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1894 ~ Leaving School


Leaving School

The Vicar had outlined in 1892 the rules relating to when children could attend part time, in order to work, or indeed to leave school entirely.  In the January 1894 edition of the Parish Magazine he returned to the topic to explain changes to the law introduced with the Elementary Education Act, 1893 - both for parents, and for employers :-

School Attendance Notice
The Vicar desires to call the attention of parents to an alteration in the age of exemption from school attendance, made by the Elementary Education Act, 1893.  After the 1st of January, 1894, no children will be exempt from the obligation to attend school until it has reached the age of 11 years.  Parents will be liable to conviction under the bye-laws of the School Attendance Committee if they fail to cause their children between 5 and 11 years of age to attend school.   

Employers of labour who employ any child so as to cause it to infringe the above rule will be liable to a penalty for the same.

The Vicar had to return to the issue in the February Magazine, since there seemed to be a degree of misunderstanding, though one can't help but feel in this 'clarification' he may have made matters less clear! :-   

School Attendance Notice – No II
The Vicar, finding that a wrong interpretation has been put upon the notice in last month’s Magazine with regard to compulsory School attendance, feels it his duty to inform parents that children who have reached the age of eleven years are only exempt from School attendance provided they have passed Standard IV.  If they have only passed Standard III. at the age of 11 years, they can be kept at School as half-timers until they pass Standard IV, or attain the age of thirteen; but all children must have reached the age of eleven years, and passed in Standard III. before they can be reckoned as half-timers.  All children are supposed to pass in the Fourth Standard before they leave School.  If they do this, having reached the age of 11, they are exempt from further compulsory attendance, but they can remain at School until they are 15. If they have not passed Standard IV., they must remain at School (as before said) until such time as they do pass it, or reach the age of thirteen.  Employers of labour are again enjoined to be careful not to employ children until they have passed the required Standard, as they are liable to a penalty for doing so.  



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