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1891 ~ The Diocesan Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Diocesan Inspection

- 1891 -  

Ruislip School was a school supported by the Church of England Parish of St Martin's within the Diocese of London. As such it had (and continues to have) visits from representatives of the London Diocesan Board of Education (now, 'of Schools') to ensure it provided (and continues to provide) part of its curriculum focused on the effective teaching of the Bible and of the teachings of the Established Church. 

In the February edition of the St Martin's Church, Ruislip, Parish Magazine the Vicar identified that the annual diocesan inspection of the school would take place on March 10th: 

February, 1891

from the Vicar's monthly letter:

… The Diocesan Inspection of the Schools takes place on Tuesday, the 10th.


This was followed in May by the Report:

May, 1891

Diocesan Inspector’s Report of School
The new master has begun fairly well.  The Scripture teaching in Division I. is of rather too elementary a character to influence the children, some of whom answer very intelligently; the New Testament is, however, good; the whole of the Catechism should be offered for examination in Division I., and one of the Sacraments should be definitely explained each year.  Division II. has been carefully taught, and is again good.  The Infant Class is in good order, the teaching is general, and the repetition of Catechism very pleasing.  A passage of Scripture should be learned by heart, and the hymns should be sung.

J. Basil Rust, Inspector



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