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1902 ~ The Managers' Minute Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1864-1903
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   - 1902 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1902.  

Only three managers’ meetings were held during 1902, despite the significant amount of works to the school building and the Master’s house requiring attention.  Additionally, there was the resignation of Miss Copeland, which it seems was not filled for almost all the autumn term.  

Passing without immediate mention, there were significant changes for schools underway with the Education Act 1902.  This was to have profound consequences on both the constitution of the school’s board of Managers, and in the way the school was to be funded.  Future years were to see a growth in centralised control of how the Ruislip school was run and what it would be expected to do, the 30th June 1903 meeting ushering in these changes.




February 8th 1902

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom at 6 p.m. on Saturday, February 8th 1902
Present:      Messrs  R.H. Dean, W.J. Murch, Chester Abercrombie, H. Taylor
                  and the Vicar in the Chair  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

The Vicar reported that he had asked Messers Gallop & Moore to estimate for the repair of the floors of the cloakroom & large schoolroom.  Mr Gallop having promised to do so, afterwards found he was unable to attend to it.  Mr Moore’s tender was for £2.15.0 for the cloakroom & £15.2.6 for the large room – new floors of yellow flooring 6” X 1¼” and 3d per foot run for any joists found to be necessary, also that wood block flooring would cost 8/- per sq. yard without the concrete. After some discussion Mr Deane proposed that Mr Moore’s tender be accepted with the proviso that the board should be thoroughly dry & well seasoned & that proper ventilation under the floors be provided. This was seconded by Mr Abercrombie & carried unanimously.

The Return to the Diocesan Board of Education was then considered. It was represented that the school, owing to the large area of the Parish, suffered by a considerable number of the children attending schools in adjoining parishes, by which we lose between £40 & £50 per annum in the way of Grant & Grant in lieu of school fees.  

That new floors were required in the 2 Infant rooms & the classroom the approximate cost of which was £15. and that we wished for £30 in maintaining present salaries £15 for increasing salaries made necessary by provision of New Code which necessitated the employment of a Certificated Teacher in the Infant School, and £15 for the new floors.  

The Vicar was authorised to sign the return on behalf of the Managers.

William A.G. Gray



June 7th 1902

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom on Saturday June 7th at 5.30 pm
Present:        Messrs  Browning, Murch, Abercrombie, E. Ewer, Taylor
                     & the Vicar in the Chair  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.  

The Treasurer submitted the accounts for the year which up to date shewed total receipts £359.10.3 and expenditure £353.10.2 leaving a balance in hand of £6.0.1. Subscriptions to the amount of £8.0.0 due had not be received, and Mr Taylor handed the treasurer 10/- for the use of the room at the Primrose League Concert, raising the balance to £6.10.1  The accounts were passed.  

The Chairman read a letter from Miss Copeland announcing her intention to resign her post as assistant mistress at July 31st on account of her approaching marriage – and he was asked to advertise in the ‘School Master’ & ‘School Guardian’ for an Art 68 teacher – applicants to state salary.  It was thought it would be necessary to give at least £45 per annum.  

It was resolved on the motion of Mr E. Ewer, seconded by Mr Browning, that two rooms in the new part of the Schoolmaster’s house be papered and on the motion of Mr Abercrombie, seconded by Mr Taylor, that a sum of 30/- be allowed for this purpose and a knocker for the front door.

W.A.G. Gray



December 13th 1902

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the schoolroom on Saturday, December 13th 1902 at 6.30 pm
Present:      Messrs  R.H. Deane, Edwin Ewer, W.J. Murch, Chester Abercrombie
                  & the Vicar in the Chair  

The Minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.  

The Vicar reported that the papering of the rooms in the Schoolmaster’s house had not been done as the tender for the wall exceeded the sum allowed.  He suggested that the matter be deferred till the spring or summer. The Vicar reported that he had at last been able to engage an assistant teacher, Art 68, in place of Mrs Simms at a salary of £45 per annum & asked the Managers to confirm the appointment.  This was done on the proposition of Mr Deane, Mr Murch seconding the motion. Mr Deane proposed that in the case of future vacancies in the teaching staff the Vicar be authorized to engage (temporarily) a teacher without consulting the Managers.  This was seconded by Mr Murch, and carried unanimously.  

Mr Abercrombie proposed that a fresh agreement be drawn out with Mr & Mrs Youens on the same lines as the last: necessary alterations being made & the salaries being stated separately. The Vicar to sign on behalf of the Managers, seconded by Mr Murch & carried unanimously. Mr Deane proposed that Vicar should be authorised to have repairs effected to window frame & broken glass & that necessary bricklayers repair be deferred, seconded by Mr Murch & carried unanimously.  

The Vicar reported resignation of Mr Henry Taylor who was leaving the parish. On the motion of Mr Abercrombie his resignation was accepted with regret.

The Vicar said he was in correspondence with the manager of the Bloomsbury Savings Bank & hoped to have something to report at the next meeting

W.A.G. Gray


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