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1890 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' is a transcription of the school’s Log Book,
in 1890 kept by the School Master, Mr James Garrett. Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold. Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.




(Mr and Mrs Prosser, having left the school at the end of the Spring term, was succeeded by James Garrett.  That standards in the school were low at this time as is shown by Mr Garrett’s own comments and also those of the HMI’s report included in the August ‘Church Monthly’.  James Garrett, it would appear, also served as St Martin’s Church Organist.  Mary Jane Chandler had been a Pupil Teacher.)

Commenced duties as Master of Ruislip Schools.
My cousin Mary Jane Chandler, Ex P.T. art 50. taking charge of Infants & Needlework.


Examined the School -
   Arithmetic weak throughout the School especially in Standards I. V. & VI.
   Writing bad – letters badly formed.
   Spelling weak.  Reading fair.
   Discipline about as bad as it can be.
   Many children in Standard I should be in Infants Class.


Attendance improving -
    Work from present time-table


Morning very wet.  Attendance thin
Mrs Everitt visited the school in the afternoon & inspected the Needlework.
(The Vicar’s wife. The Managers’ meeting of 12th September 1881 had identified members of the Ladies’ Committee were to assist with the girls’ needlework.)


School opened 9 a.m.  Attendance better than ever.


Attendance good.  More this morning than have been for past month.
Work from new Time Table – some of the younger children away owing to the rain.

(Entry by the Vicar, Rev. Thomas Marsh Everett: )
Visited school – examined registers and found correct

T. M. Everett


School work as usual
Mrs. Curzon visited the school in the afternoon & assisted with the needlework.
(Wife of George Curzon, one of the Church Wardens)


Mrs Everett came to Infant Class in afternoon.
During past week I have paid general attention to the Upper Standards in Arithmetic and Class Subjects.


School as usual
Mrs Everett assisted with the NeedleworK in the afternoon.
New slates introduced in Standard I and Infants


Attendance rather thin – Annual Fair


Rev. T. M. Everett visited the school
Work as usual


Mrs Jackson came to the school in the afternoon & assisted with the Needlework.
(Wife of Mr R.M. Jackson who had joined the Committee of Managers in August 1889.)


During past week I have worked hard with the arithmetic in Standards I & II also with Standards 4.5.6 – These three last Standards being yet(?) very backwards


School as usual.


Whit Monday – no school


School as usual


Last day of school year.




Songs for 1890

  1. Picnic Glee

  2. O’er the ice in moonlit sheen

  3. Sleighing song

  4. Forest echoes

  5. Which way does the wind blow




Annual Inspection
10 a.m. finish 2.30


Duplicate received


Very wet Thin attendance


Attendance pretty good.  Work from Time-Table.


Confirmation at Parish Church
Half Holiday.
Since the exam I have paid great attention to the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  The two latter subjects being yet very weak.
Writing taught from the B.B. (
blackboard?) * not from the books with head - lines.


Work as usual
Attendance fairly good


Attendance slightly falling off


Examined the work of the school and found is progressing favourably.


Gave up for Summer Holidays


Diocesan Inspector’s Report 1890

There is decided improvement in the work of Division I; the Scripture teaching is good, the main facts being well known and care has been taken with the teaching of the Catechism.

Division II has again passed a good examination, the teaching is diligent; but the practical lessons might be further brought out in the Scripture subjects, the results as a whole are satisfactory.

Infant School
The Religious Instruction is industrious & earnest, much of the work is very pleasing.  The repetition is accurate, though it might be expressed more intelligently.  Owing to the great difference in the age & understanding of the children the Scripture subjects are not quite equal to what they were last year.



Government Inspector’s Report 1890

Mixed School
“Having gone very fully into the details of the work with the master, I need only say here that the school has a great deal of leeway to make up, and I have every hope that Mr. Garrett will be able to effect the needful improvement.  I must add a remark on the very serious disproportion between the numbers in the upper & lower standards; there are twenty-seven in the third standard, and only eleven in the fourth standard, and ten in the fifth & sixth standards; also on the fact that the average is only 65 per. cent of the number on the books.  I look forward to some improvement these respects also, as a consequence of Mr. Garrett’s efforts with the parents.”

Infants Class
“I must suspend my judgement on the work of this department under the new regime.  Attainments and discipline at present both require attention.  Some easy reading sheets are wanted.  The needlework must be improved if any further grant is to be given for it.  M. Watkins has passed fairly.  M.M. Taylor should be informed that she is now qualified under Article 50, but not under Article 52.  M.J. Chandler is recognised under Article 50”

T,M. Everett


(Entry by the Vicar:)
Visited School.  Examined Registers and found correct.  85 children present and 2 who arrived too late to be marked

T.M. Everett


Attendance this week rather below the average – it being the first week after holidays
Gertrude Churchill commenced duties as monitress.


Attendance much better than last week
Work from Time Table as usual


Weekly Examination
Results improving


Work as usual from Time Table
Mrs Curzon visited the school in the afternoon & assisted in the Needlework


Attendance during the past week fairly good


Usual Weekly Exam
Results improving


Attendance fairly good – but not what it ought to be
Branch & Bignell
(?) still away
Weekly Examination.


Work as usual
Attendance fairly good


Attendance slightly improving – although some still keep up their old style of attending.
Notices from the attendance officer do little or no good.  Parents take notice of them only for a day or two & again fall back to the old state


Usual Weekly Exam
Results show great improvement amongst the regular attenders


On Saints Days – older children go to church (at 11.15 – added).  Secular Instruction then commences at 9.15 & continued till 11.5.  Then ¼ hour Recreation after which Religious Instruction for those who do not attend church.


Attendance for past week pretty good.  The attendance on the Fridays being much better than it was – The Weekly Exam. appears to give life to the ordinary school work.  Children appear anxious to do their best & obtain the full marks given for their work.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school & gave out dictation to the Upper Standards.


Mrs Everett visited & assisted with the Needlework
Attendance fairly good


Attendance for past week – fairly good


Work as usual


Mrs Curzon visited the school & assisted with the Needlework


Attendance fairly good in lower Standards but in the upper Standards a good deal of irregularity exists.
Work as usual


Usual Weekly Exam.


Work as usual
Mrs Murch
(wife of Churchwarden William James Murch) came to the school & assisted with the Needlework


Work progressing favourably.


(Entry by the Vicar)
Visited School. Examined Infants Register and Standard I and found correct

T.M. Everett


School work as usual


(Entry by the Vicar)
Examin’d mixed School Registers and found correct –

T.M. Everett


Usual weekly examinations – Work of some children has much improved


Work as usual
The very severe weather has prevented a great number of the infant classes attending
Attendance in the other parts of the school – good.


Work as usual


Morning very rough & stormy -
Only a few children presented themselves so considered it best to give up for the Xmas holidays.  Children sent home after notice of holiday had been given.



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