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1901 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1901 -

The Revised Code of 1862, article 55(a), had required schools to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. That for 1901 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

The vast majority of entries in the Log Book for 1901 concern reasons for absence. Three incidences of contagious disease are reported. Scarlet fever seems to have been successfully contained in the one family; measles and chicken pox, however, spread rapidly through the school population. The complaints of previous years about illegal working contributing to the absence statistics, continue with apparent limited response from the School Attendance Officer.

The inspection reports are again positive, indicating that under Ralph Youens the raising of educational standard achieved by Charles Ratcliffe was retained. The government inspector was more firm in his insistence that the Infant Department must have a Certificated teacher.  By this date any teacher not fully certificated had to work under the direction of a certificated teacher. The Infant section was recognised as a separate ‘school’ and although, unlike the ‘mixed’ school,  it could run without a certificated teacher if pupil numbers remained below 50, once this number was exceeded, it must have a fully qualified, certificated teacher to exercise oversight. The Managers were forced to take action.  In consultation with the Master, with his wife and sister-in-law teaching the Infants, the decision was taken to require Miss Piper, located in the ‘Mixed’ school, to leave, move Ellen Copeland to take her place, and appoint a Certificated teacher, Miss Harris, to run the Infants, with Annie Youen alongside with her.  Ralph Youen was not happy with moving his sister-in-law, since she had clearly done good work with her sister in that section of the school, but clearly the legal requirement in this matter could not be disregarded.






Resumed work today.  Very poor attendance in consequence of ‘Fall of snow’


Annie Boot returned to school after a long absence from eczema.




School closed for remainder of week in consequence of weather.  Children came to school this am with feet & closed (=clothes) wet through.


School reopened. Inadvertently marked attendance of Boys I in wrong place.  Cancelled.


Work as usual this week. Attendance still poor.


Many children still absent.


The morning opened with rain & sleet, consequently there is a poor attendance ie. 104.


Work as usual this week.




Very poor attendance this week.  Weather bad.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Somewhat better attendance this week.  Work as usual.


Registers closed at 9.10 am.  Children attend Divine Service. 
Dismissal 11.15 am


Work as usual this week.  Attendance still irregular.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Attendance Officer visited this week.  A slight improvement in the attendance to be noticed.




Attendance this week 133.


Work as usual this week.


Improvement in attendance maintained.


School closed on 25th as the rooms were required for Parish & District Councillors’ Election.


Broke up this morning for Easter Holidays 1 week 1½ days.


Diocesan Examination today.  Registers not marked.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray

In Mr Youen’s hand:
Work as usual this week.


Diocesan Report 1901

The school has again passed on the whole a very good examination, and the discipline and general tone of the school are excellent.  In Division I the meaning of the New Testament lessons was well grasped and the answering was general & orderly; it would be well if the whole of the catechism could be learned by at any rate Standards V & VI & one or other of the sacraments taken for explanation each year.  Very diligent work has evidently been done in Divisions II & III. The scripture answering was bright and accurate but in Division III not very general, and fuller explanation of the lessons might be given; the catechism repetition was of somewhat small amount owing to a misreading of last year’s report which suggested only a reduction in the amount taken for explanation.  In Division IV there was clear and outspoken repetition & answering and the classes reflects great credit on its teacher.

J.N. Newland Smith




Attendance somewhat better.


The large influx of Infants just now makes the working of that room very trying to the teachers. 
The Ives family of Ruislip Common have scarlet fever.  All excluded.


Mr Webb H.M.I. visited on Tuesday, and spoke well of the work of the year.


Cases of chicken pox have appeared among children.  Classes re-arranged.


Chicken pox increasing.  Many absent in consequence.


Work as usual this week.


Still a large number absent on account of chicken pox.




Attendance bad this week owing to ‘Tea parties’ at Ruislip Common, Eastcote & Ickenham, and the usual day or two to get over it. (Parental weakness)


Many children gone to Hampton Court.


Attendance poor this week.


Several boys engaged in Hay fields this week.


Pinner Sports account for bad attendance today; Monday & Tuesday were much better.


School broke up for 5 weeks 1 day holiday today.


During the course of the summer holiday Mrs Bennett Edwards, one of the ‘subscribers, of the School provided a afternoon of food and games for the school children of the local schools, including the Ruislip Church School.  The event was announced in the July Parish Magazine:


“Mrs. Bennett Edwards, of Haydon Hall, has most kindly asked the children attending the Ruislip School to her School Tea and Village Fair on Wednesday, July 17th at 2.30 p.m.  The invitation is limited to girls not over 14 and boys not over 12.”

And a report followed in the August edition:  

School Treat at Haydon Hall  

“The Children of Ruislip, Northwood, and Pinner Schools, numbering some 600, were right royally entertained by Mrs. Bennett Edwards, at Haydon Hall, on Wednesday, July 17th, from 2;30 to 7 p.m.  There was a roundabout, swings, a rifle gallery, donkeys to ride, games, races, and a sumptuous tea: all generously provided by the hostess, and thoroughly appreciated by the children.  The day was beautifully fine, there was nothing to mar the children’s enjoyment.  The Ruislip people were delighted to see the Ruislip and Eastcote girls beat the Pinner girls in the tug of war.  Before parting, the children assembled before the front door of the Hall and vociferously cheered Mrs. Bennett Edwards for her most kind hospitality.”


Reassembled after 5 weeks 1 day holiday.


Government Report 1901

Mixed School
“This is a very good village school.  The managers have improved the cloakrooms and the warming of the school.  

Infant Class
“The increased accommodation adds greatly to the comfort of the teaching and makes suitable classification possible.  The teaching is thoroughly good.”  

As the average attendance of the infant class now exceeds 50, they must at once be placed under the charge of a certificated teacher of their own (Art 100 of Code.  

I am to return Form 9 and to request that the unexpended balance of Aid Grant carried forward from last year may be shewn, and the aid grant expenditure included in the general account.  

Signed (no name supplied)

A.M. Medcalf, A Youens and E Copeland are continued under Art 68.
(No mention of Miss Piper, Art 50, presumably as she had been in possession of a Queen’s Scholarship, this was sufficient recognition.)




Work as usual.


Much absence without reasonable excuse.


Slightly better attendance this week.


Bad attendance today.  Children gone to Circus at Uxbridge.


School Staff



R Youens             Certificated Master
Miss L. Piper       Art 50
Miss A. Medcalf       68

Senior Division


Mrs A. Youens         68
Miss. E. Copeland ″   68


pro tem


328.     Form I7A      (V.S.)

                                   13 September 01


Aid Grant.

Ruislip School 


To maintain present charge for Salaries                                          




To provide for a necessary increase in salaries during the current year





Repairs   Reflooring School





£ 50





Attendance still affected by unreasonable excuses.

Work as usual. 


It is a wet day and the attendance is very poor in consequence.




Work as usual this week.


There is a circus at Uxbridge today.  Many children absent in consequence.
Tommy Turnly has measles.  His brother is absent in consequence.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Admitted Arthur Whiteman, 12 years old, and Ernest Whiteman.  Also J. Woodley 9 all very backward indeed.  Have placed Woodley in Standard I to give him a chance, although his attainments are very poor indeed; yet he is upwards of 9 years old.




Boys absent ‘Beating’ for sportsmen.  Others said to be employed by parents.  In this district there seems to be no law against illegal employment.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray


Message brought that Harry Shord has measles.  Brothers and sisters are kept at home.


Message received that Arthur Watts, Ruislip Common, has measles.  There appear to be many children absent from colds.


Attendance dropped to 68.  Measles greatly increased.  Ministry of Health. informed &c   [LB1:278]
Registers closed 1.30 pm.  School dismissed 3.30 pm

Miss L. Piper left on Friday.  Miss Harris appointed Certificated mistress for Infant Class.  She commences duties on December 9th 1901.  Miss Copeland Art 68 will then assist in the Senior’s Room.
May the certificated mistress prove as good an Infant teacher as the Art 68!


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct. The numbers present very small on account of epidemic of measles.

William A.G. Gray


Measles has spread very fast, only 52 present this afternoon.

School closed till January 6th 1902




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