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1900 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1900 -

The Revised Code of 1862, article 55(a), had required schools to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. That for 1900 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

The annual documentation of absences continued. The February 1900 edition of the Parish Magazine had repeated the injunction to parents of the effects of pupil absence on grant money received:  

"The Day School attendance leaves much to be desired.  Will parents please rectify this?  On the attendance the Government Grant is based, so that each child in the standards can earn for the School a sum of 20s. 6d., and the infants 15s.

As School fees are abolished, the regular attendance of children should be a return for this concession."

Inserted by Mr Murch, one of the churchwardens, unfortunately it didn’t have the desired effect. The excusable issues of poor weather and illness are recorded by Ralph Youens in the Log Book.  More serious are the ongoing references to work-related absence.  Towards the end of Charles Ratcliffe’s tenure as Headteacher, these ceased to be mentioned to any great extent.  He provided very regular records of percentage attendance, with 85% often featuring.  Unfortunately, Ralph Youens was not as assiduous, or possibly these data were recorded elsewhere. Their absence does not allow direct comparison. However, the reduction in the level of the annual grant due to lower average attendance (see the Managers’ meeting minutes for August 25th 1900) is strongly indicative that levels of attendance had dropped with the change of Headship.  

Ralph Youens reported several changes to the school fabric commissioned by the Managers after various HMI visits: a second window (the first had been installed at the start of the previous year); two stoves; and enlargement of Infant room. Stemming from a decision of the Managers, the school was also supplied with an ‘American Organ’ (an instrument similar to but not same as a harmonium). There is irony here, since the previous Vicar, the Rev. Thomas Marsh Everett, had sold off both a harmonium and an American Organ belonging to the school in March 1893 (advertised for sale in the Parish Magazine for that month).  This was after acquiring a grand piano to serve the needs of both the school and the various community events held there.  

Miss Philpott had arrived at the school at the same time as the Youen family, replacing Miss Roberts who had proved ineffective in teaching the Infant children. Ralph Youen had moved Alice Medcalf to oversee the Infant department which, from the inspection report, seems to have been successful, though given its growing size, should have required a fully certificated teacher. Miss Philpott taught the lowest age group in the main school (Standards I and II) and from the Master’s comments, this was not going well.  She left towards the end of September (the entry for 21st appears faulty) for unstated reasons, and was replaced by Miss Piper.   Simple apprenticeship under the Pupil Teacher scheme, once completed would result in employment under Article 68.  Continuing with the Queen's Scholarship, once fimnished, but not then trained in a specified college for Certification, would result in employment under Article 50.  Thus Article 50 would result in a more thoroughly trained teacher than one under Article 68.

The October 1900 edition of the Parish Magazine announced the change of teachers:  

“Miss Philpott has sent in her resignation of her post as assistant in the School, and Miss Lilian Piper, who has served her apprenticeship as pupil teacher in the Alperton School, Harrow, and has passed the Queen’s Scholarship Examination, has been appointed to the vacant post.”  

From September the new appointment of Vicar of Ruislip, Rev. William Gray began his regular visits to the school.





Reassembled after holidays.  Afternoon school opened at 1.30 pm




School work proceeding as usual.  Attendance as usual i.e. in many (too many) cases indifferent.


Many children absent this week with severe colds and some cases of influenza.


Number of boys engaged ‘beating game’ in school hours.  School closed 17th 18th & 19th (reason not given)


Registers closed 9.15 am  Elder children attend Divine Service.


Large number of boys engaged ‘beating game’ in school hours.


Entered by H.M.I. (see Managers’ Minute Book entry of 24th February 1900:)

1 February 1900
School visited. 
The rooms are very cold today 45° (Fahrenheit) and the children feel it. 
One end of the main room is too dark to be much used. 
A museum for objects &c is very useful.

C.W. Hitchins




Lesson given to Standard II on multiplication, explaining reasons for the process.  III Standard problem lesson from BB (blackboard) with explanations & reasons.


‘Ballad of war’ (poetry) read and explained, with questioning to upper Standards on 7th
Standard I explanatory lesson on addition.


School closed today on account of heavy snowstorm 10 children came but were wet and miserable and as storm gave appearance of continuing it was thought best to close for the day.


Work as usual.  Problematic & theoretic lessons continued in arithmetic.  Lessons in Rules of Spelling given in Standards II to VI




In hand of Rev. Williams, acting Vicar:
Examined the registers and found them correct.
February 21st 1900                  W.S. Williams


Recommendations of H.M.I. discussed by managers favourably.


Children attend church.  Registers closed 9.15.  Dismiss 11.15 am


Work as usual this week.  Diocesan exam today.  Registers not marked.


Attend church this am.  Registers closed 9.15  Dismiss 11.15


                                             Ditto                     Ditto         


Children attend church. Registers closed 9.15  Dismiss 11.15


Diocesan Report
March 1900

The school has again passed a very good examination and last year’s improvement is maintained. The children in Division I are most interested in their work, and answer in a reverent & orderly manner; the teaching in this and the other Divisions is given in a thoroughly religious spirit.

Division II answered particularly well in New Testament and catechism, it would be better not to take so much explanation of catechism another year. 

Division III.  The answering in the Infants class is much above the average.  The instruction has been given with much pains by a teacher who evidently well understands young children.




Registers closed 9.15  Dismissal at 11.15. 
Upper standards attend Divine Service.


As previous entry.


As previous entry.


Ditto           Ditto
Work as usual this week.

and 7th

Registers closed at 9.15.  Upper standards attend Service.
Dismissal at 11.15 each day.


We broke up 12th for the Easter holiday.  1 week 1 ½ days.
Registers closed at 9.15.  Dismiss at 11.15  each day this week.


Re-assembled after Easter Holidays.  The school has been painted outside & a new window ‘put in’ according to a suggestion by H.M.I.  It makes a great improvement in the use of the room at its end.




In hand of Rev. Williams, acting Vicar:
Examined the registers and found them correct.
April 25th 1900                  W.S. Williams


Work as usual this week.  Several cases of mumps have appeared. 
The ‘Colletts’ are absent with scarlet fever.

The attendance is in consequence very bad.


Attendance still very bad, in consequence of sickness.


No fresh cases of ‘scarlet fever’; but ‘mumps’ are increasing especially among the younger children.




Work as usual this week.  Sickness about the same.


Smaller children beginning to return but elder ones affected by mumps.


School closed 4th & 5th




Attendance still bad owing to sickness.


Work as usual.


Mumps considerably decreased.  Haymaking now the cause of absence.


Thin attendance especially in upper class.  Boys employed in Hay fields, girls to mind the house while parents are in the fields.  It is, I suppose but consistent that the parents perhaps unwittingly rob their children of a great part of their [LB1:259] education by keeping them at home so much without reasonable excuse, should by the act cheat the teacher of time to perform his task conscientiously.


Work as usual this week. Attendance still poor.


Broke up today for Summer Holidays; 5 weeks.

Examined the scholars during the week.  I find that Standards I & II have not made the progress desirable.  The teacher is Miss Philpott.  They will be removed from classroom after holidays to be under my direct observation & assistance.




Annual Report

Mixed School
“This is a well-taught school and the tone is very creditable.  A new window has greatly improved the light in the main room.  The managers are about to improve the cloak room.  All the rooms are very cold in winter.”

Infants’ Class
“These infants are very pleasantly managed, and good progress has been made this year.  The organisation is not satisfactory, nor can it be with the present accommodation.  I understand that the managers propose to enlarge a small existing room so as to make it available as a classroom.”

C. Philpott is recognised under Art 68 of the Code. 
A.M. Medcalf A Youens & E. Copeland
[LB1:261] are continued under that Article.


School Staff

R Youens                       Certificated Master – D –
Miss A.M. Medcalf      (art)  68
 -       C.     Philpott              68
 -       E.     Copeland           68
Mrs  A.     Youens               68


Re assembled today.
Standards I & II placed in large room.  III go in classroom.


During the Holidays the Infant Classroom has been enlarge so that it may be used.  The cloakroom has been so arranged as to provide ample space, and a porch has been erected at entrance which is designed to protect Infant classroom from draft.


Since Holidays have been largely assisting with Standards I & II.




Work as usual this week.


Rev. G. Gray (Vicar) visited during the week accompanied by Miss Piper who has applied for the Assistantship shortly vacant.


Miss Philpott left school ½ hour early today to catch train for London.  Still assisting with Standards I & II.  They show some improvement.

Miss Philpott Art 68 is leaving today.  Miss Piper Art 50 has been engaged to fill the vacancy.


Miss Piper takes charge of Standards I & II on October 1st


Work as usual this week




Miss Piper has had I & II a fortnight week.  She is very painstaking &c


Mrs Youens has been absent this week from illness.


Mrs Youens still absent by Doctor’s orders.


Mrs Youens returned to school this week.

A stove has been placed in the new room, and it is intended to warm the main room by placing a stove at each end.  A new iron gate is being erected.  Several absentees from colds and a few from whooping cough.


Two large stoves & an American Organ to hand for school use




Work as usual this week.


In the hand of F.J. Webb:
School visited.  Very good work is being done in both departments. The playgrounds are very dirty; the upper parts near the school should be gravelled.

F.J. Webb


Two stoves fixed in large room


Work as usual this week.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct

William A.G. Gray




Work as usual this week.


Several boys employed beating game today.  Among others C. Butler, William Ive, J. Bowden, Henry Poulter, William Brill.


Weather very wet, and the attendance has been much affected thereby.  Whooping cough is prevalent among the children.  There has been one case of scarlatina.  The child and his brother have been excluded by Doctor’s orders.


Broke up yesterday for Xmas Holidays.  Re-assemble January 7th 1901.





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