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1876 ~ The Diocesan Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Diocesan Inspection

- 1876 -  

Ruislip School was a school supported by the Church of England Parish of St Martin's within the Diocese of London. As such it had (and continues to have) visits from representatives of the London Diocesan Board of Education (now, 'of Schools') to ensure it provided (and continues to provide) part of its curriculum focused on the effective teaching of the Bible and of the teachings of the Established Church. 

The Parish Magazine for August 1876 had reminded parents that the School had recommenced after the Summer holiday and requested children attend regularly - at least for the time being - as the visit of the Diocesan Inspector was imminent:

Ruislip Church of England Schools.
These Schools resumed work after the Midsummer holidays, on Monday the 24th., July.  Parents and Guardians are particularly requested to send their children as regularly as possible for the next few weeks, as the Inspector in Religious Knowledge for the Diocese proposes to examine all classes in this School on Friday Sept. 22nd.

The September edition provided a further reminder of the impending inspection:-

The Inspector in Religious Knowledge for the Diocese of London has given notice that he will examine the above Schools on Friday September the 22nd.

The Parish Magazine for December provided the following overview of the Diocesan Inspectors' 1876 report:-


Result of Examination. 


First Division

Second Deivision


Old Testament

Very Good



New Testament

Very Good





Very Fair


Prayer Book




Scripture by Heart




Inspector’s remarks on general results of Examination:-      
A very good proportion in every division did well in all subjects, Infants included.  The Second Division is well taught, especially considering the youth of the Pupil Teachers.  The Master deserves great credit for the wide (wise?) and sound teaching of the First Division as well as the goodness of their tone.  A good number of papers were creditably done. It would be well if more Scripture by heart could be learnt in the lower classes.



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