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1893 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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- 1893 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1893.

Following the meeting of 22 July the Vicar met with the parents of two ‘Candidates on Probation’; these were probably the parents of Gertrude Churchill and Sarah Allday.  The Managers proceeded to apprentice Gertrude Churchill as Pupil Teacher (9th September) not withstanding the Inspector having identified her as failing her examinations in 1891 and 1892. Sarah Allday may have decided to leave in the light of failing her examination and the Inspector’s adverse comments in 1893. Blame for the poor performance of both these Monitors may well have been due to insufficient support from the Master, James Garrett.  The school could not afford to lose the second Monitor if it was to carry out its work; Sarah Allday was therefore replaced by Bessie Weller (not Heller) as a Monitor / Candidate on Probation.  

The general redecoration works ordered at the same meeting were greatly appreciated by the teaching staff and earned praise from Mr Garrett in his Log Book.

At the 9th September meeting the Managers again declined to support the Penny Bank being promoted by the Vicar (see 1892).

It is a pity we lack copies of the Parish Magazine for 1893, since these greatly enhance our understanding of the school at this period.



fol. 39r
May 6th 1893
A Meeting of Managers was held at The Schools
Present        The Vicar (in the Chair)
                    Messrs Ingham Baker and Murch (Churchwardens), Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

The Chairman read a letter he had received from The Clerk to the Uxbridge Rural Sanitary Authority complaining of the foul state of the School Closets – also a letter from the Schoolmaster questioning the truth and crudeness(?) of the Medical Officer of Heath’s condemnatory report.  As the Earth Closets were now receiving some careful attention it was thought advisable by the Managers to allow the matter to drop.  

The Chairman read the Report of the Diocesan Inspector after his Examination in Religious Knowledge which was considered satisfactory.

Messrs Cox’s bill for altering the school room was ordered to be paid when the work was satisfactorily completed.

T.M. Everett


fol. 39v
Saturday July 22 1893
A Meeting of Managers was held at The Schools at the above date.
Present        The Vicar (in the Chair)
                   Messrs Murch, Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

The Vicar read the Report of H. M. Inspector after the Annual Examination which was considered satisfactory. The Vicar undertook to see the parents of the 2 Candidates on Probation with regard to their future work at the Schools.  

As the accounts shewed a considerable balance in hand the Managers thought it advisable to have the interior of school premises thoroughly cleaned, painted and done up during the holidays.  It was agreed that a specification of the work required should be drawn up and that the following firms be asked to tender for the work: Messrs Cox of Eastcote, Messrs Gallop and Moore of Eastcote and Mr Sims of Ickenham, the Tenders to be sent in by Friday next at midday. The managers present agreeing to form a subcommittee to consider the estimates the same evening viz Friday July 28th at the conclusion of the Parish Vestry.

T.M. Everett


fol. 39v
Friday July 28th
At an adjourned meeting of managers (same as afore) to open and consider estimates for School repairs.  The Vicar read out a List of Specifications of Works required which had been sent to builders as directed at last meeting.  The Tenders were opened with the following result.

     1.      Messrs Gallop and Moore              £35.  2.6
2.      Mr Joseph Sims                             £27.18.0
3.      Messrs Cox Bros                            £15.  5.0

On the proposition of Mr Murch seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer the Tender of Messrs Cox Brothers was accepted.  


fol. 40r
Saturday September 9th 1893
A meeting of managers was held at The Schools at the same date.
Present        The Vicar (in the Chair)
                   Messrs Murch, Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

The Vicar reported that Messrs Cox Brothers had finished the School Repairs and that he had paid the same.  

Annie Gertrude Churchill was apprenticed as Pupil Teacher.  The engagement lasting for 4 years subject to the usual conditions – viz from June 1st 1893 to May 31st 1897.  The agreement was signed by all the necessary parties.  

The Vicar reported that Sarah Ellen Allday would cease work at the school as a Candidate on Probation on October 6th 1893, and the managers agreed to engage (left void) Heller in her place until the end of the school year viz May 31st 1894 on the understanding that the managers would be in no way compelled to engage her after that date without a further (word uncertain) The salary being at the usual rate viz: Two shillings per week.  

The Vicar asked the managers if they would vote a small sum of money out of the School Funds by way of any meeting the Interest in the School Penny Bank, that meeting with no response from them the subject dropped.  

The question of erecting Playing Sheds in the School yards for the use of the children was postponed.

T.M. Everett



fol. 40v
October 7th 1893
A Meeting of Managers was held at The Schools on the above date.
Present        The Vicar (in the Chair)
                   Messrs  Murch, Edwin Ewer and H. Taylor

The Vicar read a letter which he had received from the Schoolmaster informing the managers that his cousin Miss Chandler wished to give up her work at the school at Christmas.  The managers thought it advisable to leave the nomination of her successor in the Schoolmaster's hands subject to the approval of the managers in as much as her stipend was paid out of the Schoolmaster’s salary.  

The managers agreed to erect the Playing Sheds in Boys and Girls Playgrounds and appointed the Vicar and Mr Henry Taylor to see that the matter was properly carried out.

T.M. Everett




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