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1878 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1878 -  

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1878.  Entries in the Minute Book continue to be few for the first half of the year (see overviews for 1872 – 1877).  Records reflecting a regular cycle of Managers’ meetings do not reappear until Rev. Everett, Vicar of Ruislip, took over as Chairman in September1878.  At the start of the year Francis Henry Deane returned as Manager after a year’s absence (see overview for 1876).

The main issue of the year was the increasing size of the school (one that had already been raised in 1875 and was to continue to be a problem for many years to come).  This may in part have been due to the introduction of compulsory education from 5 to 13 the previous year (see overview for 1877).  At the March meeting a resolution was passed to withdraw places from children outside the Ruislip Parish; it was probably no coincidence that the Secretary (and Chairman) Rev. Roumieu, Vicar of Harefield, was not present.  No doubt this led to some disagreement between him and the other Managers, (can one detect this in his recording of the visits to the Uxbridge District Education office?) and his resignation.  The Rev. Roumieu’s departure permitted the new Vicar of Ruislip, Rev. Thomas Marsh Everett, to seamlessly take over the chairmanship of the Committee. (The “My Lords”, referred to in the letter confirming the legal situation with regard to children from outside Ruislip Parish, is the Committee of Council on Education, see also 1869 and 1872 for previous correspondence with the Committee.)

Mr (and Mrs) Taylor the Master tendered his resignation at the same time as Rev. Roumieu. The reasons for his going are not stated.  He was succeeded by T.A. Prosser and his wife.

We have already noted that the creation of an Infant class was probably a recent occurrence (see the overview for 1877), and as a result there was the need to carry out some adaptation to the school and acquire furniture (9th March.)  The Managers also took the first of several constructive steps over the next few years to reward good attendance.  As mentioned in the overview for 1877, families were still legally required to contribute to their children’s education.  The August meeting records for the first time a review of the charges, albeit to be followed by a more simple schedule of fees at the end of the year.  In the case of extreme hardship it is likely that fees would be waived completely.



fol. 23v
At a meeting on Saturday January 19th 1878
present             Rev J.J. Roumieu (in the chair)
                        Mr Deane, Mr Ewer, Mr Tooke

It was agreed

  1. That a child’s school book be obtained for every child in the school.

  2. That the Managers of the school pay for every certificate required for such “Child’s School Book” of children admitted after January 1st 1878.

  3. That the cost of certificates for children admitted previous to that date be defrayed by the parents.

Francis H. Deane


fols. 23v-24r
At a meeting held on Saturday March 9th 1878
present             Mr Tooke, Mr Ewer, Mr Deane (in the chair)  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read.

It was resolved that Mr Ewer be requested to meet Mr Roumieu and Mr Tooke on an early day to confer with them as to the best way of providing a lobby and separate entrance to the Infant school room and that these gentlemen are authorized to carry out any plan which may then be decided on.  

It was resolved that in consequence of the increased attendance of children belonging to the parish of Ruislip, the committee are unable to receive children from other parishes, and will decline to do so after the next Inspection.

It was resolved that the Secretary be requested to give notice of the last resolution to such persons as he may consider interested in the question.  

It was resolved that the Secretary be requested to order repair of Desks, Ditto of Ventilator, Ditto of floor in Girls’ Classroom, and a sieve for earth closets, also bricks to be laid in school house yard, and papering and white washing the school house parlour.

J.J. Roumieu


fols. 24v-25r
At a meeting of Managers held at the schoolroom on Saturday June 15th 1878
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu in the chair
                       Mr Baker, Mr E. Ewer, Mr Tooke

The minutes of the last meeting were read.  

The decision of the subcommittee appointed to receive tenders for Porch was reported to the committee.

The accounts for 1877-78 were examined & passed.  

Messrs Tooke and Roumieu reported that they had accepted the tender of Mr William Cox,  £47:10:0, for the new lobby.

The holidays were fixed to begin on Friday July 12th and to terminate on Monday August 12th.

It was determined that on and after August 12th  the fees for children attending the schools should be as follows:

            for agricultural labourers, journeymen and artisans
                          For one child in a family         3d
                          For 2 children in a family       5d
                          For 3 children in a family       6d
                          For 4 children in a family       7d
                          For 5 children in a family       8d
                          For 6 children in a family       9d

            for Tradesmen & Farmers & Shopkeepers
                         For every child                        6d

It was further agreed to accept an offer made by Mr Baker to give as a reward for regularity of attendance during the present school year the following:

To any child who attends not less than 350 times and passes the government examination 2/6

To any child who attends 400 times and passes the said examination 5/-

To the Girl who attends the greatest number of times during the school years and passes the government examination 10/-

To the Boy who attends the greatest number of times during the years and passes the said examination 10/-

J.J. Roumieu


fol. 25r
At a meeting held at the school on Friday August 2nd (1878)
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer

The Inspector’s Report was read.  

It was resolved that the Secretary write to the Education Department to enquire whether the Managers are obliged to receive children from other parishes than Ruislip for which Parish the school was built and is supported.  

That this meeting be adjourned till Saturday August 31st to receive the answer from the Education Department on the foregoing resolution.  

The Secretary gave notice that he would resign his office at the next meeting.

J.J. Roumieu

fols. 25v-26r
August 31st 1878
Present            Rev J.J. Roumieu
                       Mr Deane, Mr Ewer

The Secretary reported that on calling at the Education Department on the 9th (August) he was informed that the Managers are obliged to receive extra–Parochial children if there be room in the school but may charge a special fee of 9d for each such child.  

The following letter has been since received in confirmation of the above  

Education Department, August 27th 1878  

Rev Sir            I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 12th instant

My Lords will offer no objection to you charging a special fee not exceeding 9d a week for each child attending your school from other parishes than Ruislip.   

It must be understood that this Department has held that accommodation for 17 children is available in your school for the Parish of Ickenham, and that if from any cause such accommodation should cease to be available for Ickenham, the question of the sufficiency of school accommodation in the parishes of Ruislip and Ickenham will have to be reconsidered.

In pursuance of the above letter it was proposed by Mr Deane, and seconded by Mr Ewer, that on and after September 9th the fee for extra-Parochial children shall be 9d per week for each child.  

The Rev J.J. Roumieu resigned his office as Secretary and a vote of thanks was tendered to him for his past service.

The resignation of Mr Taylor the Schoolmaster was received and accepted.  

Resolved that Mr Tooke be requested to take the office of Secretary pro tem;.


fol. 26r
September 20th 1878
Present            Rev. T.M. Everett, Rev. J.J. Roumieu
                        Mr L.J. Baker, Mr Ewer, Mr Mason, Mr Tooke  

Various applications were received by the committee for the post of Master and the Secretary was requested to see some of the candidates and if necessary advertise again in the Schoolmaster and report at a further meeting.

T.M. Everett


fol. 26r
October 19th 1878
Present            The Rev. T.M. Everett in the chair
                       Messrs Baker, Mason, Kingsmill, Ewer and Tooke  

The Hon. Secretary reported that there were three candidates suitable for the vacant post of Master.  It was resolved that Mr T.A. Prosser of St Marks School Rhayader have the first offer on the understanding that he was about to marry a Miss Walker who was also a certified mistress and who would undertake the Infants or Girls’ School as the case may be.

T.M. Everett

fols. 26v-27r
Meeting of Managers held at the schools December 21st 1878
Present            The Revd. T.M. Everett in the chair
                        Messrs Deane, Baker, Ewer, Mason & Tooke  

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The Hon. Secretary reported that Mr T.A. Prosser had accepted the post of Master of the Schools and that he and his future wife proposed commencing their duties on Monday January 6th 1879.  

The question as to in what manner the work of the school can be most efficiently carried on was differed.

The Treasurer reported that the balance at the bank amounted to £77.4.1 and at the Savings Bank £76.19.11 with a year’s interest due thereon.  

It was proposed by the chairman and seconded by Mr Baker that Mr Tooke be elected permanent Secretary and Correspondent of the schools.

It was resolved that William Cox be paid £25 on account of work on the new lobby and paving at the back of the Master’s house.  

It was resolved that children paying school fees should be divided into two classes:

1st Class Farmers, Tradesmen ^Shopkeepers^ Gardeners, Police
                        1st child 6d     2nd & or children 3d

2nd Class Labourers
                        1st child 3d,      2nd child 2d                3rd and other children 1d

The chairman was requested to settle the classes with the assistance of Mr Ewer.  

The chairman & Messrs Mason and Ewer were requested to make a better arrangement with reference to the girls’ closets.  

The wall in front of the school to be repaired in the spring.  

It was proposed by Mr Tooke, seconded by Mr Baker and unanimously resolved that Mr Barber be elected a Manager of the Ruislip Schools.

It was resolved that Sidney Burch receive 2/- a week as Monitor instead 1/- as heretofore.

T.M. Everett



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