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1897 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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   - 1897 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1897.  

The main preoccupation for the Managers in 1897 was considering whether to join the London Diocesan Church School Association which has been formed under the terms of the Voluntary Schools Act 1897 passed during the year.  This allowed the government to provide additional grant money to voluntary schools. While secular board schools were built and maintained through rates, the voluntary sector this aspect continued to be funded by private means such as local ‘subscribers’.  Thus there was developing a growing divide between the two sectors of public education, to the voluntary’s detriment.  The Voluntary Schools Act 1897 provided for additional grant money, though in the main this was channelled for distribution through an appropriate association.  While this provided welcome additional support, more far-reaching benefits were to be put in place in 1902, though not without a significant surrender of autonomy.

There was also consideration of the 1897 Government Inspection Report, which was deemed to be very positive.  Finally, there were proposals and agreements to provide an improved lobby and possibly toilet facilities. 




A Special Meeting of Managers was called for Monday evening April 26th
at the house of Mr L. Ingham Baker at 8.45 p.m. pursuant to notice.
Present:       The Vicar in the Chair
                     Messrs Helsham-Jones, L. Ingham Baker, W.J. Murch,
                     Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

1.     To consider the desirability of joining the London Diocesan Church School Association which has been formed under Section 1.(3) of the Voluntary Schools Act 1897 and, if so,

2.     To elect one Representative Manager to attend the meeting to be held at Hillingdon on Wednesday April 28th for the purpose of electing members of the Governing Body of the Association.  

The Vicar explained the object of the meeting and read correspondence he had received from the Bishop and Rural Dean, together with a letter and minutes from the Education Department after which it was unanimously resolved

1.     On the proposition of Mr Helsham-Jones, seconded by Mr Henry Taylor, that the school join the above association, and

2.     On the proposition of Mr Murch, seconded by Mr Baker, that the Vicar be requested to act as representative Manager at the meeting to be held for the purpose of electing members of the Governing Body of the association.

3.     To elect some more Managers.  

It was proposed by Mr Baker, and seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer, and carried unanimously, that Mr Boyle of Eastcote House, Mr Phillips of Newstead and Mr Crain of the Laurels be asked to act as managers of the schools.


MMB1_46r - 46v


A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools on Saturday evening July 31st. 
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                    Messrs Phillips, Crain and Murch  

The Vicar reported that since the last meeting he had attended the meeting of election of members to serve as the Governing Body of The London Diocesan Church Schools Association, and the Rev. C. M. Harvey and Cecil Fane De Salis Esq. had been chosen by the representative School Managers in the Rural Deanery of Uxbridge.  The Vicar further reported that the said Association has sent in a claim for £22 to the Education Department on behalf of Ruislip Schools.  

The Vicar then read the Government Report for the past year dated July 9th as also the Drawing Report which were considered very satisfactory.  The average attendance for the year was 132 as against 117 in the previous year, whilst the grant shewed an increase of £17.4.0.  Thus

in 1896 Grants in Mixed School 67.11.0.  In 1897 £77.19.0.
whist in 1896 the Infant Class earned £37.8.0 as against £44.4.0 in 1897.

The Vicar next laid before the Managers certain suggestions for improving the furniture of the school arising from Government Report, viz: The purchase of 4 new desks for mixed Class Room together with an alteration in the staging, also 6 new desks for Infant Class Room together with alterations of Gallery also the conversion of part of present Playroom into a lobby with lavatory, and the opening out of a door from lobby into classroom. At the proposition of Mr Crain, seconded by Mr Murch, these suggestions were ordered to be carried out.  

It was next unanimously agreed that the walls of school premises be cleaned and repaired where necessary during the holidays.

On the proposition of Mr Phillips, seconded by Mr Murch, the Vicar was asked to convey to the Teachers the sense of the pleasure of the managers at receiving so satisfactory a report from the Education Department and the Science and Art Department.  

The average attendance for the past 2 years was  


In Mixed School

In Infant Class

In 1896



In 1897



(two lines deleted)  

Mr John Boyle nominated as a manager at the last meeting had written expressing his inability to serve the office.

T.M. Everett


A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools on December 18th 1897 
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                  Messrs Murch, Tayler, Edwin Ewer, Phillips

(1) To consider Vol: Schools Aid Grant
On the proposition of Mr Edwin Ewer, seconded by Mr Murch, it was agreed that a sum of about £22 be spent in providing 8 new desks for Mixed School and 6 Do for Infant Room and that the Balance of Aid Grant be applied [
MMB1_49r:1897] towards providing stipend of their Assistant Teacher who takes the place of Pupil Teacher Bessie Weller who had resigned on account of ill health.  

(2) To consider provision for a Boys Lobby and Lavatory
After much consideration it was agreed to erect a new lobby [?] [?] the Boys [?]. The Vicar and Mr Taylor being appointed to see that this was done.

T.M. Everett



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