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1876 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1876 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1876. 

Extension works to the school put in hand towards the end of 1875 (see 4th December 1875). The May 1876 edition of the Parish Magazine noted that the Managers were to meet to discuss the completed works and finalise the financial aspects : 'There will be a meeting of the Committee of the above Schools on Saturday May 13th, to receive the Surveyor’s Report on the new building, and to balance accounts.  About £60 is still required to meet expenses; all who have not yet subscribed are requested to forward their subscriptions to the Treasurer (Mr. Deane,) as soon as possible. '

The extension was specifically designed to provide a dedicated Infant Room. Matthew Arnold, as Inspector of Schools, had argued in his report to the Committee of Council on Education as early as 1852 that schools needed to have separate provision for younger children, not that they should be included in the same classes as pupils as old as 13 years (Matthew Arnold, Reports on Elementary Schools 1852-1882, New Edition, London (1908), p.14).  The Parish Magazine for January 1876 identified the extension as being ‘built exclusively for infants’; in June that the ‘New Infant School-Room will be Open on Monday, the 5th of June’; and in July that the ‘new Infant School-room is now open’. The Managers discussed its provision (the need for a new cupboard) and in the following year we learn that ‘a small desk of table’ was to be purchased (17th March 1877) and that Eliza Bedford was the Infant Mistress (9th June 1877).  

A night school appears to have been first introduced in 1868 (see the overview for that year) though does not appears to have been sustained. The Managers were prepared to support financially these evening classes designed to support the ongoing learning of youths (probably exclusively male) who had left fulltime schooling, either because they had achieved ‘Standard 2’ or because they had reached 13 years of age (see 1877, the Public Notice on School Attendance). However, the Master would need to add this to his daily teaching commitment, and in addition to the preparation of Monitors and an hour and a half instruction for any Pupil Teachers the school might employ - it significantly increased his workload!  On this occasion the initiative was stopped at the end of December. 

Diocesan examinations, looking at the children’s knowledge and understand of the Bible and the teachings of the Church of England, seem to have first occurred in 1871 (see the overview for that year); and the first report for the Ruislip School appeared in the Parish Magazine in 1875. This is the first mention of a written report being reviewed by the Managers (9th December). 

The Deane family seem to have been closely connected with the development of the school through at least three generations.  Ralph Deane was party to the Vestry meeting in 1812 which led to the initial setting up of the school; Francis Henry Deane, his son, was a signatory to the acquisition of land from Kings College Cambridge in 1862 as the site for the new school building, and an active and attentive Manager; and in 1901 Ralph Hawtrey Deane joined the Committee.  It would appear that for a specific reason Francis H. Deane was unable to be involved with the school for the whole of 1877. This period coincides with the sale of some of Francis Deane’s Eastcote holdings and his move from Eastcote House to Uxbridge in 1878 (see RNELHS 2002, p.10) , at which date he reappeared as a Manager.


fol. 20r
May 13th 1876
The committee approved of the work done by Mr Cox, but it was resolved that as he had been in arrear several weeks in completing the works, the small penalty of £1 should be imposed on him.  

It was resolved that he should furnish an estimate for the cost of fixing a ventilator in the school room, altering the Girls’ closets into dry earth closets, and removing the wall between the dust bins, also of putting up the wire work on the windows of the new building.  

It was resolved that the Reserve Fund in Consols be sold out and new Trustees appointed; for any balance that may remain to be invested, after the cost of the new building etc has been defrayed.

It was resolved that the salary of the Master and Mistress be raised, as from Lady Day last, to £100.  

It was resolved that George Bryant be engaged as Pupil Teacher at a salary commencing at £10 per annum rising annually £2.

F.H. Deane Chairman

(Entered at the bottom of the page:)
Amount of Donations for the enlargements etc £111.17.

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for June 1876.)    


fol. 20v
September 9th 1876
At a meeting held today
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu (in the chair)
                       Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke

The Inspection report for 1876 was read & approved.  

It was resolved that a night school be opened during the approaching winter under the direction of the Managers, who agree to give Mr Taylor £10 for his services.

J.J. Roumieu

(A summary of these minutes as well as the Government and Diocesan Inspector’s reports was included in the Parish Magazine for December 1876.  
The Parish Magazine also included the following note: 
 Also, a Meeting of the Ladies' Committee on Thrusday September the 7th, at 3.30.)


fols. 20v-21r
December 9th 1876
At a meeting held today
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu (in the chair)
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke

The Diocesan’s Inspector’s Report was read and approved.  

The accounts of the additional buildings’ fund were presented, examined and passed.
Deficiency £29;13:10  

The accounts for 1875-6 (Lady Day) were presented & confirmed.  

Some gravel being required for playground, it was agreed that Mr Ewer requested to have it done for the Managers.  

Some larger tanks for girls’ closets and a new cupboard in Infant room to be procured – agreed to refer it to Mr Roumieu.

Some Christmas prizes to be obtained – agreed that Mr Taylor should procure them.  

Mr Deane gave notice that he would resign the office of Treasurer and Secretary at the end of the year 1876.  It was proposed that a vote of thanks be offered to Mr Deane for the efficient manner in which he has fulfilled the officers during the many years he has held them.  

Mr Deane suggested that the Insurance on the school be increased.
Note present Insurance being £500  

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for January 1877.)


fols. 21r-21v
December 30th 1876

Resolved that the Insurance of the building be increased to £1,000.  

Mr Deane produced his accounts which were considered correct. Balance due to the schools at the time £132.19.0½  

Proposed by Mr Roumieu and seconded by Mr Deane that Mr Tooke be Treasurer (pro tem;)  

Proposed by Mr Ewer and seconded by Mr Deane that Mr Roumieu be secretary.  

That the Night School be stopped forthwith

J.J. Roumieu

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for January 1877.)



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