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1877 ~ The Government Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Government Inspection

- 1877 -  

1862 had seen a change in the way that schools were to be supported by State funds.  The ‘Revised Code’ of the Committee of the Privy Council on Education introduced an annual inspection of schools and testing of pupils (often referred to as ‘payment by results’). The results of these inspections determined the grant that would be payable to the Managers to support the running of the school along with money they could raise through local subscriptions from parishioners and ‘School Pence’ contributed by pupils’ families.  For a number of years the Ruislip & Eastcote Parish Magazine gave an account of the annual Inspection Report.  

In 1877 the Parish Magazine had given several reminders of the impending inspection and the need for parents to ensure their children attended school regularly: -

May, 1877: 
A Committee Meeting of the above Schools will be held at the School-room on Saturday, the 2nd of June at 3.30 to prepare the necessary papers, and verify the returns, for H.M. Inspector’s visit early in June.

As the Government Grant is dependent on the efficiency and attendance of the Scholars, Parents are requested to send their children as punctually as possible during the present month.

June, 1877: 
Notice of Annual Inspection
H,M. Inspector will examine the above Schools on Monday June the 18th at 10.30 a.m.  
The Meeting of the Committee of the above Schools which was advertised, in last month’s Parish Magazine, for Saturday, the 2nd of June, is postponed to the following Saturday at 3.30 to prepare the necessary papers, and verify the returns, for H.M. Inspector’s visit.  

The July edition noted that the Inspection had taken place and that the report would be published in due course:

H.M. Inspector examined the above Schools on Monday June the 18th, at 10.30 a.m.  The report will follow in due course.

The same edition noted the success of some pupils in a drawing examination: 

The Report from the ‘Science and Art Department,’ South Kensington, on the Drawing Examination has been received by the Secretary.  Thirty-five children satisfied the Examiners, thirteen passes were obtained ‘with proficiency,’ and four ‘with excellence.’

A summary of the report was published in the September edition.  With regard to the number of passes for 'Literature' and 'Domestic Economy' the basic grant for reading, writing and arithmetic could be supplemented by pupils being examined in two of a range of subjects that were taught to a class, and in some cases, other subjects that would only be taught to specific individuals.  The stifling effects of the 1862 Revised Code were gradually being broken down, but in the meantime the system was becoming increasingly complicated.  It was to be some years yet before a more rational approach was implemented.  

Ruislip Church of England Schools

The Inspector’s Report for the School year 1876-77 has been received, announcing a total grant of £105 8s.,

Average attendance for the year


Number presented for Examination


Passed in Reading


Passed in Writing


Passed in Arithmetic


Passed in Literature


Passed in Domestic Economy


Number of Infants presented



Summary of Inspector’s Remarks on the School

Mixed School
The results of Examination are generally very fairly satisfactory the intelligence is beyond the average in country schools.  Writing is generally good.  Spelling wants some attention in the third and fourth standards.  Arithmetic is scarcely up to the mark: mistakes in notation occur throughout the standards, and the Arithmetic of the sixth standard was a complete failure.  H’s want attention in Reading.  The discipline of the second standard will bear improvement.

Infant School
This room is very pleasantly and successfully worked by Miss Bedford.  Subject to any question arising from the books of the two departments being the same, there is no reason that I can see why this should not be treated as a department under Miss Bedford.

G. Bryant and F. Collins have passed fairly.

The September Parish Magazine also noted:

Honour Certificate
Since the receipt of the above, a ‘Scholar’s Honrou Certificate’ has been sent for Frederick Alesbury, which “in accordance with the terms of the order of the Education Department,” entitles him to the Repayment of all School Fees for the next three years.



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