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1880 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1880 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1880.  While the main business of the year covered issues of maintenance and staffing issues, the June meeting also needed to consider the behaviour of one of their number.  It would appear that the Master, Mr Prosser, had administered corporal punishment to a girl. This had come to the attention of one of the Managers, William Mason, who considered that physical punishment by a male teacher on a female pupil was inappropriate.  Rather than bringing this to the school’s Committee of Mangers, he took matters into his own hands by bringing an action against Mr Prosser at the Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.  It is not clear how the matter proceeded; Mr Prosser was to remain Master at the school for another ten years.  The Managers were clearly not happy about the unilateral action taken by William Mason, and perhaps on reflection he too felt that his actions had been unwise – he did not attend another Managers’ meeting until 1885.  The Revised Code had been introduced in 1862 (see the General Introduction) and financial grants to schools, obtained through pupils’ performance in an annual test given by a visiting Inspector, very much focused on achievement in reading, writing and arithmetic.  In 1871 a further grant was introduced which related to pupils’ achievement in specific ‘extra subjects’, hence the reference to a grant for geography in the August meeting. Noted in the same meeting was a reference to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners from whom further grants could be acquired (see 12th September 1881).



fol. 28r
Meeting of Managers held at the schools on Monday June 23rd 1880
Present            The Revd. T.M. Everett
                        Messrs Deane and Kingsmill

The Vicar reported that, after consultation with 2 other managers, Elizabeth Taylor had been engaged as Pupil Teacher in the room of Fanny Collins.  Stipend to begin at £10 and to rise £3 a year to £19 in her fourth and last year.

It was agreed that Fanny Collins continue to act as Teacher in the School until Christmas 1880 at a stipend of £9 for the 6 months – and that a gratuity of £3 be given to her at Christmas as a mark of approbation from the managers of her excellent conduct as Pupil Teacher.

The Managers ordered the exterior woodwork of the school house to be painted, also the gateway between the 2 playgrounds – also sundry repairs in connection with schools to be carried out.

In connection with the recent Ruislip School case before the Bench of Magistrates at Uxbridge, the Managers resolved that it was a matter of regret that Mr Mason did not ascertain the views of the Managers thereon before taking legal proceedings against the Schoolmaster.  It is also a matter of regret that Mr Mason was not present at the meeting.

The Managers made a Rule “That no corporal punishment be inflicted by the Master on any female child.”

T.M. Everett


fol. 28v
Meeting of Managers held at the schools on Monday August 30th 1880
Present            The Revd. T.M. Everett in the chair
                        Messrs Baker, / Deane and Tooke  

  1. Signed Indenture of Apprenticeship for Elizabeth Taylor.

  2. Read letter from Education Department as to Grant for Geography.

  3. Secretary reported that the wall was built and paid for.

  4. Treasurer directed to pay Cox’s bill for repairs to schools and £1.19.0 to Mr Prosser’s brother who had acted as Monitor.

  5. The Secretary to write to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for an annual subscription to the schools.

  6. Read Inspector’s Report for last year.

T.M. Everett



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