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1898 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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   - 1898 -

Most of the Managers’ meetings in 1898 concerned buildings related issues, made easier by their still holding sufficient funds to effect these.  

There is no indication of the content of the several letters in relation Miss Fitt’s resignation.  It is likely that in part there were adverse comments about Charles Ratcliffe, the Schoolmaster, since the Vicar was later to comment to him on 02/09/1898 that ‘the assistant teachers have too much to do.  Clearly the Managers had before them Mr Ratcliffe’s undoubted success in achieving three key objectives: raising regular pupil attendance, raising the overall quality of education, and as a consequence, increasing the size of the various annual grants.  The regular visits of the Vicar to the school would give him a fair idea of whether there were significant problems, and of course, in recording his own visits in the Log Book, he would see the Schoolmaster’s comments in relation to staff. This being the situation, if criticism had been made, the Managers would have quickly dismissed it and passed on to finding a replacement.  Looking back on it from a 21st perspective, a teacher single-handedly teaching 58 young children might seem more than a challenge, but things were different then!


MMB1_47r - 47v  


A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools on Monday evening May 9th. 
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                  Messrs Murch, Edwin Ewer, H. Taylor, Crain and Phillips

1.       To consider final distribution of Voluntary Aid Grant
On the proposition of Mr Phillips seconded by Mr Crain it was unanimously carried that the final apportionment of the Aid Grant for current year be as follows  







Improving apparatus being cost of new desks for Infants Room and Mixed Department





Towards provision of Miss Medcalf’s salary in lieu of Pupil Teacher





Towards augmenting salary of Miss Fitt for current year.










2.       Augmentation of Head Teachers Salary
It was proposed by Mr Murch and seconded by Mr Taylor that in consequence of good work done in school under supervision of Head Teacher the Managers hereby raise the joint salary of Master and Mistress for the current year ending May 31st 1898 to £130 and for the future to £135 no Bonus hereafter being given.  

3.       To provide new lamp also a new cupboard in Class Room and new entrance gate to Master’s Garden
The items of furniture being now much repaired it was agreed that these be forthwith provided.

T.M. Everett

A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage on Tuesday August 9th 1898 
Present:      (The Vicar) in the Chair (sic)
                   Messrs Murch, Crain, Edwin Ewer, H. Taylor and Phillips  

1.     Resignation of Miss Fitt
The Vicar read several letters in connection with Miss Fitt’s resignation after which it was agreed to the proposition of Mr Edwin Ewer seconded by Mr Phillips that her resignation be accepted.

2.     It was next agreed that an advertisement be inserted in next issue of “The Schoolmaster” newspaper as follows:-

Required September 1st for Ruislip C of E. School Uxbridge Assistant (Art. 50) 
for Infant Class salary £48 with Bonus of £2 if approved by Inspector, 
Address, Vicar, Ruislip, Uxbridge.




A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools on December 22nd
when it was considered desirable to insert a new window in the south west corner of Large Room. It was agreed to ask Mr Sim’s of Ickenham and Mr Gallop of Eastcote to Tender for the same.  The work to be carried out during the Christmas Holiday.  There were present at the meeting Messrs (space left, not entered)

T.M. Everett



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