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1905 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1905 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1905 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

The growing size of the school and the large numbers previously noted in the Infants, now also impacted on the ‘Mixed’ Juniors.  The problems were most acute for Ralph Youens - 68 children covering five different Standards. In May the Master wrote that he had applied to the Managers for an additional member of staff to cope with these numbers. However, for whatever reason, this did not occur. The issue of pupil numbers did not escape the notice of the Government Inspector.  The HMI also voiced his irritation with the conditions in the Infant Department where remedial action which had been highlighted the previous year was not being address.  Notwithstanding the acute problems with pupil numbers, overall standards in the school were being sustained as good or better.






Re-assembled after Xmas Holidays.


Work going on as usual.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning and found them quite correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Diocesan Exam this morning.  Holiday this afternoon.


Diocesan Report
The school passed a very good examination.  A large amount is well done and with good aim.  In Division I the answering should be freer & there might be more grasp of the meaning of New Testament & Prayer Book.  Much of the work in Division II is excellent.  There might be more depth in Prayer Book & point in New Testament.  Division III is excellent the teaching is very careful & the answering orderly and general.  Division IV is excellent in all respects and teaching is able & accurate and the answering very keen & bright.




The classes have been arranged to suit the working for Diocesan Exam March 1906.  Otherwise work is going on as usual.


William White has been allowed half time, by attendance.  According to the bye-laws of this district the half timer makes his 5 times just when he or his parents think fit, during the week, so that it is impossible to arrange the lessons in anyway for this benefit.  Thus in the lessons such as arithmetic &c when he comes he is often ‘marking time’ as but little individual attention can be given by a teacher who has already four Standards to teach.

(According to a note Thomas Marsh Everett placed in the February 1894 Parish Magazine, School Attendance Notice – No II, the regulations at that time allowed that for a child who had reached Standard III, and was between the ages of 11 and 13, attendance could be reduced to half time until the passing of Standard IV or gaining the age of 13 years, at which point schooling could cease. Ralph Youens appears to suggest that this regulation was still in force, either in whole or in part, and that the times for part time attendances were not defined.  Thus, when William White did attend, as the teacher was already seeking to provide instruction for four different age groups, it was nigh impossible to provide teaching for an individual child lacking continuity in his education.)


Work as usual this week.  Drill today in playground.




In the Vicar’s hand:
I have examined the registers today & found them correct.

W.A.G. Gray


Work as usual this week.


Attendance today very poor. Day inclined to be rainy; but eventually but little rain fell.


Wet day; attendance very bad 117 and 124.


Broke up this morning for Easter Holiday 1 week 1½ days.


Re-assembled after Easter Holidays (May 1st)


In the H.M.I.’s hand:
School visited today

E.C. Streatfeild


Work as usual this week.
Re-Classified scholars today.            


Standard I      38 

Miss Groome art 68


Standard II     31

Miss Medcalf  art 68


Standard III   24
Standards IV, V, VI, VII   44

R. Youens.  Certificated.


Have acquainted the Correspondent of the above numbers and suggested an extra assistant.

School closed on May 10th

(If Mr Youens did inform the Vicar of the large numbers and the need for an additional member of staff, this was never brought to a Managers’ meeting, only coming to their attention on receipt of the Government Inspection report towards the end of the year. )




The work of the new classes is well in hand in I & II.  III, IV, V, VI & VII   
68 children in 5 Standards is too much for one teacher besides superintending, and I am unable to give them as much individual attention as I should like.


Several fresh scholars have lately been admitted in Infant Department.  There are now on books 57 Infants.  This number is about equal to that of last year at this time.  Before the classes were re-arranged the highest number on Infant Registers for the Year was 83. I should say it will be much the same this year.


Registers to hand today.


Half holiday today (Ascension Day)




The number of scholars in the Senior Department has increased by two since last entry.  The present staff is


R Youens



Miss A Medcalf

<Art> 68


Miss A.C. Groome

<Art>  68





Infant Classes



Miss Knight



Mrs Youens

<Art>  68


Copy of Report by H.M.I   Mr E.C. Streatfeild after visit of May 3rd, 1905

The children at this school display a very fair standard of attainments, while their behaviour is most satisfactory.  There is still some evidence of want of style and self-reliance in the oral answering.  Brush work has been introduced with success.
Instruction in cottage gardening would be a useful departure if feasible.  

The rooms used by the infants are often overcrowded and are, moreover, badly furnished.  In the big room, the gallery is very awkward and inaccessible to a teacher, and, as stated in last year’s report the desks in the small room are utterly unfit for the use of any class of Infants, and especially for the babies who do generally use them.  In the face of these drawbacks it is very gratifying to find the school in a good state both as to work and order.  In this division as in the senior the style of oral answering should receive special attention.

(The negative comments concerning the accommodation in the Infants mirrors that of the previous year and already discussed by the managers.  There was to be further discussion and eventually, after pressure from the LEA, the managers were forced to remedy the situation.)




Work as usual.  Broke up for Whitsun Holidays


Goods from Philip & Tacey coming in.


All goods with exception of cubes to hand.


83 present this morning.  Wet early morning but reasonably fine about 8.40.


William Lavender has measles.  Mabel (sister) away in consequence.


Work as usual this week


Broke up this morning for Summer Holidays.


Reassembled after Holidays.  One week’s extension was given in consequence of work (drainage & water) being incomplete.

(The Managers’ minute book identifies that the lengthened holiday was due to the installation works for the rebuilt pupils’ toilets)


12 children only being present this afternoon the school was closed by order of Managers (local sports)




Work as usual this week.


Attendance somewhat better but still ‘ragged’


Circus at Uxbridge yesterday.  Many absent in consequence.


Examining various classes still going on. 
Having Standards III IV V VI & VII to teach, I find this work much crippled as I have only Art 68 to leave in charge; each of these (2) (i.e. Miss A Medcalf and Miss A.C. Groome teaching Standards I and II) have enough to do to look after their own class.  One has 36 children.


Work going on as usual


Work as usual.


Very wet on Monday and today.  Numbers 128 am, 144 pm and 125 am respectively.


In the H.M.I.’s hand:
School Inspected

Fred. J. Webb




Attendance somewhat better this week.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning & found them correct.

William A.G. Gray


Miss Knight absent today by permission of the Manager.


Weather bad.  Attendance poor


Attendance much better this week.


The following report was received this morning.

Copy of report made by H.M.I. Mr Streatfeild after visit of 10 November 1905.

“This department is understaffed, and another teacher is urgently needed for the efficient working of the school.  The staff counts for 110 children whilst the average attendance for the current year is 111.5.  The average attendance of the Head Teacher’s class is 54, and when it is remembered that these children are in five standards, the impossibility of teaching them effectively is obvious.  The Head Teacher, too, is expected to supervise the rest of the school.

The blinds on the south side of the school are badly torn, and two windows have no blinds.  The cleaning of the school is imperfect.”  

“In the reports of 1904 and 1905 the attention of the Managers was called to the unsuitability of the desks used by the Infants.  Nothing has been done and tiny babies are usually sitting in desks high enough for the first class in the Mixed School.  Suitable desks should be supplied immediately.”




School closed this morning for Xmas holidays.





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