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1905 ~ The Managers' Minute Books


Ruislip Church of England School
Managers’ Minute Book 1
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- 1905 -

Below we present the record of meetings the Managers held during 1905.  

Despite a resolution at the end of 1904 that the next meeting be in the third week of January, the next recorded meeting was not until half way through the year. Since the Diocesan Inspection Report was clearly delivered to the school by mid March yet not discussed by the Managers until the July 1st meeting, it would seem no meetings were held in those first six months. 

At the July 1st meeting, and subsequently, the comments of the Government Inspector on the facilities of the Infant Department were discussed.  Most of the points raised, along with the issues of pupil numbers in the ‘Mixed’ Juniors, would have caused significant expenditure for the Managers, which may have been their reason for seeking to avoid progressing some of them: as we see (01/11/1905), there were issues raising money for the replacement of the toilets.  In the end the LEA applied significant pressure (28/07/1905) and gradually the issues were addressed.               




July 1st 1905

A Meeting of the Managers was held on Saturday, July 1st at 4 p.m. in the school room
Present:      Messrs R.H. Deane, H.V. Warrender, E. Doe
                  and the Vicar, in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




The Chairman read correspondence relating to Scholarship Scheme, Penny Banks, Uniform School Year, maximum limit of cost of materials, supply of school materials, repairs to premises, underfed children &c.



Payment for cleaning &c for other purposes 30/- per annum

Also, payment to be made by Managers toward cost of heating, lighting, & cleaning schools when used for other purposes than day school i.e. 30/- per annum.



Diocesan Report

Also, Diocesan Report, school classed “excellent”



Mr E.R. Abbott
School Manager

Also, Reappointment of Mr E.R. Abbott by Education Committee of County Council as school Manager



HMI’s Report

Also, Report of HMI on school, which was good but complaints were made of desks in small Infant Room, gallery in big Infant Room and the fact that the new offices &c had not been made.



Surveyor’s letter re new offices

Also, letter from Mr Croshall the council’s surveyor asking when new offices would he commenced.



Resignation of
Mr J. Browning

Also, letter from Mr J. Browning resigning his position as member of School Attendance Committee & school Manager.



New Infants’ Desks

In order that all furniture should belong to the Managers, it was decided that the Vicar be empowered to purchase the necessary new desks for the Infants’ Room



Infants’ Gallery

The Vicar was also asked to write to the Department to say that the Managers were quite satisfied with the gallery in its present condition



New Offices  





The Vicar read correspondence with Mr Elgood & Mr Sims re the new offices &c. Sims proposed to make the following alterations

1.     alter line of drain,

2.     to have one continuous ventilator in roof of offices,

3.     one trap to lavatory basins. &

4.     to build walls in mortar instead of cement
and to do the work for £295

It was proposed by Mr R.H. Deane, and seconded by Mr H.V. Warrender, that this tender be accepted provided the surveyor approved of the alterations. Carried. The Vicar undertaking to see Mr Croshall & get his assent if possible

Repairs to School Master’s House


The Vicar read a letter from the School Master asking that certain repairs should be made to his house, & rooms & hall re painted & papered.  Also an estimate from Mr Sims undertaking to do the work for £6.10.0 It was proposed by Mr Warrender, and seconded by Mr Deane, that this should be done. Carried.



School Attendance Manager

Mr Browning having resigned his post as member of the School Attendance Committee, the vicar was asked and consented to act pro tem.



Form 9

The managers present signed Form 9


W.A.G. Gray






July 28th 1905

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room
on Friday, July 28th at 4 p.m.

Present:      Messrs R.H. Deane, E. Doe
                  & the Revd W.A.G. Gray in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed




Taking Children to Church on Ascension Day

The Chairman read a letter from the Middlesex Education Committee re attendance of children at church on Ascension Day, saying that an application from the Managers for permission to take them would be favourably considered by the committee.

The Vicar explained <that he would reapply> the method he had adopted on Ash Wednesday to Ascension Day



Committee’s letter re work to be done in school.

Also, a letter from the <Middlesex Education> Committee, and resolution re works required by them to be done in our school, saying that if arrangements for their completion were not made forthwith, “the Committee would take into serious consideration the question of the maintenance of the schools.”

He had replied to the effect that the work had been commenced.






Office Roof




The Vicar reported that in accordance with resolution passed at the last meeting he had been to see Mr Croshall, the Council’s surveyor, about the proposed alteration in the course of the drains, and he said there would be no objection & he would approve it.  On looking at the plans he asked why we were going to have such an expensive roof, it was quite unnecessary, was not done in the Council’s schools in London & would effect a considerable saving.  He said Italian zinc roofing would be sufficient & shewed plans he had drawn in this way in London schools.

Mr Gray then saw Mr Sims, shewed him what Mr Croshall suggested, asked him to go into London, see Mr Croshall and his plans, & let him <know> what saving this would effect.- Mr Sims had done this & struck off £25 for the alteration making his tender £270 instead of £295,

Mr Deane proposed, and Mr Doe seconded, that this reduced tender be accepted, & and it was carried.


W.A.G. Gray






November 1st 1905

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the School Room at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday November 1st
Present:      Messrs R.H. Deane, H,V. Warrender, E. Doe
                   & Revd W.A.G. Gray in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




The Chairman read a letter from Mr Bane to say that the tender of the Lelleshall Co, Hayes, for the supply of coal & coke had been accepted: Coal 17/9 per ton; Broken Coke 18/4 per ton.



Extra week holiday

Mr Sims had written to ask for an extra week’s summer holidays for the cement floors to dry This had been done



Colne Valley Water Co

Letter from Colne Valley Co with form of application for supply of water & agreement to be completed & signed, which the Vicar had done.



Teachers’ Salaries

Letter from Mr Gott with revised scale of teachers’ salaries, and from Bane asking if their services had ben satisfactory.



New Offices &c

The Vicar reported that the new offices. drains &c had been completed & were in use. He presented Mr Sims’ Bill which amounted, with one or two extras, to £278.0.8.  He had paid £100 on account.  There was in the bank £37.14.11 & in the Saving Bank at Bloomsbury £53.  And he read correspondence shewing that a grant of £40 had been promised by the London Diocesan Church School Repair Fund which would be paid as soon as the certificate of the Education Authority that the work had been completed to their satisfaction had been received.  He had asked Mr Croshall to come & inspect but he had not been yet.  He asked for authority to pay £80 as a second installment on receipt of certificate, £50 from the Bloomsbury Savings Bank in which Mr Deane’s signature would be necessary and that he should also pay the £40 when received from the London Diocesan Church School Repair Fund.  Proposed by Mr Warrander & seconded by Mr Deane that authority be given.
(This would still leave the managers significantly short of the full amount of money required.)

Children under 5 years of age

Letter from <Middlesex> Education Committee who have decided that after this date no children under 4 be admitted to school.  There are very few children under 5 in our school.

Mr Abbott County Councillor

Letter from Mr Abbott complaining of the inconvenient time of school meeting.  The Vicar was instructed to write to him to see if 5 o’clock on Saturday afternoon would suit him.


W.A.G. Gray






December 16th 1905

A Meeting of the Managers was held in the school room
at 5 p.m. on Saturday December 16th

Present:      R.H. Deane Esq, E Doe
                  & the Vicar, Revd W.A.G.Gray, in the Chair




The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed




Time Tables
Art vii of Code

A circular letter from the Secretary of the Middlesex Education Committee to the effect that it was left to the Managers of the school to certify that the timetables are in accordance with Art vii of the Code for 1905



Home Reading Union

Also, letters re Home Reading Union, & details of Junior County Scholarships’ Examinations.



Teachers’ Salaries

Also, details of teachers’ salaries amounting to total £386.10.0.



Extraneous Duties
Organ playing &c

Also, circular letter 525 of Education Department re extraneous duties of teachers i.e. organ playing, teaching & (sic =at) Sunday School &c



Delegate to Reg. Committee,
Dio. Ch. Sch. Assoc.

Also, letter re appointment of parochial delegate on Uxbridge Regional Committee of the of Diocesan Association of Church Schools. Mr R.H. Deane proposed that the Vicar be appointed, seconded by Mr Doe, & carried



Half yearly requisition list

Also, half yearly requisition list, which Chairman was asked to sign



Prizes to encourage regular attendance

Also, letter from Head Teacher asking that attendance tickets & prizes might be given to encourage attendance of children. The future of church schools was so uncertain it was decided to defer the question.



Dirty W.C.s

Also, letter from Mr Gott complaining of dirty condition of W.C.s



Mr Croshall’s Certificate

Also, certificate of Mr Croshall of satisfactory completion of offices & lavatories



Grant of £40 recd

Also, Mr Hill’s letter forwarding cheque for £40, grant from Diocesan Church Schools Repair Fund, & Bankers’ receipt for the amount.



Closed Sheds

Also, letter from “a Parent” complaining that the sheds for the use of the children were closed in wet weather.  The Vicar was asked to write to Mr Youens that they must be kept open.



Report of H.M. Inspector, School understaffed; another teacher for 1.5 children

Report of HMI after visit of November 10th
‘Mixed’ school understaffed.  Another teacher needed.
Staff counts for 110. Average attendance 111.5.

Head Teacher’s class average 54 & in 5 standards.

New blinds needed. Also, suitable desks for infants


It appears that there are in

Standard i.

Miss Groome 36 children



Standard ii.

Miss Medcalf 32  



Standard iii.

Mr Youens     23  



Standard iv.




Standard v.




Standard vi.




Standard vii.



The Vicar was asked to see Mr Gott & consult as to what was necessary to be done.

Frozen pipes

The Chairman read a letter from Mr Youens reporting that the pipes in boys W.C. had been frozen & burst.  He was asked to write to Mr Youens to say that the Managers expected him to take the ordinary precautions taken by a householder & that they would not be responsible for the repair of any pipes on his part of the premises.

(While the Managers would have paid for the repair of the school’s burst pipes, they felt it prudent to remind the Master that it was his responsibility for those in the school house, and therefore take appropriate action not to let them freeze during the winter months.)


William A.G. Gray



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