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1899 ~ Inspections


Ruislip Church of England School
The Diocesan and Government Inspections
- 1899 -

Both the School Log Book and the Parish Magazine reproduced the outcomes of the 1899 Diocesan and Government Inspections. We reproduce here those found in the Parish Magazine.

March 1899


The Annual Diocesan Inspection of the Schools will take place on March 9th, at which all children should be present.  

April 1899

Diocesan Inspector’s Report on Schools  

General Remarks. – “The School has this year passed a very good examination.  In Division I. (Mr. Ratcliffe’s) great care had evidently been bestowed upon the teaching of the Catechism, in which the knowledge was intelligent and very generally diffused; there was a good knowledge shown of the facts of the Scripture lessons, but the knowledge of their explanation was confined to a few, from whom however there was some excellent answering.  In Division II. (Miss Medcalf’s) there was bright, accurate, and intelligent answering, and the good order and reverence are very creditable to their teacher.  Fuller explanation of the Catechism and of some of the Old testament lessons might be given.  In division III. (Miss Roberts’) kind and bright teaching has been given with good effect, the repetition work was reverent and distinct, and the answering from the elder children very accurate and orderly.

“J. E. Newland Smith, Inspector”

The Government Inspection Report was published in the August edition of the Parish Magazine. Although even more 'scanty' than that which had drawn forth such a long comment in 1898, on this occasion the Vicar was too preoccupied with finances to pass comment. 

August 1899

H.M. Inspector’s Report on School

Mixed School. – “This school is taught on original lines and with conspicuous success. Singing from notes must improve.”

Infants’ Class. – “This class was in an unsatisfactory condition, both as to the teaching and the order at the first visit of inspection, and although improved at the second visit the general result is only pretty good.  Considerable improvement will be looked for next year.  The accommodation is insufficient for several months in the year.  The Managers would do well to consider the advisability of appointing a certificated teacher to so large a class.”

“A.Medcalf, A. Youens, and E. Copeland are recognised under Article 68 of the Code.”



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