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Miscellaneous Items from the Parish Magazine

- 1890 -  

The following are several items from the Parish Magazine that were unable to find a place elsewhere.  A number of these related to the departure of Mr. & Mrs. Prosser and his replacement, Mr Garrett.:

The Ruislip Church Monthly 

January, 1890

The Schools  
The children broke up for the Christmas holidays on Friday, December 20th when the Vicar, on behalf of the Managers, presented each child who had passed the Government Inspection in June last with a certificate.

As an encouragement to the children for regularity in their attendance, the Vicar gave a book to each child, from Standard II. upwards, who had made 350 attendances or more during the past School year. The School was open 426 times, and one boy – Arthur Pearce – never missed a single attendance, whilst Emily Brill was only absent five times.  Thirty-seven children received books.  To every child in School Mr and Mrs Prosser gave a coloured text or Christmas-card.

The Vicar, in presenting the certificates, expressed his pleasure at finding so few failures at the Examination, and gave the children a little advice as to the keeping of Christmas their general behaviour during the holidays.

Over the issues of March, April and May the Vicar was at pains to place the resignation of Mr. Prosser and his wife in a good light. One suspects that one or both of them had told a different account, if only to a small circle of friends, for the Vicar was careful to explain that their leaving was 'voluntary', with a suggestion that the allure of taking over 'a private school in Uxbridge' was the reason.  There is scant mention of the couple's work in the school, though tribute was paid to Mr. Prosser's role as organist, and much was made of the gifts with which he was presented. 

March, 1890

from the Vicar’s monthly letter:
I must not omit to note the bare fact of the resignation of Mr. and Mrs. Prosser as Head Teachers of our School at Lady Day, and that they will be succeeded in all probability by Mr. and Mrs. Garrett, from Kirkby Fleetham School, in Yorkshire.  I shall have more to say on this subject in our next, as space forbids further this month.

April, 1890

from the Vicar’s monthly letter:

My Dear Parishioners,
The resignation of Mr. and Mrs. Prosser, as Head Teachers of our Schools, took place on March 22nd.  You will naturally expect me to make something more than a passing allusion to this fact.  They began work at our Schools at the beginning of the year 1879, soon after I first came here as Vicar, and have carried on the Schools ever since.  The departure from us is voluntary, having taken up the work of a private school at Uxbridge.    I am sure they will carry with them to Uxbridge the good wishes of Ruislip, coupled with a hearty desire for success in their new sphere of work.  In losing our Schoolmaster we also lose our organist, and I should like to bear testimony to the zeal shown and efficiency displayed by Mr. Prosser in his position as organist.  I have always found in him a hearty and willing helper in promoting the musical improvement of our Church Services.  His successor will be our new Schoolmaster, Mr. Garrett, from Kirkby Fleetham, in Yorkshire, who comes to use with a high reputation, both as School master and Organist.  

It will be necessary to give the children a somewhat longer holiday than usual this Easter, owing to the change of mastership.  The School will reopen on Monday, April 14th, when I entreat parents to send back to School all children at to see that they attend very regularly for the remainder of the School year, as there are only some eight weeks before the Inspector makes his annual examination.  

The Annual Diocesan Inspection took place on March 3rd. The report of which is published this month.

Believe me,
    Your affectionate Friend and Vicar,
Thomas Marsh Everett.

Also in the April edition we read of an 'Annual Concert' though, like the interschool cricket in 1889, there is no mention of this in the school's log book for 1890, or for any other year at this time - activities like these clearly did not merit attention! :

School Concert
The Annual Concert given by the school children was held on February 7th when a large and appreciative audience were present.  The proceeds of the Concert were sufficient to provide a good tea for all the children in the School, which was given on March 14th.  This was considered a fitting occasion to present Mr. and Mrs. Prosser who are leaving the School, with a Brass Inkstand and Pen-wiper, which had been subscribed for by some of the school children.  The Vicar made the presentation on behalf of the children, whom Mr. Prosser duly thanked for this expression of their generosity and goodwill towards his wife and himself.  


In May we read of yet more gift bestowed on the departing Schoolmaster:

May, 1890  

from the Vicar’s monthly letter:
… Our late School master and Organist has left the Parish, carrying away with him many substantial proofs of our goodwill towards him.  His successor, Mr. Garret, has taken up his residence at the School-house, and has our best wishes for success in his new sphere of work.


In addition to the school children’s present, mentioned in our last number, Mr. and Mrs. Prosser have been presented with a handsome Oak Writing-table, subscribed for by Parishioners, also an Oak Cabinet, Blotting book, and pair of Brass Candlesticks from the Vicar and Churchwardens and the following members of the Church Choir: - The Misses Gash, Taylor, and Watkins, and Messrs. Adams, W. Cox, H. Howes, and H. Weeden.  The Vicar, on behalf of the Parishioners and the Choir, made both presentations.



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