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1890 ~ The Diocesan Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Diocesan Inspection

- 1890 -  

Ruislip School was a school supported by the Church of England Parish of St Martin's within the Diocese of London. As such it had (and continues to have) visits from representatives of the London Diocesan Board of Education (now, 'of Schools') to ensure it provided (and continues to provide) part of its curriculum focused on the effective teaching of the Bible and of the teachings of the Established Church. 

The annual diocesan inspection of the school presumably took place in March; the report was published in the April parish magazine - The Ruislip Church Monthly:-

Diocesan Inspector’s Report

Mixed School – There is decided improvement in the work of Division I.  The Scripture teaching is good, the main facts being well known, and care has been taken with the teaching of the Catechism. Division II. has again passed a good examination, the teaching is diligent; but the practical lessons might be further brought out in the Scripture subjects.  The result, as a whole are very satisfactory.

Number of children on the Books      81
            Present at Inspection                         67

Infant School – The Religious instruction is industrious and earnest, much of the work is very pleasing. The repetition is accurate, though it might be expressed more intelligently; owing to the great difference in the age and understanding of the children.  The Scripture subjects are not quite equal to what they were last year.

Number of children on the Books      66
            Present at Inspection                         56

J. Basil Rust, Inspector



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