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1877 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1877 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1877.  

At the 17th March meeting pupil attendance was discussed, including reference to a ‘new Act of Parliament’.  While the Education Act of 1870 had marked Parliament’s commitment to education for all children up to the age of 13 years, it did not place any statutory obligation on parents to have their children educated, nor did it remove the need for parents to contribute financially towards the cost of their child’s education.  The 1876 Elementary Education Act, however, made it a legal requirement for parents to have their children educated between the ages of 5 and 13, except in some exceptional circumstances. Local School Attendance Committees were to be set up to enforce this requirement. The Parish Magazine, in its September edition, published a public notice in respect of the Act and its legal consequences. The payment of fees were to continue until 1891 (see Minutes of 8th August 1891).  

The Managers’ decision to change their accounting year caused some issues with the teacher’s salaries which required remedial action (9th June). The funds required to run the school came from a number of different sources: a government grant, the level of which was dependent on the annual inspection; the fees payed by parents; and donations provided by more wealthy members of the Parish, who agreed to subscribe a certain sum each year.  The Parish Magazine, in its June edition, informed subscribers of the change in date for their annual payments.

1876 documented the creation of a separate Infant school room In 1877 every recorded meeting discussed this provision in some way: additional furniture was purchased for it (17th March); Elisa Bedford was identified as the Infant Mistress (9th June); the infant class was considered to be a separate department (29th June); and the work of the Infant Mistress was considered good at the summer government inspection, resulting in an increase in Elisa Bedford’s salary (29th September). Additionally, the Managers were prepared to increase the staffing level through the employment of a Monitor to support the class (29th September).  Such a flurry of interest in the provision for the younger children is strongly suggestive that the creation of the Infant Class had been a very recent event, following on from the expiration of Elisa’s Pupil Teacher apprenticeship (see 7th August 1875). 



fol. 21v
March 17th 1877
At a meeting held today
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu (Secretary)
                       Mr Baker, Mr E Ewer, Mr W. Tooke (Treasurer)

Mr Richard Ewer was elected a member of the committee

It was proposed by Mr Baker and seconded by Mr E. Ewer that in future the School Financial Year should end on May 31st instead of March 25th as heretofore.  

It was resolved to send a circular to all Subscribers informing them of the change and that in future the subscription will be payable (in advance) on the 1st of June.  

The Master having complained of the irregularity of the Nash (Wilshire Lane) children in attending school, it was agreed that he should write to Mrs Nash reminding her of the new Act of Parliament.  

Also to Mrs Pearce, requesting payment of school fees.  

The following articles, being required, were ordered.

  1.  2 additional hat rails for classroom

  2.  Large wire sieve for closet dust

  3. Floor cloth for house passages

  4.  2 new blinds for boys’ schoolroom

  5.  Washing stool and towel for boys’ room

  6.  Small desk or table for Infant School

J.J. Roumieu

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for April 1877.
The following note was included in the June edition of the Parish Magazine in relation to the changed date for the Financial Year:

Ruislip Church of England Schools
Notice to Subscribers

The following Circular has been sent by the Secretary to the Subscribers to the Schools.  

Ruislip Schools, May, 25 1877

The Managers of the Ruislip Church of England Schools have decided, with the approbation of H.M. Inspector, that in future the School Financial year shall commence on the 1st of June and end on the 31st of May.

I beg to draw your attention to the fact that your subscription for the coming year will be due on the 1st of June next, and trust that it may be convenient to you to apy the same as soon after that date as possible.

Your obedient Servant,
J.J. Roumieu,


fol. 22r
June 9th 1877
At a meeting held today
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu (in the chair)
                       Mr Tooke, Mr Ewer, Mr Kingsmill

The accounts for the past 14 months were presented and found correct.  

The necessary forms for the Inspectors visit were verified and signed by the Managers.  

The sum of £76.1.3 Building Fund was ordered to be invested by Mr Tooke the Treasurer.  

A request from Eliza Bedford, the Infant Mistress, for an increase in stipend was ordered to be postponed for consideration until after the Inspector’s Report.  

A complaint having been made as to the stipends of the Teachers being reckoned as 2 months from March 25th to May 31st, it was agreed that the Treasurer should pay the several sums due for the odd days.  

The Holidays were ordered to commence on the 20 July and end on the 20 August.

J.J. Roumieu


(The May edition of the Parish Magazine had announced the Managers' meeting for 2nd of June. 

Ruislip Church of England Schools
A Committee Meeting of the above Schools will be held at the School-room on Saturday, the 2nd of June at 3.30 to prepare the necessary papers, and verify the returns, for H.M. Inspector’s visit early in June.

As the Government Grant is dependent on the efficiency and attendance of the Scholars, Parents are requested to send their children as punctually as possible during the present month.

The June edition reported that the meeting had been postponed

Ruislip Church of England Schools
Notice of Annual Inspection

H,M. Inspector will examine the above Schools on Monday June the 18th at 10.30 a.m.  

The Meeting of the Committee of the above Schools which was advertised, in last month’s Parish Magazine, for Saturday, the 2nd of June, is postponed to the following Saturday at 3.30 to prepare the necessary papers, and verify the returns, for H.M. Inspector’s visit.

A summary of the June meeting was included in the Parish Magazine for July 1877.)



fol. 22v
At a meeting held at the Secretary’s on June 29th 1877
Present            The Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Mason  

It was agreed that the Infant School be placed under Miss Bedford as a separate department.  

It was agreed
That Mr Roumieu write to a Training College to obtain the necessary permission for E. Bedford to sit for a Certificate at Christmas.  

J.J. Roumieu

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for August 1877.)  


fol. 23r
At a meeting held at the schools, September 29th 1877
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu (in the chair)
                       Mr Baker, Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke

  1. The Inspector’s Report was read.

  2. It was determined at the salary of the Infant Mistress be increased to £40 per annum from the 1st of June last.  It was further determined that, in the event of her passing her examination for a Certificate at Christmas, it be increased from December 1st to £45 per annum.

  3. It was agreed that the Treasurer and Secretary engage the services of a Monitor for the Infant School.

  4. The Grant of £4 for 1877 under Art. 19E was ordered to be divided between the Master and Pupil Teachers in the following manner                       
             Mr Taylor £2
             George Bryant £1
             Fanny Collins £1

  5. The Secretary was requested to order requisite for needlework, 6 plain forms for classrooms and shelves for Master’s house.  

(A summary of these minutes was included in the Parish Magazine for October 1877.

The same edition had identified a meeting af the Ladies committee:

The Ladies’ Committee
A meeting of the Ladies’ Committee held on Friday September the 7th to inspect the work and balance the accounts.
Present: -
            Miss Baker
            Mrs. Roumieu
            Miss Thompson

The work having been inspected and considered satisfactory and the accounts being found correct it was agreed
That, for the future the Ladies’ Committee meet on the first Tuesday in every School quarter.

 This was followed in the December edition with the following note:- 

Ruislip Church of England Schools
There will be a Meeting of the Ladies, (Work) Committee at the Schoolroom, on Tuesday December the 11th at 3.45 p.m. )  



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