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1891 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1891 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1891.  There were only two meetings recorded. 

The most significant discussion point was the abolition of school fees through the ‘Elementary Education Act 1891’.  That the Managers were discussing this on 8th August does significant credit to them, since the Act had only just been passed (5th August 1891).  The phrasing of minute 2 in the 1st June meeting (‘so long as Fees are paid by Parents’) suggests that the Managers were already becoming aware of this significant change.  Effectively, the Act completed the process of setting up universal, free education begun with the 1870 Education Act.

The grant for the year calculated in minute 1 of 8th of August is incorrectly totalled, it should read £88.1.5.



fol. 38r
Monday June 1st 1891
A Meeting of Managers was held at The Schools / at 7 p.m.
Present            The Vicar (in the Chair)
                       Messrs Curzon and Murch (Churchwardens), Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

1.      Prizes for Children
It was agreed to set apart the sum of £5 to be spent in prizes for children in accordance with Resolution 3 of last meeting.

It was further agreed to continue to give prizes at the close of the current school year to those children who in the opinion of the managers have made sufficient attendance during the year.

2.      Remission of School Fees
It was agreed to continue the plan of returning School Pence to children (in accordance with Resolution of last meeting) so long as Fees are paid by Parents during the current year.

3.      Re-gravelling of School Yards
Owing to the prosperous condition of the School Funds the managers decided to set apart a sum no exceeding £25 for thoroughly re-gravelling the School Yard.

T.M. Everett


fols. 38r-38v
Saturday August 8th 1891
A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools at 7.30 p.m.
Present            The Vicar (in the Chair)
                        Messrs Curzon and Murch (Churchwardens), R.M. Jackson, Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

1.      The Report of Her Majesty’s Inspector was read. the grant amounted to £85.5.6 and the Drawing Grant for 9 months to £2.15.11 making a Total for year of £89.1.5.

2.      In the place of Minnie Watkins whose term of apprenticeship expired May 31st last – The Managers acting on a suggestion of H.M. Inspectors agreed to engage Jane Elizabeth Garrett at a salary of £20 a year under the terms of Article 68 of Code - the engagement to commence on re-opening of schools on Monday August 17th inst.

3.      Free Education. The Chairman having laid before the meeting a short explanation of the Act and its bearing on Voluntary Schools – the Managers were unanimously of opinion that the Act should be put into force as said Act became operative viz. on September 1st 1891. The effect of this being to allow any child between the ages of 3 and 15 to be educated free without payment of school pence

T.M. Everett



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