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1868 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1868 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1868.  There are several references to elections of new Managers.  However, those elected include some who served previously on the Committee, so we may suspect that some form of ‘re-appointment’ was required.  The way that the minute of 7th March is recorded – ‘that all the children should be required to assist in sweeping the school as usual - suggests that, since its opening, the new school building was cleaned by the children themselves.  Later in the year (5th September) the Managers appear to have realised that this was not a satisfactory arrangement, and they began looking for an adult cleaner.  In later years of the 19th Century both Masters and visiting Inspectors were to periodically complain of the poor cleaning of the school (see Log Book 1).  We have already noted that the Managers were actively seeking to employ a male Assistant Teacher and William Crump appears to have been the successful candidate. At the end of his first year in the school the Managers agree to increase his salary. The reference to Gymnastics equipment is an interesting one.  In the end the matter is dropped; whatever was being considered was not acted upon. Finally, the Revised Code of 1862 (see the General Introduction) allowed for three teaching sessions a day, rather than two.  The first two would be morning and afternoon and for children up to 14.  The third would be an evening session of at least an hour and a half for older students, at least 12 years of age – a Night School.  Like the other two sessions, the Night School would attract a grant, which is perhaps what made it attractive to the Managers.  However, given that the Master would need to add this to his daily teaching commitment, in addition to the preparation of Monitors and an hour and a half instruction for any Pupil Teachers the school might employ, we can understand this would have significantly increased the Master’s workload.  In the end, although there are occasional references to a Night School, it does not appear to have formed a regular feature of the Ruislip School.


fol. 9v
January 4th 1868
Present                        Mr Edwin Ewer and Mr William Lawrence and Mr Deane  

10 Reward Books to be purchased by Mr Deane  

Anne Weedon to be offered the situation of Monitor for the ensuing six months and to receive as remuneration for that period two pounds and instruction from the Master and Mistress.  

It was resolved that Mr L.J. Baker of Haydon Hall and Mr Lister of Ruislip Park be appointed members of the committee subject to their consent to act.

F.H. Deane


fol. 10r
February 1st 1868
No managers present today but myself.  Nothing requiring particular notice.

F.H. Deane


fol. 10r
March 7th 1868
Managers present        A.A. Harland
                                   Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr Lawrence

It was agreed that all the children should be required to assist in sweeping the school as usual.  

Mr Lavis was requested to purchase some exercise books. 

It was agreed that L. Baker Esqr and J.B. Lister Esqr should be considered members of the managing committee.

A.A. Harland


fol. 10r
May 2nd 1868
Managers present        Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr Lawrence, Mr Deane  

It was resolved to hold a meeting for the election of fresh members of the Committee

The names to be recommended are as follows
                        J.B. Lister Esqr
                        Mr Edwin Ewer
                        Mr William Barber

The day of the election to be the first Saturday in June at 3 p.m.

Frances H. Deane


fol. 10v
June 6th 1868
Meeting of the Committee
Present            Revd C. Packe
                       Messrs Edwin Ewer, F.H. Deane

The election of new members to take place at the next meeting, the secretary not having issued the necessary notices.

C. Packe


fols. 10v-11r
July 4th 1868
Meeting of the Committee
Present            Revd C. Packe
                       F.H. Deane  

The following gentlemen were elected members of the committee of management
                        Mr Edwin Ewer
                        L.J. Baker Esqr
                        J.B. Lister Esqr

The holidays are to begin on Saturday the 11th inst and the school to meet again 17th August 1868  

The Reports and accounts were agreed to.

C. Packe


fol. 11r
September 5th 1868  

Frame for bell ordered.  

Mr Lavis to make enquiry about a gymnastic apparatus.  

Revd A.A. Harland will enquire about a woman to clean the schools

Windows & blinds to be repaired  

Garden fence to be laid at the next proper season  

Revd A.A. Harland will purchase 2 reward Books for scholars leaving the school.

The meetings of the Committee hereafter are to be held at half past 3 instead of 3

Lawrence J.L. Baker


fol. 11r
October 3rd 1868
A very wet and stormy afternoon
A.A. Harland the only member present
No business was transacted.


fol. 11v
November 7th 1868
Meeting of the Committee
Present            A.A. Harland
                       L.J. Baker Esqr, Edwin Ewer Esqr

The question of “Gymnastics” was postponed until the next meeting.  In the meanwhile, Mr Lavis was desired to obtain further information and ask Lacey to send in an estimate.  

Mr Lavis was asked to get the stoves and blind poles repaired.  It was agreed that William Crump should receive £10 per annum instead of £5 and that his additional salary should commence from January next. 

It was also agreed that the Night School should be under the management of the day school committee.

fol. 11v
December 5th 1868
Present            Mr Lawrence, Edwin Ewer  

No business was transacted



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