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1903 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1903 -

The Revised Code of 1862, article 55(a), had required schools to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. That for 1903 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

Records of absence continue to feature regularly, though we also hear of the work of the local Attendance Officer, who Mr Youens has reason to commend. Fortunately the significant levels of infectious diseases of the previous years are absent. With a number of children travelling long distances, excusable absence due to poor weather continued, however. For those who did make the journey in such conditions, Mr Youens was careful to note his compassion in lighting the fires for drying out clothes (16/10), excusing his use, early in the autumn, of the school's supply of coal.

The accident of Harry Shord appears to have caused the Master concern  - was it a more serious incident than the rapid recovery seems to imply?    Surely in any school, especially with such high numbers in so small a space, and without the stringent regulations now in place, accidents must have occurred from time to time, but rarely receive attention in the Log Books, 

The size of the school continued to grow, particularly at this time in the Infant Department.  While the Managers were able to comply with the 1901 instruction to provide a certificated teacher for this department, the reference to excessive numbers for the space available marked the beginning of an ongoing problem.

Miss Harris had been employed at the end of 1901 in order to provide the school with a certificated teacher for the Infants. Leaving in April 1903, she was replaced by Miss Knight.

The earliest mention we have in the Log Books of children from the Dame School in Ickenham was in 1891 (see the introduction for that year).  This appears to have been run by Ethel Willis close to the Breakspear Arms, closing her school in 1903 and to die two years later at the age of 79. All children coming from her school were deemed to be well behind in their learning.

As required, both the Diocesan and Government inspection reports were copied into the log book (p.290, p.295 respectively.)  We also encounter a report on girls' needlework (28/05).  The entry by Mr Kefford may also identify a visit of an inspector, given its late autumn location.

We have our first reference to the Local Education Authority as established under the Education Act 1902, in the visit of Ambrose Bane, the local officer based in Uxbridge.






Resumed lessons today after Xmas holidays.  Many children still absent.


School work as usual


School visited by the attendance officer this week.  He took several names of absentees.  The address of Arthur Bray’s aunt, with whom he is staying at Willesden, forwarded to Mr Hall, Attendance Officer

Registers will be closed at the usual time in afternoons next week ie. 2 pm




In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this afternoon & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray

In Mr Youens’ hand:
Harry Shord fell down during the dinner hour and severely cut his head.  I attended to him at once and stopped the bleeding, and the Vicar whose advice and assistance I immediately sought, kindly came and bandaged the boy’s head.  Harry Shord was able to proceed home during the afternoon.


From enquiries I find that Shord is progressing satisfactorily so far.  I should say that information as to injuries & attention to the same was yesterday forwarded to parents.


Shord is getting along nicely.  Have bought 1st & 2nd classes Infant boys out with me for drawing.  Have previously sent [LB1:289]  assistance to Infant mistress Tuesdays & Thursdays (pm) in way of monitress. 


Registers closed at 1.30 from today School dismissed 3.30 pm. (Children’s Entertainment).


Mrs Youens absent today.  Her place is taken by Mrs Sims (Miss Copeland) a former teacher. 
(See 11/07/1902)


Mrs Youens returned to school today.


Registers closed this morning 9.10. Dismissal 11.10 am 
Elder scholars attend Divine Service at 11.15 am


Work as usual this week.


Diocesan Examination today.  Registers not marked AM. 
Holiday in afternoon.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers today & found them correct.
The report of the Diocesan Inspector was received this morning.

W.A.G. Gray


Diocesan Report 1903

Detailed Results.
Division I Excellent, Division II Excellent, Division III Very Good, 
Division IV Good

The tone of the work in this school is very pleasing, and a good influence is evident.  In Division I there is thorough and correct New Testament teaching.  The explanation of the sacraments is excellent, but the knowledge of the meaning of the commandments might be made more helpful in the children’s lives. In Division II there is very pleasing answering throughout and care has been taken to make the knowledge of the commandments practical.  In Division III there is praiseworthy Bible answering, especially in the Old Testament, in the New Testament it is not always correct.  The explanation of the catechism has not yet been sufficiently grasped by the children. 

In Division IV it would be better to do less and to fix it with more certainty in the children’s minds both repetition & explanation of catechism want more attention to words & detail, but good teaching has been given.




Work as usual this week.


Have made slight alterations in the Infant Time Table, chiefly in arrangement of time for each lesson.  Next week will be given for trial. 
In Senior Department scripture is extended 5 minutes.


Work as usual this week.




Admitted Charles Rogers from dame school near Breakspear.  He is eight years old & upwards and an absolute duffer.


Broke up for Easter Holidays.  Miss Harris leaves today.


Resume school today.  Miss Knight Certificated Mistress takes charge of the Infants.

Have admitted several infants today, a considerable proportion from the Breakspear district & near the Dame school above mentioned (06/04/1903) having been closed.  They are all ‘dunces’.  To arrange classes; the best of lower division have been transferred to Division I.


Registers closed at 1.30 pm  dismissal 3.30 pm

Miss Groome was absent 28th to attend her sister’s wedding.




Mrs Youens will be absent today & tomorrow to attend the funeral of a relative in Norfolk.


Re-classified the whole school on Monday.  I have brought from the Infant room as many as possible & in doing which I am compelled to have a ‘preparatory class’ in Senior department.


Registers marked & closed by 9.10 this morning Dismissal 11.15.
Senior Department attended Divine Service. School closed in the afternoon. 
After Summer Holidays scripture will be taken from 1.30 pm to 1.50 pm on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.  Registers closed by 2 pm

Times of secular lessons 2, 2.30, 3, 3.15, 4pm




Report of Needlework
Ruislip C.E. School    May 9th 03

School Date    June


No of children
Girls      43
Infants  29

Summary Mark
Very Good





Monday and Tuesday of this week were holidays. 
Somewhat poor attendance rest of week.


Work as usual this week.


The roads flooded in several places – much rain.  School closed today.




Work as usual this week


Attendance of children, especially elder boys, falling off.


Broke up this morning for Summer Holidays 4 weeks.


School Staff

R Youens                       (Certificated)
Misses     A Medcalf 
                AC Groome    each Art 68
Miss EB Knight              (Certificated)
Mrs A Youens                (Art 68)


Government Report.
Ruislip C.E. School

Mixed School
“Very good work has been done here this year.  Exercise books are neat and well written. Composition is taught throughout the school, and Arithmetic is quick and accurate.  Oral answering on Object Lessons is very creditable. 

Infant School
There has been a large influx of children this year and at the second visit of inspection there were present 16 in excess of accommodation; the staff too was not equal to the number present.  In spite of the difficulties of working in these premises, the work reaches a good standard and the order is satisfactory.”  

The average attendance of infants must not exceed the recognised accommodation, 53.

A.C. Groome is recognised under Art. 68 of the Provisional Code.


(Countersigned by the Vicar:)
W.A.G. Gray




School re-opened this morning after Summer Holidays 5 weeks.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I tested the registers today & found them correct.

W.A.G. Gray

I have today seen the Certificates of the birth of Henry George Ive who was examined in a later? certificate in the second week of May this year.  He was born on 8th July 1891 & is therefore over 12 years of age.

W.A.G. Gray




Work as usual this week.


In the hand of the Local Education Officer:
Visited and tested registers

A. Ambrose Bane
Divisional Clerk


Have this week examined the various classes and find the work being carried on with the usual care &c &c.  But it must be distinctly pointed out that Miss Knight Infant Mistress has very up-hill work to accomplish, as, in consequence of numbers, a large number of children who should have formed her first class were drafted into Senior Department as Preparatory Classes.

Also most of the children recently admitted are old enough for Class I & II Infant but know nothing.  Very good work however is being done.




Attendance under the new Attendance Officer greatly improved.


Work as usual this week.


Attendance much lower, probably owing to the continued wet weather.  Started fires so that I may have convenience to dry we clothes if needed.


Very wet morning, only 107 present in whole school.


Floods out 93 present.  None from Eastcote, quite impassable. 
Miss Medcalf absent in consequence.


Work as usual this week.


Better attendance than could be expected taking the weather into consideration.  Too wet for Drill. 


Work as usual this week.


Several of older children unnecessarily absent.


Registers closed 1.30 p.m.  Scholars dismissed 3.30 pm as it is too dark by 4 pm for lessons [LB1:299]  and a very large proportion of children have long distances to go home.


2 quires blotting & ½ lb of wool received from National Society


In the hand of W.Kefford:
Visited the School.

W. Kefford


Miss Medcalf away from school ill.  Afternoon recreation 3 to 3.10.
Miss Knight going home for weekend; allowed Monday morning for travelling.


Miss Medcalf returned to school but still far from well.


Miss Medcalf goes home today on account of illness.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers this morning and found them quite correct.

William A.G. Gray






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