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1891 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' is a transcription of the school’s Log Book, in 1891 kept by the Schoolmaster, James Garrett. Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold. Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.



School re-opened – Attendance, considering the weather, good


During the holidays a Managers’ Meeting was held to consider some means for securing better attendance – the following was decided upon:-

All children who make full attendances to have a penny or halfpenny returned – Those who pay 3d – will if they make full attendances be admitted for 2d – the next week those who pay 1d – come next week for ½ (d.)

(At the date the school, a church school, was funded by the parish and that families were required to contribute towards their children’s education.  See the separate article on Attendance.)


Attendance for past week very fair considering the weather –
65 received tickets


Work as usual – attendance good -


Soup for first time

(A new initiative, during the coldest period of the year, was the provision of warm soup to children over the lunch break - for which parents were expected to pay one penny towards its cost.  The Vicar reported on this in the  March edition of the Parish Magazine:

from the Vicar’s monthly letter:
… I forgot to mention in my last letter that during the latter portions of the severe frost soup was given away on several days tyo the cottagers living in Westcote portion of the Parish; also that soup was sent to the school for the children, who paid a small sum for the same.  I am sorry that the parents of the children did not fully appreciate the providing of a hot meal for the children far below its cost.  One fails to see how a penny could be better spent than in providing a hot meal on a very cold day for a child at school.  I have to thank Mrs. Barton-Kent for a kind donation of £1 towards cost of soup. )


Soup -
71 – received attendance tickets


Work as usual
Attendance steady improving


No school in afternoon, owing to it being required for annual Primrose Concert
Attendance for the past week good

(The Primrose League, effectively an organisation promoting Conservative principles through a mix of social and political events, was founded in 1883.  That on the 23rd January was reported in the February Parish Magazine: 

Parish News
On Friday evening, January 23rd, the Ruislip Habitation of the Primrose League held a most successful Entertainment at the Schools. Upwards of 150 persons, members of the League and their friends, sat down to a substantial Tea, after which the tables were cleared away, and a Political Address was given by Mr. Russell Roberts, a London Barrister.  The company were afterwards entertained by a number of sleight-of-hand tricks performed by a friend of the Ruling Councillor’s.  A vote of thanks was very cordially passed to all who had contributed to the success of the evening’s entertainment. )


Mrs Everett visited the school in the afternoon & expressed herself highly satisfied with the Needlework
Work as usual

(Mrs Everett, the Vicar’s wife, was a member of the Ladies’ Committee who volunteered to assist with the girls’ needlework – see the Managers’ meeting of 12th September 1881.)


Attendance for the past week has been very good
Lately a few more children have come from Mrs Willis’ school who for their age are exceedingly backward.  Have classified them according to their abilities.

(Bet. Willis ran a ‘Dame School’ behind the Breakspear Arms, see Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote Local History Society Journal, 2004, p.21)


(Entry by the Vicar, Rev. Thomas Marsh Everett:)

Visited school – examined registers and found numbers correct 118

T.M. Everett


Work for past week as usual
Attendance good Weekly average 111


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school


Mrs Jackson attended during the sewing lesson & expressed herself greatly satisfied with the progress that has been made.

(Wife of Mr R.M. Jackson a Manager)


Work as usual


School as usual


Attendance for past week good – 115
70 received full attendance Tickets


Work as usual.  Attendance good


Mrs Everett came to the school in the afternoon & inspected the Needlework


Attendance for past week good.  Usual weekly examination.


School Work as usual from Time Table – Attendance good


Work as usual


Work from Time Table as usual Attendance good
Usual weekly exam.  Results fairly good


Attendance good. 132 present


Diocesan Exam.  Registers not marked.


Mrs Murch (wife of Churchwarden and Manager William James Murch) inspected the Needlework & expressed herself highly pleased with it.


Examined Standards 3-6 in Dictation & was very pleased with the papers written


Minnie Watkins gave a good lesson to Standards 4, 5 & 6 on British North America – Rivers & Mountains

(Minnie Watkins was a Pupil Teacher at the time)


(Entry by the Vicar:)

Attended school examined registers and found correct – There were no Easter holidays this year – but school was closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday  - following this the attendance has not been so good.

T.M. Everett

(Good Friday was the 27 March, Easter Monday 30 March)


School opened at 9 a.m. as usual


Yesterday & today Minnie Watkins has been at home unwell


M. Watkins returned to school this morning


Attendance for past week fairly good – Average 110


Entered by the Vicar:

Number of children present 1119
Examined registers and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Attendance rather better than last week
Lately the attendance has not been so good – the bitterly cold weather may have had something to do with this.
Received notice of Drawing Exam. which is fixed for May 8th


Government Forms received

(Forms to be completed by the Managers with information supplied by the Master for the Annual Government Inspection)


School work as usual.  Attendance fairly good


Attendance good – Work as usual.


Ruislip Fair Day & Ascension Day
Some of older children have gone to church


Drawing Examination in afternoon


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school
Work as usual


Work for past week as usual from Time Table – Attendance fairly good


Whit Monday – No School


School open as usual 9 a.m.  Work as usual


Attendance thinner owing to illness.


Average attendance for past week only 101 – a good deal of illness about


Notice of Inspection received.  Exam. June 8th


School opened with a good attendance
114 present – Minnie Watkins unwell.


Minnie Watkins away ill




Attendance good


Last day’s work of school year
The children especially in the upper part of the school have taken much interest in their work & are looking anxiously forward to their annual exam. which takes place on the 8th June. The past year has been a remarkably pleasant one to me as master, for although the work has been heavy, I have had many encouraging words given me by the parents of the children under my charge & I have not had the slightest complaint as to my method of working the school.


Entered by the Vicar:

Visited school – Examined registers and found correct.  Number present 121.

T.M. Everett


Entered by J.A. Willis, H.M.I.:

1891 June 8th School inspected by H.M.I.
Class work for 1892.  English & Geography

Geography of 1st Class. 5th Standard course
Recitation to be ret

J Armine Willis


Work as usual


Attendance fairly good.  Work as usual.


Work as usual
Re. T.M. Everett visited the school.


Mr. Newman, Attendance Officer, called & took a list of absentees. (?)


School work as usual.  Attendance fair.


Work as usual


School usual
Attendance gradually falling off as the Hay-Season approaches

(i.e. the pupils were helping their parents with hay making)


Government Report received.

(following the inspection of 08/06/1891)


Gave up for Harvest Holidays

(Summer holiday, this year five weeks, rather than four, as there had been no Easter Holiday)


School re-opened after Holidays – attendance thin
Mrs Garrett commenced to assist me in school
During the holidays on July 28th a treat was given to the scholars of this school by Mrs Bennett Edwards of Haydon Hall.  This was thoroughly enjoyed by the children who shewed their appreciation by given three hearty cheers for the lady who so generously provided it.


Admitted the Tappings & Hettie Crack all of Eastcote who have been attending the Pinner Schools


Work throughout the week as usual


Admitted Isabel & Alice Baker of Eastcote who have attended Pinner Schools
Monday Evening Aug
ust 31st
I have just finished the Registers for the Quarter & made up the summary -
Average attendance of Infants is      
                                   Older Children   84.
No. on Books at end of Quarter  


Introduced New Historical Readers for Standard III.
& Arithmetics & Geographes for upper standards.


Free Education

(Added in a different hand, the Vicar?:)
entary Schools Act. 1891

(This Education Act removed the requirement for parents to pay school fees.)


Average for past week 108.


No School Fees paid. Attendance good.
Admitted three boys named Goodman none of who known their letters


Ruislip C.E. Schools
1891 Government Inspector’s Report

Mixed School.
“The children are handier and brighter, the girls generally being much ahead of the boys in this respect.  The attainments have picked up somewhat, but Reading & Articulation want attention; Spelling is weak in the Fourth Standard; Arithmetic has improved, but is weak in the Fourth Standard, and the Problem is too much for most of the scholars.  English & Geography are fairly done on the whole.  Discipline is fairly good, but there are some loose habits in class which want checking, and the children must learn to speak out.”

Infants Class
“Results fairly good;  Writing should be better, and the step from the second to the first Class should not be so long.  School discipline wants some attention.  The more the teacher can engage the interest of these children the better for them; the elementary subjects will soon come in their turn.”

G. Churchill, Failure

(Copy signed by the Vicar:)   T.M. Everett


Entered by the Vicar:

Visited School in the afternoon – Examined Registers and found correct.
118 Children present

T.M. Everett


Work as usual
Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school.


Uxbridge Fair. A good many children absent. Only 104 present at close of Registers


Average for week 111.


Work as usual  Attendance this morning 120


Wet morning.  96 present  Average for week 111.
John William Weller commenced duties as candidate for Pupil Teacher on Monday last Oct
ober 5th.


Entered by the Vicar:

Visited School.  Examined Registers. Found Correct

T.M. Everett



Entered by the Vicar:

Presented prized to 60 children for ?? attendance between January 1st and May 31st

T.M. Everett


School Bank commenced
Re. T.M. Everett visited the school. 47 children deposited in bank
(See the separate article on the School Penny Bank.)


Work as usual


School work as usual
Bank taken at 4 o’clock & several more added to the list


Work as usual
Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school.  Good attendance


136 children resent   Work as usual


Monday evening
Made up Registers for the Quarter & found all correct.
161 on Class Registers this number agrees with Admission Register.
At beginning of school year, the number on Books was 145
At beginning of 2nd Quarter 152
And at beginning of 3rd 161
Attendance also has much improved  Av
erage for Quarter 115.


Rev. T.M. Everett presented the bank books to the depositors of Penny Bank


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school assisted in taking the weekly deposits


Choir Concert.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school


Gave up for the Xmas Holidays



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