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Miscellaneous Items from the Parish Magazine

- 1877 -  

The following are a number of items from the Parish Magazine that were unable to find a place elsewhere:

The Ruislip & Eastcote Parish Magazine

  January 1877

            from the introduction to the first edition of the new calendar year: -

“The National School is in a very satisfactory condition.  In the new building an Infant School has now been formed, having for its mistress Miss Eliza Bedford, the ex-Pupil Teacher.  The Night School has been unsuccessful …”  

February 1877

School Treat
On Wednesday January the 10th Lady Hume Campbell gave a Treat to all the children attending the Sunday and Day Schools.

After tea a curtain was drawn aside, and an immense Christmas Tree displayed, (lit up with candles, red and green fire,) upon which, and on an adjacent table, there was a present for each child and every one connected with the School.

The little crowd of happy and excited faces showed more forcibly than words could express, that the kindness and generosity of Lady Hume Campbell was fully appreciated by them all, many of whom then saw a Christmas-tree for the first time.

Opportunity was taken of the occasion to distribute the prizes to the best children in the Sunday and Day Schools; medals were presented to the following as the best in the school:

Kate Poulton,   Charlotte Masscy,   William Aylesbury

Sidney Brush,   Frank Curzon



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