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1887 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1887 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1887.  There were concerns with the Master’s performance (29th January), probably as a result of the previous year’s inspection.  The Managers had previously had dismissed Mr Lavis (1869), probably also following an adverse inspection report.  The removal of the current Master, Mr Prosser, was to be protracted – and he was not to be the last!  The surname of the Annie referred to in the 20th August minute is unclear, possibly ‘Lavender’ being a local family name.  It is uncertain that the minute of the 17th December relates to 1887, as there are no minutes for 1888.



fols. 33v-34r
A meeting of managers was held at the Schools on Saturday January 29th 1887
Present            The Vicar (in the chair)
                        Messrs Edwin Ewer, Murch, Taylor and James Ewer  

It was proposed by Mr Murch and seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer that the following Resolution be sent to the Master.

“That unless there be an improvement in the School Grants and Report after the next Annual Examination, the managers will feel compelled to reduce the stipend of the Master and Mistress.” 

The foregoing resolution to be considered as due notice to the Master and Mistress in case the managers find it necessary to put it in force.

The Vicar undertook to talk over one or two matters with the Master which in the opinion of managers were not altogether satisfactory.

The signing of agreement with Maud Taylor as Pupil-Teacher was postponed owing to her present delicate state of health.

It was agreed to give a (?) having consideration to Minnie Watkins for part temporary help in school. and to engage her from January 31st as a Monitor.

The balance of Brown’s bill was ordered to be paid,



fols. 34r-34v
The Managers held a meeting at the schools on Saturday August 20th 1887. 
Present            The Vicar (in the Chair)
                        Messrs Edwin Ewer, Murch and Taylor

It was proposed by Mr Edwin Ewer and seconded by Mr Murch that the Report for the present year having been read the Managers are pleased to find the result satisfactory – and that this expression of their opinion be conveyed to the Master and Mistress.

It was next proposed by the Vicar and seconded by Mr Murch that Annie (?) having failed a second time in her examination the managers feel that they can no longer employ her as Monitor in the school.

On the proposition of the Vicar seconded by Mr Ewer it was agreed to ask certain coal merchants to tender for supplying the school coals for the year 1888.

T.M. Everett

fol. 34v
A meeting of Managers was held at the schools on Saturday December 17th (1887?)
Present:           The Vicar in the Chair
                       Messrs Edwin Ewer, Clarke, Taylor, Curzon and Murch

When the Indentures of Maud Taylor and Minnie Watkins as Pupil Teachers were signed and put into the Portfolio.

T.M. Everett



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