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1886 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1886 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1886.  There was only a single meeting recorded. There had been issues with the well belonging to the school house some twenty year’s previously (see 1886).  This time the issue appeared to be more serious as the local Sanitary Authority had become involved (there is one word that it is not possible to identify before ‘their surveyor’). The Managers also needed to make good on their commitment to reward good attendance through the return of part of the ‘school pence’ as notified in their flier of the previous year (see meeting of 2nd August 1885, actually 1st August).  Also, there was a need to boost the School’s finances after recent building works, taking on additional staff and providing incentives for good attendance – further ‘subscribers’ to the school were needed!



fols. 33r-33v
A meeting of managers was held at the school on Saturday February 20th (1886) to consider a report received from the Sanitary Authority respecting the Well and Drainage in yard of Master’s house and to transact other business.
Present            The Vicar
                        Messrs Deane, Edwin Ewer, Murch and Taylor  

The Vicar informed the managers that the well had been closed at the request of the Sanitary Authority who, having tested the water, had decided that it was impure.  In the opinion of the Sanitary Authority this was owing to defective drainage in the Master’s yard. The Sanitary Authority (?) their surveyor had made a report with a view to improving the sanitary arrangement which was then read to the managers.  This report was approved by the managers and a committee appointed consisting of the Vicar, Messrs Ewer and Taylor to see that it was carried out. It was considered advisable to ask Mr Brown of Harefield and Mr John Cox of Eastcote to tender for the necessary repairs. 

The Vicar having reported that the grating? on south side of school had been brought down by the storm and destroyed. It was ordered to be renewed and included in the aforementioned Tender.

In accordance with Resolution of August 1st 1885 to return school pence to children who made full weekly attendances to Christmas 1885, the school master reported that boys had made 394 attendances and girls 357 for which they were entitled to receive one halfpenny for each attendance. The sum required for the would amount to £1.11.3½ which was ordered to be refunded to parents.

The Vicar with Messrs Edwin Ewer, Taylor and Murch were appointed a committee to try and increase the number of subscribers to the schools.

T.M. Everitt



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