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1904 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1904 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1904 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

Absence and its various causes are recorded, with measles identified.  Mr Youens notes the death of Emily Wingfield, aged 6, in February. In the latter part of the nineteenth century the Parish Magazine had listed quite a few infant burials, but records of these gradually reduced. It is possible that with the advent of mains sewage and improved living conditions for the poor of the parish infant mortality became far less common. However, a quick analysis of mortality of those ten and under in the Uxbridge registration district for the first quarter of 1884, 1894 and 1904 shows a fairly constant picture (around 30 at birth or under one year of age, and around 20 for those aged 1 to 10).   That said, the Log Book contains remarkably few mentions of child deaths.

There are the usual reports from the Diocesan and Government Inspectors copied into the Log Book, as required in law. The summer HMI visit while generally very positive about the quality of education and learning in the school, again raised the issue of pupil numbers in the Infant department, and identified specifically the gallery and the desks.  These were to become issues for the Managers that their limited financial reserves could not meet until finally threatened with action that could have closed the school if not addressed. The autumn inspection visit, which did not always elicit a report, was quite critical of the cleanliness of the school and the poor state of the playground. These too, would eventually require significant action from the Managers.

In the meantime, as identified in the summer inspection report, the Managers were to press on with rebuilding and enlarging the toilets (‘Offices’) supplying them with water (rather than earth) and running them into the village’s recently installed main sewage system.






School re-opened after Xmas Holidays.  Miss Medcalf returned today.


Work as usual this week


Several of the roads are flooded.  We have a poor school in consequence. Miss Medcalf is unable to return to school this afternoon from the same cause.


Attendance somewhat better this week. 
Emily Wingfield’s name removed on account of death. 
Wreaths sent by teachers & scholars. (Emily was 6 years old.)


Registers closed at 1.40 this afternoon.  School closed at 3.45 pm.


Several families in the parish have measles attendance affected.


Attendance much the same.  A few more cases of measles.  Too wet for Drill.  Taken next fine day.




Work as usual this week.  Attendance much affected by the measles.


Two other families affected by measles & consequently absent, Lavender, Ruislip Common; & Hopkins, Eastcote.


Work as usual this week.  A few children having recovered from measles, have returned.


Diocesan Report 1904

Markings    Excellent 15     Very Good   11

          Division I Excellent,            Division II Very Good,
          Division III Excellent,          Division IV Very Good

Very praiseworthy work has been done in Division I.  The answering in the Old Testament subject was thoughtful and correct, but in the New Testament too much was attempted and although some answered well the knowledge was not sufficiently distributed over the class. 

Very good work has been done in Division II.  The answering at times might have been a little more general but, on the whole, the class falls little short of ‘excellent’.  Able and careful teaching has been given in Division III. The children take much interest in their work and have a clear and intelligent knowledge of the subjects taught. 

Painstaking work has been done in Division IV.  The class is in thoroughly good order and the answering shows a great improvement upon that of last year.

C.H. Venning

Children  pointed out by Inspector as best Division I Leonard Lawrence, Division II John King, Division III Lilian Martin, Division IV Gilbert Caustin




Broke up this morning for the Easter Holidays.


Re-assembled after Easter Holidays.  Attendance improved since holidays.  Most of the children affected by measles came back to school.


Too wet for Drill.  Take Monday if fine.  Monday’s Lesson Geography taken today & so on.


Registers closed at 1.30 pm . Scholars dismissed 3.30 pm. 
Drill taken on Monday as above mentioned
(i.e. swapped with geography, taken on 15/04)


Work as usual attendance improving.


New Time Table made out


Too wet for Drill this morning.  Writing taken instead. 
Drill to be taken next fine Writing Lesson. (i.e. writing and drill swapped)


Registers closed 9.15 this morning.  Children attend Divine Service (11.15 Dismissed)  Holiday in the afternoon. (Ascension Day)


In hand of H.M.I.:


E.M. Field H.M.I.




In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Work as usual this week.  Broke up for 1 week’s holiday.


Re-assembled after Whitsun Holidays.


No material to hand yet.  Order sent in at the end of April. 
It is very inconvenient indeed. 
Miss Knight absent this afternoon by permission of Managers.


Work as usual this week.


Miss Knight absent this morning & afternoon from sickness. 
Good beginning to arrive this week.


Work as usual.


Goods coming in gradually.


Dumb-Bells said to be at Hatch End.  Parcel of goods from Uxbridge.




Broke up this morning for Summer Holidays I month.


Re-assembled today Holiday 4 weeks.


Many children absent yesterday in consequence of treat in connection with Ruislip Common Chapel.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Work as usual this week.


Several children absent with eczema.


Two children absent in consequence of a case of measles in the family.


Received the last item of Requisition List from Messrs. Philip & Tacey.  ordered beginning of May.




Mrs Youens absent Monday & Tuesday of this week to visit her father who is dangerously ill.


Government Report just to hand:-



Mixed School
The school is under very good discipline and the written exercises shew careful and effective teaching.  In oral subjects however, the children need to be trained to rely upon themselves, and to be able to produce their knowledge.  Better enunciation and a better style of answer should be encouraged.  In singing the instruction has in fact been by ear and as such is satisfactory.  The children are unable to perform the usual exercises included under singing by rote.  I understand that the offices are to be rebuilt and connected with the main drainage.

Infant Class
“The infants are pleasantly and efficiently taught.  The number on the register considerably exceeds the accommodation, and the gallery is in many respects ill adapted for its purpose.  The desks in the smaller room are in very bad repair and are wholly unfit for the babies who use them or for any other infants.”




October 18th    School Inspected.
                         F.J. Webb




School closed on Tuesday to enable me to attend the funeral of Mrs Youens’ father.  Mrs Youens absent Monday & Tuesday in consequence.


Work as usual this week.  Much sickness among the children.


Much as usual this week.


Cold weather has much reduced the attendance this week.


Many children absent from sickness.


Inspector’s Report after visit 18 October 1904

Mixed & Infants
The rooms are very imperfectly cleaned and dusted and the walls are extremely dirty & covered with dust.  The playground is muddy at the end next the school and is unfit for the children to drill there.




Work as usual this week.


Broke up this afternoon for Christmas Holidays 2 weeks.





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