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1892 ~ Illness


Ruislip Church of England School

The Diocesan Inspection

- 1892 -  

Mr Garrett, the Master, entered into the School Log Book for 28 August 1892 that Mrs Ives of Ruislip Village had reported to him a case of measles.  In the main, from the various outbreaks recorded in the Ruislip Log Books, occurrences of measles were largely restricted to bouts of illness, with high levels of full recovery.  However, measles at that time could have serious long effects and even result in death.  So when it was reported it was treated seriously.

Two weeks later (15 September) Mr Garrett recorded that 'some children are suffering from measles', and after a further two weeks 'Measles are still prevalent in the parish and perhaps that accounts for some of the absentees.'  However, although not recorded in the log book, the rate of infection obviously grew significantly, for the Vicar recorded in the Log Book on 26 October 'School closed in consequence of measles being very prevalent in the parish and on the advice of the local doctors.'  We are left to ponder whether, as the Vicar made the entry, Mr Garrett, himself, had succumbed to illness.

The Vicar gave the following comment in the November Parish Magazine:

Vicarís Monthly Letter

My Dear Parishioners,
As we go to press I am sorry to report that, owing to a considerable amount of sickness in the Parish, it has been thought advisable to close the Schools for a time.  For some little time past there have been odd cases of measles, but it is only within the last week that the average attendance at the Schools has been seriously diminished, and there can be no doubt that in the face of increasing sickness it is unwise for children to congregate together, especially when we are told that children are often infections as the measles, before they are actually apparent.


As regards the present sickness I can only exhort parents to be more watchful than usual over their childrenís health, and to do all that lies in their power to prevent the spread of illness in their homes and families.  If they will do this, then we may hope that, by Godís blessing in their efforts, coupled with the aid that medical advice can give, the sickness will soon pass away, so that the Schools may be reopened as soon as possible.

The Vicar again made an entry in the Log Book on 21st November to the effect that the ' School re-opened'. 

The Vicar again addressed readers on the subject in his December monthly letter in the Parish Magazine.  However, he did not miss an opportunity to remind parents of the effect of reduced attendance on the school finances and to 'beg them' to ensure their children returned to full time education as soon as possible!: 

My Dear Parishioners,
The Schools have been re-opened after being closed for upwards of three weeks on account of an outbreak of measles.  The average attendance at present is not as high as it ought to be; but now that the sickness has passed away, we will hope for an improvement in the regularity of attendance.  I do not think that parents even yet quite realise how entirely the amount of Fee Grant depends upon the average attendance of the children.  It should be the wish of parents to increase the earning power of the School, and this they can do very perceptibly by insisting on a regular attendance of their children; and I would beg them to remember that whenever they keep children at home when they ought to be at school they are lessening the Government Grant, instead of doing all they can to increase it.



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