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1892 ~ The Diocesan Inspection


Ruislip Church of England School

The Diocesan Inspection

- 1892 -  

Ruislip School was a school supported by the Church of England Parish of St Martin's within the Diocese of London. As such it had (and continues to have) visits from representatives of the London Diocesan Board of Education (now, 'of Schools') to ensure it provided (and continues to provide) part of its curriculum focused on the effective teaching of the Bible and of the teachings of the Established Church. 

The Vicar announced the date of the annual Diocesan Inspection in the March edition of the Parish Magazine :

March, 1892
rom the Vicarís monthly letter :

Ö The Diocesan Inspection of the Schools is on Monday, March 7th. Will parents take care that all children are present.

The Report was published in the April edition :-

April, 1892

Diocesan Report of Schools.
Inspectorís General Remarks.

Division I. is distinctly improved; the knowledge of each subject is accurate and fairly well diffused; the teaching is painstaking and diligent, but should be deeper and more practical in character.

Most of the children in Division II. have a sound knowledge of Scripture facts, and the answering generally is bright and pleasing.

Pains have been taken with the repetition work in Division III.; the Scripture teaching might be brighter and more attractive, but is fairly successful so far as the children in Standard I. are concerned.

H.C. Batterbury,



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