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1889 ~ Cricket



We have little information about school activities before 1890, the first year for which we have an extant Log Book.  The 1862 Revised Code had required the keeping of a Log Book (Art.55 (a), Art.56), so we must suspect one was kept prior to 1890, but unfortunately has since been lost.  Just occasionally we catch a glimpse of activities that took place from other sources.  In 1889 the July Paris Magazine informs us of what must have been a traditional Ruislip v Harefield Cricket Match:

School Cricket Match
The Annual Cricket Match between our Day School boys and Harefield boys was played in the Vicarage field on Saturday, June 22nd. The result was a victory for our own boys by seven wickets.

Although the annual matches relate to the school, and probably continued after 1889, there are no references to them in the school's log books. 



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