of the railings.   

It was proposed by Mr Wilde and seconded by Mr Lawrence that the use of the school be granted for the night to Mr Calvat for certain readings. The proceeds of which are intended to augment the funds of the Eastcote Cricket Club.

A.A. Harland


fol. 8r
March 2nd 1867
At a Managers meeting
Present            Revd A.A. Harland
                       Mr Wilde, Mr Lawrence, Mr Deane

Mr Dean was appointed Visitor for the ensuing month.

A.A. Harland


fol. 8r
April 6th 1867
At a Manager’s meeting
Present            Revd A. Harland
                       Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr Deane  

Mrs Woodman’s payment for her nephew’s child should be 2d per week in future.

The Monitors to be continued at the same rate of pay until the inspection.  

fol. 8r
May 4th 1867
At a Managers meeting
Present            Mr Lawrence, Mr H.J. Wilde

No business transacted.  

H.J. Wilde appointed visitor for the ensuing month.


fol. 8v
June 1st 1867
At a meeting of the Managers
Present            Mr Wilde, Mr Deane  

Mr Lavis complained of the well being foul and it was arranged that Mr Deane should get it attended to, also the clothes’ poles in the garden which require tightening in the ground.  


fol. 8v
July 5th 1867
H.J. Wilde attended. But nothing being required no business was transacted.  

Preparation should be made for the inspection.


fol. 8v
August 3rd 1867
Present             Mr Deane, Mr Lawrence, Mr Edwin Ewer  

The yearly Report was agreed to.

F.H. Deane


fols. 8v-9r
September 7th 1867
In the absence of other members of the Committee and subject to their sanction, Rosa Hill’s remuneration as Monitor to be increased to the rate of £5 per annum from Michaelmas next.  

Annie Weedon to be admitted as Monitor on probation without remuneration for the present.  

An advertisement sent to the Uxbridge paper for a male assistant in accordance with former resolution of the Committee.

F.H. Deane
Sole member present


fol. 9r
October 5th 1867
Present            C. Packe  

Mr Lavis requested the use of the school room for Sunday evening.  Writing class. Granted.



fol. 9r
November 2nd 1867
Present            AA Harland
                       Mr Edwin Ewer  

Mr Lavis obtained permission to order 22 dozen copy books; 2 dozen of the National Society’s 1st books and 2 dozen children primers.

A.A. Harland


fol. 9r

November 9th 1867
Present            Revd A.A. Harland
                       Mr Edwin Ewer,  Mr Deane


The letters of candidates for the Assistant Teachership were laid before the meeting and it was determined to reply to some of them stating terms offered by the Managers etc.

A.A. Harland


fol. 9v
December 7th 1867
Present            Mr Edwin Ewer and A.A. Harland


Two youths(?) named, respectively, Crump and Tasker, were deemed the most likely to make good teachers and Mr Harland was requested to write to them.

The question of school prizes was deferred to the next meeting.

A.A. Harland



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