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1899 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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   - 1899 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1899.

The primary focus in the first part of the year was finding a new Schoolmaster to replace Charles Ratcliffe, and two teaching staff, Mrs Ratcliffe and the Infant teacher, Miss Robins. Despite some setbacks with their first choices, the Managers eventually appointed Ralph Youens, his wife and sister-in-law.   

Several years previously the Managers held significant financial reserves, and in consequence they had been proactive in upgrading the school building. With the advent of Ralph Youens, the Vicar was eager to put in hand extending and refurbishing the School House. This seems to have formed part of the negotiations involved in Mr Youens recruitment (see ‘Finances’, the extract from the October 1899 edition of the Parish Magazine).  However, there was also the need to enlarge the Infant section of the school building.  Providing all the money for these projects was a frequent subject in the Parish Magazine during the year, and also gave rise to one of the rare times when the Vicar and the other Managers were not in total agreement. To cover the immediate needs incurred, the final minute of the year suggests the Managers had taken out a loan.

The content of the government report seems to have passed with little comment, the value of the grant it enabled being more important.   

This was to be the last year in which Thomas Marsh Everett led the Managers in their work, for he became ill towards the end of the year, and died early in 1900. In these final entries in the Managers' Minute Book, as in his notes in the School's Log Book, the Vicar's handwriting began to become more rushed and consequently more difficult to read or illegible.  From the work placed upon him by serving the needs of the school during the course of the year, he came under significant pressure.  This is openly voiced in the Minute Book when he asked the other Managers to take a more active role (17/03/1899).  The effort required in finding competent staff replacements at the school together with the works to the School House must have weighed heavily on him. While these may not have had a direct bearing on his illness at the end of the year and death shortly after, it must surely have been a contributory factor.





A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage on Saturday evening January 28th  to receive the resignation of Mr and Mrs Ratcliffe, the Head Teacher, also that of Miss Roberts, Article 50 

Present:      The Vicar
                  Messrs Edwin Ewer, Murch, Taylor and Crain

The Vicar read both letter of resignation which were acquiesced in by the managers.  It was next agreed to advertise in the School Guardian for new Teachers as follows:  

Required at Easter One Head Teacher – Salary £100 with house, garden, fuel and £15 extra as organist – also Two Certificated Teachers (one of whom for Infants Class and sewing ) salary £50 a year each.

The Vicar reported that Mr Gallop’s  Tender for the new window had been accepted and the work carried out at a cost of £4.2.0.

T.M. Everett


February 11th 1899
A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage on the above date
to consider the various applications received in answer to the managers’ advertisement in the School Guardian for teachers

Present:      The Vicar (Chairman)
                   Messrs Edwin Ewer, Taylor, Murch and Crain

The Vicar reported that the applications had been received all of which were duly read and considered by the managers. It was finally agreed to enquire further into the credentials of Mr George [?] of Arckendale School, Richmond, Yorks. and report to a future meeting

T.M. Everett


March 3rd 1899
A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage on the above date
to further consider the filling up of the vacancies on the school staff.
Present:      The Vicar
with            Messrs Edwin Ewer, H. Taylor, Murch and Crain  

The Vicar reported his negotiations with Mr [?] (see above) had failed by the withdrawal of his application. Also with Mr J. Blahen? of [?] School, Polegate, Sussex who has been appointed to another school.  The Vicar then laid before the Managers the application of Mr Ralph Youens (Head Teacher at Combeinteignhead School near Teignmouth, S. Devon), together with those of Mrs Youens and her sister – both Art: 68.  After full consideration it was proposed by Mr H. Taylor, and seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer, that  

The managers are willing of offer the appointment of Head Teacher to Mr Youens and the other vacancies on teaching staff to Mrs Youens and her sister Ellen Copeland both Art: 68 on condition that on further enquiry the references given of Mr Youens be satisfactory to them.  The salary to be a joint one for the 3 Teachers of £132 a year with £6 bonus to Head Teacher – and £3 bonus to each Art. 68. if teaching work be satisfactory to, and approved by H.M. Inspectors.

It was not deemed necessary to consider the application of Mr T [?] of [?] Slough, though he seemed a very desirable candidate, and had held an interview with the Vicar and was desirous of being appointed.

T.M. Everett  


March 17th 1899
A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage at 9 p.m.
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                   Messrs Murch, Crain, Edwin Ewer and Taylor  

The Vicar having read all the correspondence which had passed between him and Mr Youens since the last meeting together with the references given by Mr Youens.  It was proposed by Mr Taylor, and seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer, that the Managers hereby appoint Mr Ralph Youens, Mrs Annie Youens and Miss Ellen Copland from Combeinteignhead  School as Teachers under the arrangements made at last meeting (see above).  

The Vicar further reported that the new teachers hoped to come into residence at Easter Week – as they had been able to procure substitutes (if necessary) to complete their time at Combeinteignhead.  The Vicar also reported that by arrangement with the present teachers, they were prepared to vacate the School House on Wednesday April 5th.

The Managers next had an informal discussion on the enlargement of the School House, as they deemed it desirable to improve it if funds would permit, during the Summer Holidays.

On the proposition of Mr Murch, seconded by. Mr Edwin Ewer, a special vote of thanks was accorded to the Vicar for his trouble and diligence in the discharge of his duties as School Correspondent. The Vicar in reply alluded to the increasing work of the Correspondent and whilst thanking his Co-Managers for their approval of his work, expressed a hope that Managers would occasionally pay visits to the school to see it in working order – and to test the attendance register.  

Owing to changes in the teaching staff at Easter, it was arranged that the school holidays last from Thursday March 30th to Monday April 10th.

T.M. Everett


1899  June 23rd 8.45 p.m.
A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools on the above date.
Present:      The Vicar,
                    Messrs Murch, Crain and Edwin Ewer  

The Form of Agreement between the Managers and the new teachers was read by the Chairman in the presence of the above managers and the Head Teacher and duly signed with their signatures.

The Chairman informed the Managers of the proposed Grant in Aid through the London Diocesan Church Schools Association for the forthcoming year which was as follows:  







Improvement of staff




Increase of Salaries




Towards outside Painting




Rearranging [?] and Cloaks
Lobby and Entrance






 T.M. Everett


July 1st 1899 8.30 p.m.
A Meeting of Managers was held at the schools
Present:      The Vicar
                  Messrs Murch, Crain, Edwin Ewer and Taylor  

It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mr Taylor “That in the opinion of the Managers the time has arrived when it would be advisable to enlarge the School House by the addition of 2 rooms in accordance with plans furnished by Mr A.Y. Nutt, Architect, of Windsor and that Tenders be forthwith [?] for the said enlargements".

T.M. Everett


Saturday July 22nd 1899
A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage at 8.30 p.m.
to open Tenders for the enlargement of the School House and to receive the Government Report for the years ending May 31st 1899
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
with            Messrs Edwin Ewer, W.J. Murch and J.O. Crain  

The Vicar informed the Managers of all the steps he had taken in [?] plans and specifications from Mr A.Y. Nutt, Architect of Windsor, and that he had invited Tenders from 5 different builders, viz: Messrs Fassnidge of Uxbridge, Brown of Harefield, Sims of Ickenham, Gallop of Eastcote and Moore of Eastcote.  Of these 3 had tendered with  the following result








Mr Charles Brown





Mr M. Gallop





Mr Joseph Sims





N.B. The other 2 did not tender.

On the proposition of Mr Murch, seconded by Mr Edwin Ewer, it was unanimously agreed to accept the Tender of Mr Joseph Sims of Ickenham for £93.10.0. to carry out the works to the satisfaction of the architect, Mr Nutt, within the space of 2 Calendar months, so soon as the approval of the Rural District Council has then given to the Plan and specifications.  

The Vicar next read the Government Report, and informed the Managers that the School had again earned the highest possible grant viz. 20/6 in mixed school and 17/- in Infant Class.  The average attendance in the former was 104 and in the latter 47.  The grant amounting to in each case to 113.15.3 and 39.19. Total 153.14.3.  From this was deducted a Fine of 16/8d on account of staff.  The Fee Grant, for the year was £75.10. viz; 151 children at 10/- per head.  

The Inspectors Report and Remarks received the attention of the Managers, and it was considered desirable to make another effort to procure another Assistant Teacher owing to the large number of children now on the Books, which was as follows






Standards III to VI












Total in Standards

64  +

62   =


Add Infants

24  +

25   =


Full Total





T.M. Everett


A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage 
on Tuesday evening, October 3rd at 8.45 p.m.
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                  Messrs Crain, Murch, Edwin Ewer and Henry Taylor

Appointment of Assistant Teacher
The Vicar reported the appointment by him of Miss Clara Philpott from Esher (Art. 68) which appointment was now confirmed by the managers.  

The Vicar reported the completion of the 2 additional rooms to Head Teacher’s House, also that the old portion of the House had been thoroughly overhauled and painted and papered throughout.  

The Vicar next read out a proposed appeal to owners and occupiers of Property in the Parish to provide the necessary funds for payment of enlargement of School House and proposed enlargement of the Infant Class Rooms but as his proposal did not meet with unanimous approval he withdrew it but at the same time suggested that as extraordinary expenditure had been incurred it ought to be met by some extraordinary effort to raise the money. No decision was come to by the Managers

T.M. Everett  


A Meeting of Managers was held at the Vicarage 
on Monday evening October 9th at 8.30 p.m.
Present:      The Vicar (in the Chair)
                  Messrs Murch, Edwin Ewer and Taylor  

The subject for consideration was the housing of the Assistant Teachers.  The Vicar laid before the Managers a proposal to rent a cottage at Eastcote – now available – and to furnish the same – the rent being 3 shillings a week, free of rates and taxes – each of the Assistant Teachers to contribute the sum of 12 shillings per calendar month out of present Salaries. By this arrangement, the sum of £14.8.0 would be received annually from the present Assistants towards expenses of renting and furnishing the house.  Putting the rent at £7.16.0 per annum there would be left a balance of £6.12.0 to be applied towards payment of interest and repayment of principal on the same expended on furnishing the house which it was thought could be done for £40.  This proposal commended itself to the Managers and received their approval, the Vicar undertaking to lay the same before the Assistant Teachers for their acceptance.





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