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1900 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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   - 1900 -

The first Managers’ meeting of 1900 was held immediately after the death of Rev Thomas Marsh Everett.  Once the formal recording of gratitude of all that he had undertaken for the school, and commissioning a letter of sympathy to his family, the Managers set about a series of regular meetings which, over the year became more detailed and structured in their approach. 

Works related maters were high on the Managers’ agenda and at this point they do not seem to be lacking in the financial resources necessary to carry them out. At their meeting of 24th March, they agreed the submission to the London Diocesan Church School Association for the annual Aid Grant to Voluntary Schools with which they hoped to fund some of these.

By August the new Vicar was in post, William Gray, and he assumed the role of his predecessor as Chairman.  The June edition of the Parish Magazine had reported his selection as the new Vicar of Ruislip:

Church News

The dean of Windsor has informed the Churchwardens that the living of Ruislip has been offered and accepted by the Rev. William Arthur Gordon Gray, M.A., Vicar of the Parish Church of St. Lawrence, Hungerford, Berkshire.  The Churchwardens have reason to think that the parishioners will find him a true and faithful pastor and that he will be as much appreciated here as at Hungerford.

At the August meeting Mr Murch proposed a series of measures to standardising meetings. Two of the recommendations were based on the requirements of the school’s Trust Deed: seven Managers and the existence of a Ladies’ Committee. Both were implemented immediately, though with ‘safeguards’ in respect to the Ladies’ Committee: the appointment of Eleanor Warrender as a Manager was still some seven years in the future (see Managers’ Minutes of 11/05/1907)! The following was inserted in the October 1900 edition of the Parish Magazine:


The National School – the Managers at a recent meeting had before them the draft copy of the Trust Deed under which the School was founded, kindly forwarded by Mrs Everett.  It was noticed that the number of Managers was not so great as was contemplated by the Deed, and it was also felt very necessary to do all in our power to enlist the interest and sympathy of a greater number of our laity in the practical working of the School.  Three gentlemen were accordingly asked to undertake the office of School Manager and two of these have most kindly consented to do so.  They are Messrs. Hugh V. Warrender, of High Grove, and Chester Abercrombie , of Sunnyside.  The third gentleman declined, on account of business engagements, to act.  We hope soon to be able to nominate some one in his place.  The Trust Deed also provided for the appointment of a Ladies’ Committee to visit the Schools and to show a kindly interest especially in the work of the girls.  We hope such a Committee may be formed. Its functions will be to encourage, help and sympathise – not in any way to interfere with or criticise the management of the school or staff of teachers.



A Meeting of the Managers was held at the schools on Saturday 24th February <1900> at 7.15
Present:      Messers Crain, E. Ewer, H.Taylor
                  & W.J. Murch the latter was voted in the Chair. 

The Chairman opening the meeting referred to the sad loss the Parish had sustained in the death of the Vicar & the very able manner in which he had fulfilled the various duties.  The following resolution was proposed by the Chairman, & seconded by Mr E.Ewer,

That the Managers desire to express their deepest sorrow & regret at the loss of their valued and esteemed Vicar & Chairman (The Rev. T.M. Everett). They feel that the schools are very much indebted to him for the good and excellent work that he has done during his long connection with them (over 21 years) and recently by his own efforts for raising the amount for the addition to the school house.  They further desire to express their sympathy & condolence with Mrs Everett & family at this time of bereavement.

The work relating to the addition to the school house was discussed & considered very satisfactory. It was proposed by Mr Taylor, & seconded by Mr Crain,  

That the addition to the school house having been completed to the satisfaction of the architect (Mr A.Y. Nutt) the balance of £26.8.0 be now paid to the builder (Mr Sims of Ickenham).

The entry in the Log Book by H.M. Inspector relating to the insufficient light at the end of the large room & suggested that another window be put in, also a museum case to be provided was discussed at some length & postponed for further consideration.   

New regulations read from the County Council for the guidance of the managers when letting the school for various entertainments was read & noted.

W.J. Murch


A Meeting of the Managers was held at the schools, Ruislip on Saturday, March 24th <1900> at 7.30.
Present:      Messers Crain, E. Ewer, W.J. Murch & H. Taylor
                  Mr W.J. Murch was voted in the Chair  

The Chairman stated that they had been called together to consider the Aid Grant. This was considered at some length, when it was decided on the proposition of Mr H. Taylor, seconded by Mr E. Ewer, to apply for the Aid Grant towards the following necessary alterations and addition:-  


Window in large room



New Iron gate for boys’ entrance and boundary / repairs (this includes painting of existing / iron gates)



Museum & apparatus as recommended by H.M. Inspector



Improvement of Staff



Increase of salary of Teachers



Proposed new entrance to School & doors to open / outward other than the alteration as to lobby / allowed last year



To increase the heating power in large room / as recommended by H.M. Inspector


Following note and signature, presumably in the hand of Henry Taylor, added at the next meeting:  

Mr E. Ewer was asked to kindly act as School Correspondent and Treasurer & Mr Murch undertook to inform the Dept accordingly

H. Taylor


A Meeting of Managers was held in the schools on Wednesday, May 30th <1900> at 8 p.m.
Present:      Messrs E. Ewer, W.J. Murch &  H. Taylor
                  Mr Taylor was voted to the Chair  

A letter was read from Mrs Everett <thanking> the Managers for their letter of sympathy as expressed at their last meeting.  

The Bills of Messrs Sims & Gallop for Painting outside of School (per Sims) and new window at east end of School by Gallop, was discussed and the work being found satisfactory, the same was ordered to be paid.  

The Superannuation for Head Teachers was discussed.  The amount of contribution to the Fund being £3 per Annum, which sum would be deducted from the Grant by the Education Department. It was afterward unanimously agreed not to deduct the amount from (Mr Ralph Youens) the Head Teacher’s Salary, on account of his good work in the school during the past year.



A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schools on Tuesday July 10th <1900>  at 5? p.m.
Present:      Messrs  E. Ewer, J.O. Crain, W.J. Murch &  H. Taylor
                  Mr Taylor was voted to the Chair

The minutes of the last meeting were read, approved, and signed.  

The building of the new Porch over the north entrance was then discussed the Plan for the same having the approval of the Educational Department.

It was decided to accept the estimate of Mr J. Sims of Ickenham for the carrying out of the work at a cost of £17

Mr Sims estimate of £5? was accepted for the alteration in the Infants Lobby and Class Room with a few alterations as suggested by the Education Department.

It was also decided that Mr H. Gallop be paid for putting in the new Window on the east side of the School as recommended by Her Majesty Inspector.

It was proposed by Mr Murch, and seconded by Mr Crain, that the interior of the large School be cleaned down.  The Roof and Walls to be cleaned, Coloured, & Whitewashed.

The lower part of the Walls and the Windows to be Painted two coats and the Brown Cupboards & Doors varnished. (Passed unanimously)

It was proposed by Mr Taylor, & seconded by Mr Ewer, that Mr Sims be requested to give an estimate for this, in addition to the other work, there having no time to invite a Tender for the same as suggested by Mr Murch.

Subsequently Mr Sims estimate of £15.10/-   for the carrying out of the work was accepted. The said work to be completed by the 14th of August.  The overlooking of the work was left in the hands of Messrs Ewer and Taylor.

It was also proposed that a new iron gate be put at the entrance of the Boys playground similar to those in the Girls yard.  Illustrations & price to be obtained by Mr Taylor by the next meeting.

The ventilation of the Infant Room and the additional Class Room as pointed out by the Diocesan Inspector as defective was discussed.  Also, the heating of the Class Room, the same being left for future consideration.

William A.G. Gray


A mMeeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom on Saturday August 25th 1900 at 7 p.m.
Present:      Messrs Helsham Jones, E. Ewer, H. Taylor, J.O. Crain, W. Murch
& the          Revd W. A.G. Gray who was voted to the Chair.  

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read & approved and signed.  

The Report of H.M. Inspector, which was of a satisfactory nature, was read.  There was a considerable falling off (£17) in the amount of the Grant, which was accounted for by the average attendance being 16 less than last year.  It was resolved that the attention of the School Attendance Officer, & the parents be called to this fact.

The Managers inspected the work which had been done in the schools by Mr Sims which seemed satisfactory, and in the proposition of Mr Helsham Jones, seconded by Mr Murch, it was resolved to pass and pay his account.  

Mr Taylor shewed drawing & estimated cost of gate to Boys Yard to correspond with small Gate to Girls Yard & it was resolved to have the work carried out, with necessary alteration to approach.  Mr Taylor was asked to take all necessary steps to effect this – entrusting the work to Mr Sims.  

Mr Murch drew attention to the inefficient heating of the big room & the new Classroom & also to the inefficient ventilation of the latter room & the Infants room.  It was resolved to make enquiries, get prices etc & consider the matter again at a meeting to be held at 7 pm on this day fortnight.  

Mr Murch threw out several suggestions as to the future more formal conduct of business touching on the following points

1.     Meetings to be held at regular times – 3 at least annually: On in 1st week in January, in accordance with Trust Deed Draft Copy of which had been sent to him by Mrs Everett; One at end of May & another about Michaelmas.

2.     Appointment of Secretary.

3.     Appointment of Ladies Committee,

4.     Increase of Managers (3 & 4 in accordance with Trust Deed)

5.     Points to be discussed to be placed on Agenda Paper, &

6.     That Members should only speak once on the point under discussion unless meeting resolves unto? Committee.  

The Vicar promised to act as Secretary & to place points to be discussed on Agenda paper & said he felt sure Mrs Gray would be pleased to act on Ladies Committee.

It was resolved to consider the questions of Ladies Committee & increase of Managers, & bring them before the next meeting.  

Mr Ewer reported that Miss C. Philpott had given him verbal notice to leave on October 1. He was requested to ask her to give notice in writing and the Vicar was requested to advertise for an Assistant Mistress Art 50 at a salary of £50.

William A.G. Gray


September 8th 1900
The adjourned meeting was held upon this Date at 7 pm. 
Present:      Mr E. Ewer, Mr H. Taylor, Mr W. J. Murch, Mr J.O. Crain
                   & the Vicar in the Chair.  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read out and confirmed.  

Mr Murch presented patterns & prices of Parkways Tortoise stoves & after some little discussion proposed that 2 no 5 Stoves of Pattern I be fixed in the large schoolroom with 9ft upright pipe & elbow with soot door at top.  Mr H. Taylor seconded, but before anything was definitely settled, Mr H. Taylor proposed that as a preliminary step at No. 3 stove with pipe & elbow be fixed in the new room so that the Committee may see how it acts.  Mr Crain seconded this, & it was carried.  Mr Murch was asked to see the work carried out.  

Ventilation.  Mr Murch said he had known cases of large sums of money being spent without effect, & as none of the Managers were prepared with any definite suggestion, the Vicar said he was willing to visit schools & other buildings in the neighbourhood to see what was done elsewhere & try to get views on the subject. Mr Murch suggested that he should at the same time enquire about Museums for schools.  

Increase of Managers.  Mr Murch proposed Mr Hugh V. Warrender, Mr H. Taylor proposed Mr Chester Abercrombie, both of whom were willing to act.  Mr Murch proposed Mr Edwin Bluhm subject to his consent.  The Managers cordially welcomed these nominations, and duly appointed them as Managers.  The Vicar was asked to write & inform them of the resolution of the meeting.  

Ladies Committee.  The question was left to the Vicar. It being understood that the Ladies would have no control over the work of the Teachers & that their visits would be to encourage & help both teachers & pupils – not to find fault or interfere with scheme of work.  

Mr E. Ewer asked the Vicar to write to the Department re change of Correspondent & Treasurer also to the Bank at Uxbridge.  

Mr Murch reported that a sum of £50 or more raised by the late Mr Took & belonging to the school was in a Bank at Bloomsbury in no one’s name – the late Trustees both being dead – Mr Took & Mr Everett.  He had been to the Bank & the authorities there wished to have the names of the new Trustees in writing.  He proposed the Vicar & Mr Taylor – Mr E. Ewer seconded, carried.  The Vicar was asked to write to the Bank on the subject.

William A.G. Gray


October 20th 1900
A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom on October 20th at 8 pm
Present:      Messrs  Murch, Crain, Abercrombie, H. Ewer &  Taylor. 
                  The Vicar in the Chair  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.  

The stove recently put up in the Infants room was inspected & found to work well.  Mr Murch proposed that 2 No 5 stoves Pattern I be fixed in the large schoolroom with 9 feet upright pipes & elbows with soot door at top.  Mr Abercrombie seconded the proposition, & it was carried unanimously.  Mr Much was asked to procure the stoves.  

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Youens suggesting that the difficulty of storage of coke & coal might be meet by using the shed next to the Coal House for Coke & to put Mrs Bell’s large Cupboard in.  There being no suitable outhouse for the Master, the end of the girls’ shed might be match-boarded off & an entrance made parallel to the back of the school house.  Mr Taylor proposed that Mr Youens suggestion be carried out, Mr Crain seconded this, & it was carried unanimously.  

Mr Murch proposed that the necessary repairs be effected to Mr Youen’s Furnace and Copper, seconded by Mr Ewer & carried unanimously. The Vicar was asked to procure estimates for these works.  

Mr Taylor reported that the new gate for the boys’ playground had arrived & handed the Vicar the Bill.  

Mr Abercrombie proposed that an American Organ be obtained for the use of the school at a cost not exceeding £12.  Mr Crain seconded, & the resolution was carried.  

Mr Crain drew attention to the fact that owing to the erection of the stoves the insurance policy would have to be endorsed.  

Mr Youens asked for a close wire guard for the stove in the Infants Room and Mr Murch was asked to procure it.  

Mr Murch asked whose duty it was to prepare the room for the meetings of the Parish Council.  The Vicar said he would speak to Mr Bell about it. They are on the 1st Thursday in every other month.

William A.G. Gray


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