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1896 ~ Staff Change


Ruislip Church of England School
Staff Change

The August edition of the Parish Magazine had informed readers that James Garrett had resigned as Master:

Mr. J.B. Garrett has resigned his position as master of the School.

The Managers' Minute Book implies that there was an issue with the Schoolmaster's conduct, though exactly what is not spelt out. Whatever the issue,, appearances had to be maintained and the September Parish Magazine reported Mr Garrett's move to a school near Dunstable, and that a new Master, Mr Ratcliffe had been appointed. Though there appeared to be no formal farewell to Mr Garrett as Master, his contribution to the musical life of the Parish was marked:

Our late schoolmaster, Mr. J.B. Garrett, has left us, having been appointed master of Sundon Board School, near Dunstable, and the Managers have appointed Mr. Charles Edwin Ratcliffe, of Christ Church School, Leeds, to succeed him.  Mr Ratcliffe, who is certificated, has been engaged on the teaching staff.  Mr. Ratcliffe also succeeds Mr. Garrett as organist at the Church.  The School has re-opened after the holidays, and I should like to impress upon parents the duty of sending their children regularly.  

Presentation to Mr. J.B. Garrett

At the last weekly Choir Practice, before leaving Ruislip, a presentation was made by the Vicar on behalf of himself and certain adult members of the Choir, to Mr. Garrett, on the severance of his connection with the Choir as Organist.  Wishing to show their appreciation of Mr Garrett’s duties in that capacity, they asked his acceptance of an Electro-plated Tea Pot, with the following inscription:- “Presented by Eight Members of the Ruislip Choir, 1896.”  In making the presentation, the Vicar bore testimony to the zeal and care displayed by Mr. Garrett in furthering the success of the Church Choir.  The following, in addition to the Vicar, were the subscribers:- The Misses Gash, Puddick, Bessie and Kate Weller, and Messrs. H. Weedon, Howes, Doe, and Joseph Woodman.



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