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1871 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managersí Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1871 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1871.  This year had the first record of an Inspection by the Diocesan Board of Education. The way that it is phrased suggests that it was being introduced for the first time.  It was to be a regular annual event, an examination of the pupilsí knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the teaching of the Church of England (cf. the Diocesan Inspection Reports from later years). From around 1960 it became a more informal event involving a tour of the school and discussions with the Headteacher (see Log Book 3).  As the Managers noted in their minutes of 4th August 1869, they intended to remove the Master, Mr Lavis.  It is not certain when he left, though we have observed that he was still organist at St Martinís for at least part of 1870 (see our overview for that year).  At any rate, he appears to have vacated the school house by the time of the 1871 census when Ann Clark, a teacher at the school, together with her mother and brother, were living there. As Ann Clark was a fully Certificated teacher, she may have been employed on a temporary basis to fill the teaching position vacated on Mr Lavisí departure.  From the August discussions of the Managers (1st and 3rd) there was a desire, albeit not unanimous, to retain William Crump, possibly after he finally qualified as a Certificated teacher, and offer him the Mastership.  The local directory for 1871 names him as School Master Ė though this may be because he was the only male teaching at the school, not because he formally held the title. If he was offered the post, he must have turned it down, and left shortly after, since the Managers were forced to find a temporary Master which they appear to have been able to do extremely swiftly, since they agreed to the appointment of Joseph Tempest at their meeting on 15th August.  It should be noted that the salary quoted in respect of the Master, £100 per annum in Mr Tempestís case, was for the combined posts of Master and Mistress, not for the master alone!


fol. 14r
March 4th 1871
Present            Rev C. Packe, Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Baker, Mr Deane, Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke

That the schools be inspected in Religious Knowledge according to the proposal from the London Diocesan Board of Education.  

That the resignation of William J. Crump be accepted.

John J. Roumieu


fol. 14v
At a meeting held on May 13th 1871
Present            Rev. J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr F.H. Deane Esq, W. Lawrence Esq

That Rosa Hillís salary be increased to 4/- per week.

That William Crumpís term having expired a temporary engagement (termination at Michaelmas next) be made with him.  

That a pupil teacher be obtained as soon as possible.  

That Mr Lawrence be requested to procure a new pump for the use of the school.

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 14v
At a meeting held on (left blank)
Present            Revd J. Roumieu
                       Mr Lawrence, Mr E. Ewer, Mr Deane  

That five pounds be presented to Rosa Hill from the school fund as a mark of the managers approval of her conduct during her stay at the school.  

The school accounts and registers were examined and verified.

F.H. Deane


fol. 15r
At a meeting held on 1st August 1871
Present            Rev C. Packe, Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Deane Mr McEvoy  

That a temporary Master be obtained from Michaelmas 1871 to Christmas 1872 the Mastership then to be offered to Mr W. Crump.
                       Proposed by Rev. J.J. Roumieu, Seconded by Rev C. Packe

Amendment proposed by Mr Deane.
That a permanent Master be engaged for Michaelmas 1871.
                       Proposed by Mr Deane, Seconded by Mr McEvoy

To adjourn the meeting Ďde die in diemí

J.J. Roumieu


fols. 15r-15v
This adjourned meeting resumed on Thursday evening August 3rd 1871
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer, Mr Lawrence, Mr McEvoy, Mr Tooke

For the amendment
                        Mr Deane, Mr McEvoy

For the original proposal
                        Mr Ewer, Mr Lawrence, Mr Tooke, Rev J.J. Roumieu

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 15v
At a meeting on the 15th August 1871
Present            Revs C. Packe and J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer, Mr McEvoy

For the office of temporary Schoolmaster from Michaelmas 1871 to Christmas 1872.
The application of Mr Joseph Tempest was accepted subject to his testimonials being verified and an interview to be appointed, turning out satisfactory.

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 15v
At a meeting on 29th of August (1871)
Present            Revd  Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer

It was agreed that Mr Joseph Tempest of Allerton Place, Halifax be accepted as Schoolmaster at a stipend of £100 per annum.   

It was also agreed that Miss Clarkeís last quarter salary be calculated on the preceding twelve months according to which her proportion for the quarter will be £6.16.3

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 16r
At a meeting on the 7th October 1871
Present            Mr Edwin Ewer, Mr McEvoy and Mr Deane  

It was resolved to ascertain whether a Pupil Teacher adequate to the requirements could be found among the male scholars.

The consideration of the Monitors stipend to be deferred.

The altered Time Table to be sent to the Inspector for approval.  

Certain repairs in the School House to be attended to.  

It was resolved that Mr Baker be requested to accept the office of Treasurer.

Francis H. Deane


fol. 16r
At a meeting of Managers held on December 22nd 1871
Present            Mr Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer

That Elizabeth Woodman be accepted as candidate for a Pupil Teachership.  

That the Christmas Holiday begin December 22nd 1871 end January1 1872.  

That one pound be presented to Elizabeth Woodman for her services and that her stipend after January 1st 1872 be two shillings per week.

J.J. Roumieu



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