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1890 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1890 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1890. 

Following difficulties with the Managers (see overviews for 1887 and 1889), Mr Prosser had made arrangements to leave the school.  The text in the minute book is not always easy to read but it appears that he had purchased a private school in Uxbridge.  Since it was the Managers themselves who had instigated his departure, they were hardly in a position to refuse his request to leave before the agreed period of notice.  This necessitated finding a replacement at relatively short notice. (27th January to 22nd March).  No doubt they felt a degree of satisfaction that by their 15th February meeting they had a successor (Mr Garrett).

Perhaps they were a little taken by surprise, however, that immediately after the 1890 Inspection, Mr Garrett - having only been in post a few months - was already claiming an increase in salary apparently (again, not all words can currently be deciphered) based on the outcomes of that year’s Inspection. The Inspector’s report, while far from positive, had led to a moderate increase in the annual grant, from £79/10/11 in 1889 to £83/15/08 – of which slightly less than half can be attributed to the Merit Grant referred to (£2).  Mr Prosser too claimed a share in the success of the 1890 Inspection – though it was firmly pointed out to him that he had already been paid the money that he was seeking!  Although the Managers had felt a reduction in pupil attendance had been due to Mr Prosser (see 10th August 1889) and apparently increased Mr Garrett’s salary for an improved level (9th August 1890), they clearly felt that things could be significantly further improved at their 27th December meeting.



fols. 35v-36v
February 1st 1890
A meeting of managers was held at the schools at the above date.
Present            The Vicar (Chairman)
                       Messrs F.M. Deane, Edwin Ewerm F. Curzon, W.J. Murch and H. Taylor 

to consider the Resignation of the Head Teacher  

The Chairman read the following letter

Ruislip C.E. Schools
January 27th 1890

Dear Sir,

Having purchased the (? ?) of a private school in Uxbridge I hereby resign the charge of these schools.

May I ask you to please tell the Manager that I should be very much obliged to them if they would release me at the Lady Day Quarter, as this is the date at which the present principal gives up the school at Uxbridge.

I am aware that this really amounts to giving the Ruislip School Managers only two months notice instead of three but I hope they will understand that this has been occasioned through circumstances over which I have not absolute control, and that they will endeavour on this account to meet my wishes.  Awaiting your official reply. 

I am dear Sir,
Yours Faithfully

Thomas Alfred Prosser

Rev. T.M. Everett

The Chairman then explained to the managers that as the present letter did not state the exact date at which the Master wished to be released from his duties he had written to Mr Prosser, and that in his reply  he had asked to be released ‘on the Saturday previous to Lady Day, viz. March 22nd’ this was the principle business for today’s meeting and to consider(?) what steps should be taken to provide for a new Mastership.

After some discussion the Chairman was asked to inform Mr Prosser that the managers would be willing to release him on March 22nd on the following conditions viz. that if the managers should hear of new teachers who would wish to come before that date – Mr and Mrs Prosser should vacate their work any time after the end of February as might be convenient to the Managers – That said the Managers had no wish to inconvenience Mr Prosser and his family, the Managers would be quite willing for them to remain in possession of the school house until March 22nd when, if not before, their resignation would take full effect.

The Chairman was then requested to advertise if necessary for new Teachers and to report to managers at a meeting to be held this day fortnight Feb. 15th 

T.M. Everett


fol. 36v
February 15th 1890
A managers meeting was held at The Schools at 4 p.m./ to appoint a new Master –
Present            The Vicar in the Chair
                        Messrs J(?) Curzon, W.J. Murch, Edwing Ewer, James Ewer and Henry Taylor  

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Prosser agreeing to the conditions as to his leaving made by the managers at their last meeting.

The Vicar next reported that he had received 17 answers to his advertisement in “The Schoolmaster” for February 8th and that Messrs Murch and Taylor had (?) assisted him in looking through the applications and testimonials out of which they had selected 6 for consideration today.  The Vicar then read the applications together with Testimonials of these 6 and after considerable discussion the managers were unanimous in their choice of Mr James B. Garrett of Kirkby Fleetham School near Bedales


fol. 37r
A managers meeting was held at The Schools on Saturday Evening August 9th at 7 p.m.
Present            The Vicar in the Chair
                        Messrs Murch / Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor.  

Her Majesty’s Inspector’s Report was read and also a letter from the Head Teacher Mr Garrett asking the managers to reconsider the terms of his stipend owing to the (?) of the merit grants and to the conditions(?) of the average attendance at the schools. The matter was left in the hands of the Chairman to settle with Mr Garrett and report to next meeting.  

Gertrude Churchill was engaged as mistress at two shillings per week

T.M. Everett


fols. 37r-37v
A managers meeting was held at The Schools on Saturday Evening December 27th at 6 p.m.
Present            The Vicar in the Chair
                        Messrs Murch / Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor  

1.   Head Teachers Salary
The Vicar reported that he had made the following arrangements with Mr Garrett respecting his salary viz that he should receive £120 a year together with half the for mentioned grants which exceeded the sum of £90 (Ninety Pounds) – The managers approved of this.

2.   Portion of Merit Grant due to Mr Prosser late Head Teacher
The Vicar having read a letter from Mr Prosser claiming a further portion of the Merit Grant than what the Vicar had sent him.  This was discussed by the managers who finally passed the following resolution.  

That in as much as Mr Prosser had been paid under the old rate of stipend (£150 a year) until Nov. 30th 1889 the managers are unanimously of opinion that he is clearly entitled to receive under the new rate of stipend only one third of the Merit Grant viz: for the months of December 1889 and January, February and March 1890 when his resignation took place amounting to 13/4d which he had already been paid .

3.   Remission of Portion of School Fees and Prizes to children.
The Vicar having reported that the attendance of school children was far below which it ought to be, the managers consulted how they might best act in order to induce a better attendance – and managers agreed

That the sum of 1d should be returned on Monday morning to every child paying 2d or 3d a week school fess provided the child has made full attendances at school during the previous week – and that ½d be returned to every child paying 1d per week on the said condition.

The managers also agreed to give a prize at the end of the school year to every child who make 170 attendances and upwards between January 1st and May 31st 1890.

T.M. Everett



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