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1894 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


The following 'overview' is a transcription of the school’s Log Book, in 1894 kept by the School Master, Mr James Garrett. Where entries have been copied without change, these are given in bold. Editorial comments to ease comprehension are given in brackets and in italic.

The significant number of visits from the Vicar, Rev. T.M. Everett ,and his increased involvement with the day to day running of the school probably results from his increasing concern with James Garrett's running of the school and questions concerning its overall effectiveness.



Re-opened school.

Miss Minnie Watkins commenced as Infant Teacher
Miss M. J. Chandler left on Dec
ember 21st

Work as usual.  Attendance thin.


Attendance better
Some new sheds put up in the playgrounds have been used for the first time by the children.  These will undoubtedly be found extremely useful as the children can play in them during wet weather instead of being in the school.  One situated in each playground


Attendance for past week rather better.  Mr Newman (School Attendance Officer) visited the school & took a list of irregulars. (i.e. of those children who attended school irregularly)


Work as usual.


Attendance for past week 114.  Illness still keeps several families from school.  Work as usual.  Sent a list of irregulars to Mr. Newman.  Alice Ivings (?) & Winnie returned to school again after being absent some considerable time through diphtheria. Little Butlers also returned


Attendance fairly good in morning.  In the afternoon a good many were absent.  A tea given at Ruislip Park was the cause of this.


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined registers and found correct

T.M. Everett


Ash-Wednesday.  Elder children went to church in the morning.  Attendance improving.


Visit of Mr. Newman S.A.O. (School Attendance Officer)


Work as usual


Attendance improving


Rev. T.M. Everett examined the registers & found them correct


Attendance for past week 120


Work as usual. Attendance fairly good.


Diocesan Exam.  Registers not marked


A violent storm & floods prevent children from attending school in the morning.  They were however able to come in the afternoon.  About a dozen came in the morning & these were allowed to go home.


Good Friday.  No school.


Easter Monday.  No school.


School opened 9 a.m.  Work as usual.


Work as usual


Average for past week 127


Work as usual


Entered by the Vicar:
Visited school and examined registers

T.M. Everett


Work as usual


Afternoon school commenced at 1 p.m. instead of 1.30


Entered by the Vicar:
Visited school and examined registers

T.M. Everett


Whit Monday.  No school.


Drawing Exam.  Conducted by Col. Blunt.


School as usual


End of school year.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school & tested registers


In the hand of Mr Willis, H.M.I.

1894. June 8th
School inspected
Class work 1895. English & Geo
Geography of 1st Class.  5th St
andard course
Recitation 1895
IV-VII – Tennyson’s Revenge

II                               Brook

J. Armine Willis


Annual Choral Festival at the Uxbridge Deanery.  This year held at Ruislip.  No school in afternoon.


Had occasion to punish Henry Lavender this morning by giving him two or three strokes on the back with the cane.  He went home at 12 o’clock & did not return.  I have a good deal of trouble with this family who are encouraged by their parents.  I propose reporting this case to the Rev. T.M. Everett Chairman of the Managers.

Form IX returned, one little omission being been made.

Average attendance for past week 110.2.  Hay harvesting has commenced in the neighbourhood & attendance consequently affected.
Work as usual

Apparently made by the vicar, but very different (including the signature) to others made by him:
Visited school examined registers and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Afternoon school commenced at 1 o’clock instead of 1.30. Changed each lesson ½ hour earlier


No school in afternoon.  As the children had no holiday at the Drawing & Government Examinations I promised them one on the 21st should it be fine.  As it was a fine day we had the holiday.

Hay season about commencing & attendance consequently falling off


Closed school for Summer Holidays


Re-opened school.  71 children present this morning


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined registers and found correct.  Very poor attendance – (word uncertain) 71 children in school and about 80 absent.  Spoke to children regarding attendance.

T.M. Everett


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school this morning.

Gertrude Churchill, P.T. (Pupil Teacher) 2nd year has charge of the Infant Class until the arrival of Miss Grigg our new Infant Teacher.

Miss M. Watkins resigned her position as Infant Teacher on July 13th.  She gave notice on June 18th

Owing to the small number present this week I have not kept exactly to the Time Table.


Attendance rather better than last week.  116 present this morning.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school this afternoon & compared the number on attendance board with number present.  As usual these numbers agreed.

The Vicar also impressed upon the children the necessity of joining the school bank – shewing the value their saved money would be to them in after life.

Attendance this morning 105


Attendance small owing to the rain.


Government Report received.  Miss Grigg commenced her duties as Infant Mistress on Monday morning – August 20.


Government Report / 1894

Mixed School
“Attainments fairly good for a country school.  The Reading and Writing are not very strong.  The Spelling of the boys is moderate, that of the girls is better; Composition wants teaching.  Arithmetic correct in the first, second, and third standards, but defective in the upper standards; Mental Arithmetic wants practice, especially in the lower standards.  Oral work fair, best in Geography, the distinction between boys and girls is not quite so marked this year.

Infants’ Class
“The first class does fairly well, but wants more fluency & style in Reading; the work of the lower class is fairly good in writing, but otherwise is low in standard and confined to a small number.  There is some evidence of instruction in objects, but the teacher requires training.  The lower class (comprising about three-quarters of the school) is left out of the Drawing & Needlework instruction entirely.  I have carefully examined the Registers for the past year, and I do not find in the attendances of the children an adequate excuse for the deficiencies of instruction in the lower class.  I should recommend that the new batch of babies be drafted into a separate class as they come in, so as not to interfere with the progress of those next above them.  The fidgeting on the gallery should be checked, and the children should be encouraged to give fuller and more audible answers to questions.  Some improvement is required in the ventilation.”

The class rooms disallowed last year should no longer be entered on Form IX as part of the accommodation.

I am to inquire whether the Managers were satisfied with G.A. Churchill’s character, conduct, and attention to duty.

M. Watkins is recognised under Article 68 of the Code, and J.E. Garrett is continued under that Article.

Adverting to your letter of the 27th ult., I am to state that the payment of the Infants’ Needlework and Drawing Grant is suspended for further communication with H.M. Inspector.

The entry of this report is signed in the Log Book by the Vicar:

T.M. Everett


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school.

Mr. Newman S.A.O. (School Attendance Officer) visited & took a list of irregulars (i.e. those children whose attendance was irregular)


Entered by the Vicar:
Visited the school.  Examined the registers and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined registers in Upper Standards and found correct. Only 93 children present in whole school.

T.M. Everett


Bessie Weller absent from school in afternoon.

Gertrude Churchill is taking charge of Infants in place of Miss Grigg.


Average for week 115


Afternoon school commenced at 1 instead of 1.30.  Work as usual from Time Table.  Good attendance. 122 this afternoon & 121 in the morning.

Entered by the Vicar:
Visited school and examined Standard 1 and 2 in Arithmetic in Black Board.

T.M. Everett


A very wet morning & as usual a poor attendance. 93 present this morning.


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined Infant registers and Standard I and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Entered by the Vicar:
The following remarks were received from the Education Department on September 27 1894

Adverting to your letter dated the 27th July last, which has been refered to H.M. Inspect. I am directed to state that my Lords have allowed payment of the grant for Needlework and Drawing for Infants for the past year, but it must be understood that the preparatory instruction in Needlework and Drawing to the lower class of Infants must be improved for further grant.

entered by T.M. Everett

October 22/94


Entered by the Vicar:
Patience Emily Fitt commenced work as Assistant Teacher and information to this effect was sent to the Education Department

T.M. Everett


Entered by the Vicar:
Examined Infant registers and Standard II (& III?) and found correct

T.M. Everett


Attendance good 120 present both morning & afternoon


Morning very wet.  Attendance as usual seriously affected.  Only 88 present.


Rain prevents many from attending.   Only 79 present this morning.


Monthly Examination.  Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school in afternoon & saw the Musical Drill


Miss Fitt too unwell to attend school in afternoon.


Miss Fitt again absent


Entered by the Vicar:
Visited school – examined upper Standard registers also infants and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Results of monthly exam. held Nov. 2nd


Standard I & II generally good.  In Standard 3 & upwards I find the girls do much better than the boys.  This is doubtless owing to the fact that the majority of the boys in these Standards have attended very poorly since the Government Examination in June.  Standard V boys however did very fairly.

Note   Boys must have careful & individual supervision.

Spelling not quite what I expected to find, but the upper Standard girls did very well indeed & a few boys.

Writing & Reading show improvement in all standards.  The figure books latterly introduced have improved the appearance of the papers.

The Infants appear to be going on alright under Miss Fitt. 

J.B. Garrett


I am pleased to note the pleasure the children take in their Musical Drill.  They are able to do a fair number of the exercises very creditably.  I commence today with a Monthly Report of each scholar in the Standards.  This Report is sent to the parents & a copy is attached to next page – 79.  I trust this will do something towards improving the attendance.


92 present this morning.  Considering the wet morning this is good.  Owing to the continued down-pour of rain, the roads are flooded & many children who have had to go home to dinner are unable to return.  As the rain is likely to continue I have sent what few children who assembled for afternoon school home.


(Copy of printed monthly report stuck into Log Book)


96 present this morning.  I hear that one or two of the roads are impassable for the younger children.  The water has not yet gone down.


Only 70 children present this morning. 57 in Mixed & 13 in Infants Department.


Roads at Eastcote impassable.  Only 5 Infants & 13 in Mixed school presented themselves this morning.  I did not mark the register.  The children were allowed to amuse themselves & no instruction was given.

In the afternoon, as the storm had abated & the water very much lowered, a few more children came to school.  Only 74 in all.  We however worked according to Time Table.


A finer morning.  105 present.

Mr A. Newman S.A.O, (School Attendance Officer) visited the school & took a list of irregulars. Attendance this afternoon 108. Average for week 90.  This is owing of course to the very unfavourable weather which has lasted more or less the whole of the week.

Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school for a few minutes this afternoon.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the Infant Department & tested registers
Vide. Infant Register
A good attendance this week so far.  I spent a little time in the Infant Department & found the work progressing favourably under Miss Fitt.


Attendance not so good as last week.


Received a note from Mrs Allday re – Robert Allday & from Mrs Deacon re – Mable Deacon.


111 present this morning.  I have lately paid visits to the homes of several of the children who have attended irregularly.

Bertie Weller has been away for some time through illness – He will attend as soon as possible.

William Riddle appears to have left the school altho’ only presented in Standard IV last Exam.  I cannot understand the parents of this boy – they say “he has not left” but I still fail to secure his presence in school.

I propose going to Eastcote again this evening re Chas. Archer.

I have, this morning, taken Standard II in multiplication & am pleased to state the progress made during the last fortnight under Bessie Weller.   Mabel Coffus(?) the only failure.


Nov. 30th Friday morning

In spite of frequent appeals to parents & children, Friday’s attendances continue to be the worst of the whole week.  I cannot understand the reason.  Some time ago, I arranged for the lessons on this day to be rather more different to the rest of the week – but without effect on the attendance.  Altho’ today is the monthly exam it fails to attract or interest children in attending. 98 present this morning – I have taken a list of those absent for the purpose of inquiring into the cause of the absence.  I shall also visit the parents


Gertrude A. Churchill leaves today. (Pupil Teacher)


Average for week 111.


Monthly Exam Results

The Standard work is progressing favourably.
Standard IV boys are weak at Reading & Dictation.
The Composition in Standard V & VI shews improvement & the History which replaces English as a Class subject appears to be an agreeable change.  The boys especially taking much interest in their new subject of study.

J.B. Garrett


Attendance this morning 116.


Attendance during the past week has been very good.  Today only 90 children are present at morning school.  This is in a great measure owing to the rain.

Mr Newman S.A.O (School Attendance Officer) visited the school on Wednesday last & took a list of irregulars. (i.e. those children who attend irregularly)

Entered by the Vicar:
Visited school examined the registers and found correct.

T.M. Everett


Yesterday I again spoke very strongly to the children re-stone-throwing.  Today I punished five boys who were caught throwing stones into Mr Ewer’s field.  I trust this will do something towards preventing the nuisance


No school.  The school is required for use as a Polling Station for the election of Parish & District Councillors.  Local Government Act 1894.


The morning wet & cold but still a good number of children have presented themselves.  106 present this morning.


108 present this afternoon – Time Table slightly altered.


Work as usual.


Work as usual.


Rev. T.M. Everett visited the school.
Gave up for ‘Xmas holidays.  Two weeks.




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