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1875 ~ The Government Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Government Inspection

- 1875 -  

1862 had seen a change in the way that schools were to be supported by State funds.  The ‘Revised Code’ of the Committee of the Privy Council on Education introduced an annual inspection of schools and testing of pupils (often referred to as ‘payment by results’). The results of these inspections determined the grant that would be payable to the Managers to support the running of the school along with money they could raise through local subscriptions from parishioners and ‘School Pence’ contributed by pupils’ families.  For a number of years the Ruislip & Eastcote Parish Magazine gave an account of the annual Inspection Report.  1875 is the first year for which we have an overview of the Report.

The June 1 Parish Magazine gave notice of the forthcoming Inspection:-

        Her Majesty’s Inspector has fixed Monday, June 14th for the annual inspection.

The July 1 Parish M agazine gave an overview of the Inspector's findings:

The National Schools
These Schools were examined, on Monday, June the 14th by the Rev. W. Campbell, Her Majesty’s Inspector, assisted by Mr Crofts.

There was a very good attendance of children, and nowithstanding that a few of the best were unable to be presented, from an insufficient number of attendances during the year, the Examiners were very satisfied with the progress of the School, as may be gleaned from the following remarks of the Inspector on Mr. Taylor’s certificate:

“This is a very good and useful country School.  It is taught with judgement and energy, and the results of the examination are most satisfactory. "

The amount of “passes” were 92˝ per cent.



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