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1875 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1875 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1875. Entries in the Minute Book continue to be few (see overviews for 1872 – 1874). The main matters considered were in relation to staff pay.  However, questions of insufficient space in the school, particularly for Infant aged children, appear to have been raised again during the course of the annual government inspection (see 7th August, also the overview for 1872) and as a result some enlargement of the school was put in hand (see 4th December).

January 30th 1875
At a committee meeting held this day
Present            Rev. J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Parnall, Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke, Mr Kingsmill, Mr Clarke, Mr Deane

It was proposed by Mr Deane, seconded by Mr Parnall and carried unanimously
                       The stipend of Mr Taylor be increased £10 per annum from Christmas 1874.  

Proposed by Mr Deane and seconded by Mr Parnall
                       That the salary of Elizabeth Woodman be raised from 26/- to 30/- per quarter from Michaelmas 1874.

Proposed by Mr Parnall and seconded by Mr Clarke
                       That the salary of Fanny Collins be increased from 13/- to 20/- a quarter.

J.J. Roumieu

(The Ruislip & Eastcote Parish Magazine for 1st February reproduces the above minutes much of it word for word, though providing the additional information that both Elizabeth Woodman and Fanny Collins were monitors.)  


fol. 18v
At a committee meeting held June 12th 1875
Present            The Rev. J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Baker, Mr Deane, Mr E. Ewer, Mr Clarke, Mr Kingsmill

That it be proposed to give Fanny Collins a salary of £10.0.0 per annum. 
                       Proposed by Mr Deane and seconded by Mr Baker.

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 19r
July 31st 1875
A committee meeting was summoned for today at 4.30 p.m. but there being only two members (Mr Tooke & Mr Deane) present, it was adjourned to August 7th at the same time.

F.H. Deane


fol. 19r-19v
August 7th 1875
Committee meeting
Present            Mr L.J. Baker Esqr in the chair
                        Mr A Kingsmill, Mr A. Clarke, Mr E. Ewer, Mr F.H. Deane

Inspectors Report read.   

Agreement with Fanny Collins the Pupil Teacher signed.

It was resolved that a donation of £5 be made to Mr Taylor in consideration of the satisfactory Report of the Inspector.  

It was resolved to give prizes to the most deserving pupils for their conduct and progress during the last year.  

Report of committee adopted.  

An offer of £35 to be made to Eliza Bedford, if she should be willing to engage herself as “Assistant Mistress” at the expiration of her Pupil Teachership.

The question of building an addition to the present schools and enlarging the Boys’ Offices in accordance with the recommendation of the Inspect was considered.  


fol. 19v-20r
December 4th 1875
At a meeting of a committee at the above schools held this day /
Present at meeting       Rev J.J. Roumieu
                                  Mr Deane, Mr E Ewer, Mr Tooke

Tenders were received for the proposed alterations from
                        Mr Taylor                    £242
                        Mr Kearley                  £205
                        Mr W. Cox & Co         £200
                        Mr J. Cox                    £158.13.4  

The tender of Mr J. Cox being the lowest it was proposed by Mr Deane seconded by Mr Tooke that Mr J. Cox’s tender be accepted.  

It was proposed by Mr Roumieu and seconded by Mr Ewer that the arrangements as to details: such as time etc be left to Mr Deane to settle with the builders.  

Also, that Mr Deane be requested to canvas for subscriptions for the above.

J.J. Roumieu

(The primary focus of this meeting – the school expansion - was reported in the Ruislip & Eastcote Parish Magazine for January 1876.)



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