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1883 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1883 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1883.  There were few meetings during the year, with the substantive item at each meeting being the need to increase the size of the school.  The issue had first been raised in 1872 and addressed in 1875.  It was again considered in 1879.  Though no longer extant, it seems likely that the Inspector’s annual inspection reports had identified that the number of children exceeded the statutory required space; this was certainly a recurring comment in later reports that have survived.  In large part, the pressure on the school at this time may have been caused by the Elementary School Act of 1876 which placed a legal requirement on parents for their children to be educated between the ages of 5 and 13. Sir Morton Peto (whose wife was amongst those asked to assist with supporting the girls’ needlework, see the Overview for 1881) rented Eastcote House from Francis Deane.  Although by 1883 Sir Morton had suffered a number of setbacks from failed business enterprises, he had been a successful engineer and building contractor. It would appear that, not only was there insufficient space in the school, but also a need for an increase in the number of teachers. Meeting these various demands would have a significant impact on the Managers’ finances, since the cost of the building works, in particular, would need to be met entirely by the Parish.



fol. 29v
Meeting of managers held at the schools on Monday September 24th 1883
Present            Revd. T.M. Everett in the chair
                       Messrs Ewer and Tooke  

The report of H.M.’s Inspector was read. The grant amounted to £128.7.6

It was proposed by Mr Tooke and seconded by Mr Ewer that the question of supplying additional teaching staff be left to the Vicar.

It was proposed by the chairman and seconded by Mr Ewer that Mr Tooke consult Mr A.A. Woodbridge of Pinner as to the enlargement of the school buildings and report to a future committee meeting.

Resolved that the Hon. Secretary order the articles required by the Master and set forth on his written requisition.


fol. 29v
Meeting of managers held at the schools on Friday November 2nd 1883
Present            Rev T.M. Everett
                       Messrs  Deane, Tooke and Ewer  

The enlargement of the school was again discussed but no definitive conclusion arrived at.  The Vicar undertook to consult Sir Morton Peto on the subject and to report at next meeting.


fol. 30r
Meeting of managers held at The Vicarage, Ruislip on Saturday November 17th (1883) at 5 p.m.
Present            The Vicar in the chair
                        Messrs Baker, Deane, Tooke, Kingsmill and Ewer  

It was proposed by Mr Baker and seconded by Mr Deane that Messrs Ewer, Tooke and The Vicar be a Sub-Committee to carry out all necessary arrangements to enlarge the school in accordance with the Report of H.M. Inspector.  The general opinion of the managers being that enlargement should take the form of lengthening the west class room, as suggested by The Vicar, and that the expenditure should not exceed £100.

It was agreed to accept John Cox’s estimate £9.2.0  for repairs in school yard to walls and surface drainage.

The managers voted a sum of £2 to be given away in books to those children who made complete passes at the last government examination in June.

The Vicar reported the engagement of Bertha Pound as Pupil Teacher transferred from Bushey Heath Board School

T.M. Everett



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