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1904 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1904 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1904.  

The Managers were still seeking to respond to the Local Education Authority's various letters of instruction and request of information

They were also continuing to adapt to the changed roles and responsibilities. The level of their work greatly increased, with the need to provide more extensive minutes, resulting in a new layout to facilitate easy reference, towards the end of the year.

A primary concern was the replacement of the existing toilets ('offices') an issue which was not finally completed until November 1905.  Other issues raised by the LEA and the Inspectors, with the exception of the cleaning, which they felt could be improved by increasing the amount paid to the cleaner, were put to one side, probably through lack of funds.




March 31st 1904

A Meeting of the Managers was summoned for this date, but as only Mr Deane & the Chairman attended, it was adjourned.   



May 7th 1904

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Saturday, May 7th 1904 at 5 p.m.    
Present:      Mr Browning, Mr Abbott, Mr Deane 
                  & the Vicar in the Chair   

Mr Deane, having been reappointed by the Parish Council; & Mr Abbott, having been appointed by the County Council in the place of Mr Walter Morford resigned.   

The minutes of the last meeting having been read & confirmed, the Vicar read correspondence as follows:

Education Department & Council (sic, should read 'County') Council Education Committee approving rent of school masters’ house £15, & Rates & £5.

Education Committee as to use of school for other purposes than day school.
The school is used in the following way:
            Sunday school 10 a.m. to 10.40 a.m.
            Parish Council & Parish Assembly Meetings (7)
            School Managers meetings (6)
            School Attendance Committee meetings (4)
            Non ecclesiastical charity meetings (3)
            Cottagers’ Allotments Trustees meetings (3)
            Children’s Tea
            Old People’s Tea
            Concerts (2)

It was thought that the division of expenditure could be met by a charge of 1/6th of the expenditure on fires & cleaning.

A grant of £8 had been received from the Education Department as Aid Grant from the London Diocesan Church School Association. It was earmarked for “Maintenance or increase of salaries” – whereas our requested had been for “repairs”.  This was pointed out to the Board of Education & they replied that the grant was awarded in accordance with the recommendation of the Governing Body of the London Diocesan Association. If the grant was not required for the purposes for which it was paid, reference was made to Education Act 1902 Schedule. II (12), by which it might be applied to “outstanding liabilities”. It was agreed this might be done.   

Letter from the County Council Education Committee re “Advertisements, Requisitions & Empire Day” was read.  It was decided not to do anything about Empire Day, as it came in Whitsun Holidays.

Letter from County Council Education Committee re prizes, limiting amount to 4d per head of average attendance.   

Letter from Ecclesiastical Courts re “Annual Subscriptions”.  They had decided to give a reduced subscription of £1.1.0.  The Vicar had replied pointing out that this was an exceptional case as the Corn Rent was not rated. & asked for continuance of old amount, but without avail. The Courts expressed a readiness to assist when any exceptional outlay is required.

(The Ecclesiastical Courts originally had jurisdiction over matters dealing with the rights and obligations of church members, lay as well as those in holy orders.  During the nineteenth century many of these functions were transferred to the civil law courts. The Ecclesiastical Courts were left with matters that concerned the control of consecrated ecclesiastical property – essentially churches and their churchyards and certain other consecrated places such as municipal burial grounds; and dealing with allegations of ecclesiastical offences against the clergy. In 1836 a survey had been carried out with the intention of converting the old system of tithes paid to a local church 'in kind' to a monetary payment. It appears from the minute: (1) that control of these payments resided with the Ecclesiastical Courts; (2) that in 1904 St Martin’s, Ruislip was in receipt of such payments; and (3) that its annual subsidy was being lowered by the Ecclesiastical Court.)   

Letter from County Council Education Committee, notifying appointment of Mr C. Councillor Abbott as County Council Representative on our Body of Managers for year ending 31 March 1905.  

Circular from County Council Education Committee re Agreements with Teachers, Notice to Terminate, Diocesan Inspection, & requisitions.   

Mr Abbott asked whether agreements with teachers had been made & on being answered in the negative, said they had drawn out with much care, a form for the Northwood teachers & he could send a copy to the Chairman.  The agreements ought to be made.   

Letter from Mr C. Abercrombie resigning his office of Foundation Manager.    

The Vicar read the Diocesan Report. Two of the four classes gaining “excellent” & the other two “very good.”   

Letter from County Council Education Committee asking for Estimate of Expenditure for the ensuing year.  Vicar had forwarded answer as follows: 



Estimated Income

Salaries of teachers




Annual Grant



Book &c




Fee Grant







Needlework sold










Fuel & Charing
















.5. 0










£  230


 The “rates” were inserted in error       

Letter from the Board of Education re appointment of Foundation Managers pointing out that in accordance with the Final Order (i.e. of the 1902 Act) ‘Notice’ of 21 days must be given for the purpose. <The> Vicar had posted a notice on church doors announcing a meeting for May 28th at 5 p.m. Three Managers would have to be elected - the Vicar continuing ex officio.   

Repairs to Master’s house.  Letter from Master asking for repair to roof, painting & papering two new rooms & repairing ceilings, fire brick in kitchen grate, scullery painted & colour washed & ceiling whitewashed & bell on front door.  Approved with the exception of knocker instead of bell.  Vicar to get estimates.         

Long list of things required for next year.  The Vicar had looked through them - much the same as in former years except that museum cases, furniture for Infants Room & box for needlework were added. Ordered to be sent on to the County Council Education Committee.

Report of County Council’s surveyor on school buildings was read and the Vicar was asked to reply that the Managers would undertake the lavatories & erect new closets connecting with the main drainage & providing water supply, also clean walls & ceilings & provide new blinds. But that <they> did not think the other things necessary.       

Letter from County Council Education Committee re wear & tear in use of School Room. Also from Mr Harvey. Mr Abbot said the matter was still sub judice & recommended that a reply should be sent that the sum offered was inadequate.    

Mr Abbott thought we ought to have meetings once every two months & this was agreed to.      

The Vicar wished the members to attend a meeting on May 28th next at 5 p.m.

W.A.G. Gray



May 28th 1904

A Meeting of the Subscribers for the purpose of electing three Foundation Managers was held in the School Room on Saturday, May 28th 1904 at 5 p.m. Twenty one days notice of the meeting having been posted in the parish & the subscribers notified by letter. 

Present:      Messrs E. Ewer, J.R Cooper, J.P. Page
                  & the Vicar in the Chair       

The Vicar read the sections of the “Final Order” referring to the meeting & election & proposed that Messrs Warrender, Browning be reappointed & Mr Doe elected as a representative of parents of children attending the school.  Mr H. Ewer, Mr H.J. Ewer & Miss Ewer had written to vote for these candidates. Mr J.P. Page seconded, & it was carried unanimously.

W.A.G. Gray



July 7th 1904

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the School Room at 7.15 p.m. on Thursday, July 7th 1904 
Present:      Messrs E.R. Abbott, E. Doe
                  & the Vicar in the Chair.       

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.   

The Vicar read the following correspondence.      

From Mr Gott acknowledging the receipt of report of election of Foundation Managers & asking for Mr Doe’s address.   

Ditto, receipt of letters about 1) heating & cleaning, 2) wear & tear, 3) repairs & ventilation. Also tenders for coal supply.   

From Head Teacher about remarks of H.M. Inspector on the gallery in the Infant School. 

Plans of New Offices
Mr Elgood, who was in attendance, was asked in to shew & explain plans for new offices & drains.  The plans seemed to be suitable & Mr Elgood was asked to submit these to the Committee of the County Council for approval & to ask for tenders from Messrs Moore, Gallop & Sims & if one or more of these refuse, to Messrs Page & Bere of Northwood.




July 28th 1904

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the School Room at 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 28th 1904 
Present:      Messrs J. Browning, E.Doe
                  & the Vicar in the Chair       

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed,

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Elgood giving tenders for necessary work for new offices which were as follows: Gallop £347.10.0, Sims £345.0.0, & Moore £339.13.0  Mr Elgood suggested writing to Moore to ask him to give particulars of his estimate with a view to cut down the expense.  The Vicar had asked him to do this & Moore in his reply had said as he had not heard he had signed on for another job & wished to withdraw.       

The plans & specification were placed on the table and examined.   

A letter was also read from Mr. Abbot saying the County Council surveyor wished the offices to be placed near the road; he had attended the sub-committee meeting; & the committee passed the plans as proposed by Mr Elgood.   

A letter was also read from Mr Deane saying that though he had not seen the specifications he considered the estimate altogether preposterous & suggested that estimates should be asked for from Messrs Murray, St Albans Road Watford and J.C. Rackham, Harrow Weald.        

Mr Browning proposed, Mr Doe seconded, and it was carried that Mr Elgood be asked to obtain tenders from the persons above mentioned.


Commencing with page ten the layout of the minutes was changed so as to include side headings indicating the content of the various discussions.  



December 7th 1904

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the Schoolroom at 4 p.m. on Wednesday Dec. 7th 1904. 

Present:      Messrs R.H. Deane, H.V. Warrender, J Browning
                   & the Vicar in the Chair 




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.



New Offices  Estimate   Murray & Rackham 

The Vicar read a letter from Mr Elgood giving Murray’s estimate for new offices & drainage amounting to £364.10.0 and from Rackham £481.

Payment of Teachers Confinement Notice to Terminate 

Also, resolution of the Middlesex Education Committee re payment of Teachers in illness – confinements, & Notice to Terminate engagements.


Conditional approval of plans Architects Certificate

Also, letter of conditional approval of plans of offices & drainage and Architect’s Certificate



Increase of Teachers’ Salaries


Also, letter re increase of teachers’ salaries, shewing increase given to members of our staff




Also, H.M. Inspectors report on our school


Wear & Tear


Also, circular re Wear & Tear in schools


School Dirty


H.M. Inspector’s report complaining of dirty & dusty condition of school & the muddy playground.  

Church Attendance

Also, circular letter of London Diocesan Church Schools Association re the attendance of children at church on certain days


and other less important letters. 



Cleaning the school

5/- a week

It being thought that perhaps the woman who cleans the school was underpaid, Mr Warrender proposed, & Mr Deane seconded, that she be paid 5/- a week for a month on trial to see if an improvement be made. To commence after the holidays. Carried



Mr R.H. Deane proposed & Mr H.V. Warrender seconded that the Vicar be appointed Correspondent for the current year carried. The Vicar consenting to act.



Sims estimate £290


A letter was read from Mr Elgood saying he had seen Sims and he had made certain unimportant variations which had the effect of reducing his estimate to £290.    

After some discussion, the Vicar was asked, a resolution being carried to that effect which was proposed by Mr Deane and seconded by Mr Warrender, to consult with Mr Elgood and Messrs Sims and Moore, and report to the next meeting.


It was decided to have the next meeting in the 3rd week in January


W.A.G. Gray




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