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1889 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1889 -

No record of meetings of the Managers for 1888 were entered into the Minute Book; below we present those for meetings held during 1889.

Presumably the 1886 Inspection was the catalyst for the Managers calling into question the Master’s performance in leading the school (see overview for 1887).  We are not informed of the situation after the 1888 Inspection. Things did not go well for Mr Prosser in 1889, however.  Once the Inspection Report was in the hands of the Managers (10th August), they were minded to give him notice to leave– amongst other issues, the annual government grant had dropped from £91/14/00 to £79/10/11! Subsequently, although Mr Prosser complied with the Managers request and handed in his and his wife’s resignations, he was able to argue ‘unfairness’ in the Inspector’s reporting of conditions in the school (26th October. See also the Inspection Report, the Vicar’s comments and Mr Prosser’s letter, all of which were reported in The Ruislip Church Monthly for September and November.) Mr Prosser was of the view that the school was dealing with an over-harsh Inspector, though it has to be admitted that the Diocesan Inspector, too, was not overly impressed: while Division III was ‘good’, Divisions I and II  had a ‘want of general intelligence’.  Mr Prosser’s successor, James Garrett, certainly commented negatively on what he found, but then it is not unknown for Headteachers to play down the achievements of their predecessors in order to enhance perception of their own abilities. (Mr Garrett’s work was rapidly to give the Managers concern (see overview for 1895) and he was asked to leave in 1896.)  Mr Prosser was able to extend his tenure and thereby control the date of his departure, which occurred the following year (22nd March 1890)



fols. 34v-35r
August 10th 1889
A meeting of Managers was held at the schools
Present            The Vicar (in the Chair)
                       F.H. Deane Esq with Messrs Curzon and Murch (Church wardens)  

1.      Other managers – it was considered advisable to augment the number of managers when the following were chosen

Mr Ingham Baker                   Eastcote Lodge
Hilsham Jones                         Pinner Hill
R.M. Jackson                          Erisey Eastcote
Henry Taylor                           (?) Pond Farm

2.  School Report.  This was read and considered and the managers were unanimous of opinion that in consequence of the general condition of the school being considered so unsatisfactory, and of there being a falling off in school pence and a reduction in the government grant, a change should be made in the teaching staff of the school and that the Master and Mistress be informed that unless they send in their resignations previous to September 29th their engagements with the managers would terminate on December 31st 1889.

The Vicar undertook to see them and to report to next meeting.

T.M. Everett


fol. 35r
October 26th 1889
A meeting of managers was held at the schools at 4 p.m.
Present            The Vicar (in the Chair)
                       Messs Edwin and James Ewer, R.M. Jackson, H. Taylor, F. Curzon, and W.J. Murch

The Vicar, having reported to the managers his interview with the Schoolmaster, then read a letter from the Schoolmaster tendering his resignation together with that of his wife at Christmas next. The Vicar also read a long letter from the Schoolmaster dealing with the Inspectors Report accusing him of injustice in that Report.  The Managers were of opinion that the school had been severely dealt with by Her Majesty’s Inspector that was not deserving of the bad Report he had furnished. The Master’s resignation was postponed as the Managers thought he might be asked to continue his work at a reduced salary – some other provision being made for the working of the Infant School and the needlework.   

The meeting was adjourned for further consideration for a week.  

fol. 35v
November 2nd 1889
An adjourned meeting (from last week) was held at the schools at the above date. 
Present            The Vicar (Chairman)
                        Messrs Ingham Baker, R. M. Jackson, Murch, Curzon, Edwin Ewer and H. Taylor

The question of retaining the Master and Mistress in office was again discussed, and it was finally agreed unanimously to offer him the option of remaining at the following stipend (Joint), viz. £120 a year with half the government grant which excluded £90 together with a bonus of £2 if a ‘good’ merit grant be earned, or a bonus of £5 if the ‘Excellent’ merit grant be earned. The Master was called in and the Chairman informed him of the managers’ decision.  He understook to give a final answer in the course of (?) 4 days.

T.M Everett



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