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1892 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' is a transcription of the school’s Log Book, in 1892 kept by the School Master, Mr. James Garrett. Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold. Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.



Re-opened school after Holidays. Fair attendance. Work as usual

Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school & assisted with the bank which still continues to increase.

(The School Bank was stared after the introduction of Free Education in the autumn 1891.  See the separate article)


Work as usual


Gertrude Churchill away ill
Attendance for past week has been considerably low owing to prevalence of influenza

(Gertrude Churchill was a Monitor at this time)


Attendance 94


Attendance still decreasing.  More than half the number on books are away ill.


Have just entered into summary the attendance for past fortnight & find the average lowered very considerable through the influenza which prevails largely just now.

This week’s attendance so far is rather better, but still the number of absentees is great.

Work as usual from Time Table.


Attendance still very bad.

Received a form from S.A.O to fill up respecting irregulars. 
Made out a list of 27.  

(Form from the School Attendance Officer for Mr Garrett to complete, listing the children whose attendance is poor)


Attendance for past week has been fairly good.

Notice of Diocesan Exam. received.  

(See 7th March)


Past week’s attendances have been much better


Attendance good




Not so good on account of severe weather especially in Infant class.


Attendance 109 & 107


To-day a good many children are absent from Ruislip Common


Attendance for past week fairly good


Registers not marked owing to the Annual Diocesan Exam.

(It would appear that those days on which the Diocesan or Government Inspections took place were not counted towards school attendance statistics, and therefore registers were not marked.)


Attendance improving


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined Registers and found correct
124 children present

T.M. Everett


Weekly average 126.


Good Friday & Easter Monday, no school.


School opened 9 a.m. as usual.  Attendance very fair.


Work as usual.  Attendance in Mixed School very fair


Work as usual


Drawing Examination in afternoon


Received notice of Examination from Mr. Willis
(Mr J. Armine Willis was the Government Inspector)


Entered by the vicar:
Examined registers all found correct

T.M. Everett


Work as usual.  Attendance in upper part of the school very good.
Lately, a good number in the lower part of the school have been away with whooping cough


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school.


Tuesday evening.  Made up registers for the year & filled up Form IX
(Form IX was presumably required for the Government Inspection and probably related to pupil attendance.)


Entrered by S. Bush the Assistant H.M.I.

School Inspected
graphy for 1893 Standard VI course
ecitiaion Standard I, II  ‘A night with a wolf’
                                   III.    Lord Ullin’s Daughter
                                             Storm Song
                           IV. V. VI. VII   Continue Richard II

S. Bush
Assistant to H.M.I.
(Her Majesty’s Inspector)


Whit-Monday and Tuesday, no school.


Put up a new copy of regulations in place of old one which was quite worn out.

Rev. T.M. Everett & Mrs Everett visited the school in the morning


Received Drawing Report ‘Good’

(Following the examination of 5th March)


Only 100 present.  Attendance is and has been much lowered by the prevalence of whooping cough.

John Weller absent since Monday. Ill.

Mrs Garrett not yet strong enough to school work.

(John Weller was a Monitor, see 6th July; Mrs Garrett may also have been working as a Monitor, see 17th August 1891.)


Form IX returned from Department.
Rev. T.M. Everett & myself filled it up & returned it to Department same day.


Compared admission & class registers found all correct. 162 on books.

At the end of school year the number on books was 160.  Since that time 8 have been admitted and 6 have left.  In making up the summary I find the average attendance from June 1st to present time to be 107.

This drop in attendance is caused by the poor attendance on Wednseday, Thursday & Friday in Whitsun week, the average for that week being only 82.3.  See summary pp. 39.
(This reference appears not to be referring to a page in the Log Book.)


Week ending with this date shows a fair attendance.
The Hay season has commenced
(i.e. Hay making, requiring children to assist on the farms.)


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school. 

92 children present in morning & 98 in afternoon. 

During the very hot weather I have allowed the children a few minutes in the playground in the middle of the afternoon.


Gertrude Churchill away ill.

John Weller absent at an examination at Euston Station.
(It may be that John Weller had applied for a Queens Scholarship to train and qualify as a Certificated Teacher, since he was to leave at the end of the summer term.)


School closed for Polling purposes


Gave up for Summer Holidays  
(The Vicar noted in his monthly letter in the July Parish Magazine:

The School children have five weeks’ holiday, as none was given at Easter this year.  The Inspector’s Report of Examination has not yet been received. )




Re-opened school after Holidays.  107 present.

Sarah Ellen Allday commenced teaching
(However, this was on a trial basis, see the Manager’s minutes for 20th September 1892)


Average attendance for the week 104.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school


Average for week 114.


A wet morning.  Only 73 present.

A case of measles reported to me from Mrs Ives.  Ruislip Village

Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school & tested registers.
(On the resulting measles epidemic, see separate article.)


School closed for annual choir excursion


Attendance very poor.  Only 87 present in morning and 77 in afternoon.
A large circus & wild beast show visits Uxbridge just about this time of the year & the Ruislip people make a point of attending.


A good attendance compared with that of yesterday. 113 present this morning.


Attendance this week only small as comparted with number on books.  Some children are suffering from Measles and one or two families are away harvesting - Collins & Lavender, Ruislip Common
(The names of two local families.)


Sent in a list of 38 irregulars to Mr A. Newman School Attendance Officer.  I intend watching closely the course adopted & the results of magistrates’ decision.
(As identified above, irregulars referred to those with poor attendance who have come to the attention of the local School Attendance Officer and Committee.  The implications of the ‘Magistrates’ decision’ reference is not known.)


Visit from Mr Newman S.A.O. who took a list of irregulars.   He called today at the homes of some of last weeks’ list, Sept 16th, & gave the usual warning.


Attendance only 100.

Measles are still prevalent in the parish & perhaps that accounts for some of the absentees.  Certainly not for all, as I have sent to the parents of some children who I understand gather mushrooms for sale.  Mrs King, Beddingfield place is keeping her children from school because she nothing to send with them to eat.  This is her excuse to me & I have today written the School Attendance Officer respecting the case. 


Uxbridge Fair keeps a good many away today. 
92 and 85 morning & afternoon’s attendances respectively.


The heavy rain during the night has flooded some of the roads & prevented many children from attending.

Average for week 94


Entered by the vicar:
School closed in consequence of measles being very prevalent in the parish and on the advice of the local doctors

T.M. Everett

(This, and the following two entries suggest that Mr Garrett may also have been absent through illness.)


Entered by the vicar:
School re-opened

T.M. Everett


Entered by the vicar:
Examined registers and found correct

T.M. Everett


The attendance for past week has been the best we have had for a very long time.  Some children, especially in the Infant Department, are still away but I have sent word to the parents today & I trust that next Monday they will be present.

I have commenced another method for trying to obtain better attendance.  An attendance card is given to each children with the weekly attendance entered upon it & will be taken home by the owner & brought back to the school on the following Monday morning.  This will be a means of bringing the attendances home to each parent.  I also give a small reward card to each child who has attended regularly & punctually for the week.



Government Report
Mixed School
“The school has been honestly taught with fair results.  Reading and Writing fairly good; the latter might be better in the fourth standard.  Spelling and Composition are somewhat weak in the first class.  Arithmetic also moderate.  Only six scholars above the second standard succeeded in getting more than two sums right.  Class work earns a fair mark in both subjects.  There is evidence of work, but the results are not up to the highest mark.  Altogether the work of the school is rather too mechanical.  I am satisfied that the scholars would be more attentive and take more interest in their work if it addressed itself more to their intelligence.”

Infants’ Class.
“Results fairly good considering the many drawbacks, but nearly half the children were absent from inspection.  I see that of the 56 infants on the register 20 are between 7 and 11 years of age.”

J.E. Garrett recognised under Article 58
G. Churchill Failure

T.M. Everett
(Signature in the vicar’s hand)


Entered by the Vicar:
Visited School Examined registers and found correct.
Several Infants away through illness.

T.M. Everett


Gave up school to-day for Christmas week




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