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1906 ~ An Overview from the Log Book


Ruislip Church of England School
Log Book 1890-1925
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- 1906 -

Since the Revised Code of 1862, schools had been required to keep a Log Book in which the principal teacher should make a brief daily record of any significant events. Although many aspects of the Code disappeared with the Education Act 1902, the keeping of the Log Book was retained. That for 1906 was kept by the School Master, Ralph Youens.

Three main issues continued to dog the effectiveness of the school, each related to the state of the premises and its facilities: 

1.  Various HMIs over several years had commented on the poor state of cleanliness within the school building. The Managers proposed increasing the cleaner’s salary as an incentive to provide a higher standard (Managers’ minutes, 07/12/1904).  On 18/01/1906 a new cleaner was appointed (not necessarily a replacement on account of the previous cleaner’s ineffectiveness), yet by the end of the year (15/11/1906) HMI again commented on the poor cleaning.

2.  Ralph Youens had regularly committed to writing the serious understaffing throughout the school, including a note that he had spoken to the Vicar about it (Log Book, 12/05/1905). The understaffing had been reiterated in a number HMI reports. The Managers had discussed the issue, though seemingly without any degree of urgency, with the Vicar minuting after the December 16th 1905 meeting that he would discuss the issue with Benjamin Gott, Secretary to the Middlesex Education Committee. Yet still in 1906 we find the Master again seeking ways of removing pressure from his assistant staff; and in his report (18/05/1906) HMI remarking that understaffing continued to be an issue for the school.

3.  In the Government Report of May 18th 1906, the HMI identified that the desks in the Infant department needed replacing, yet at the Managers’ meeting of July 1st 1905 the Vicar had been tasked with supplying new desks.  






Scholars re-assemble after the holidays, this morning.


Registers closed at 1.30 pm.  School dismissed at 3.30 pm


School closed.  School room required for Election purposes. 
Mrs King has been appointed to sweep & clean &c the schools in the place of Mrs Bell.  Much improvement is noticed.


Work as usual this week.


Part of goods received from Philip & Tacey.
Requisition sent in November 29th 1905


Remainder of goods received.


Work as usual this week.




Most of Children came in after 9.45 am, service having been held at church from 9 am to 9.45 am.  Registers closed as usual at 10 am


Diocesan Exam held this morning.  Holiday in the afternoon.  Registers not marked.


Diocesan Report 1906

“The school is again very good.  Division I is faithfully and zealously taught & there was good answering from most of the children.  It would be an advantage to choose a somewhat shorter Bible Syllabus & to enter into the subjects more fully. 

All the work in Division II has been thoughtfully prepared and the general result is little short of Excellent.  More attractive teaching might be given on ‘the course of the Christian year.’

Division III shows very careful study on the teacher’s part & is fully excellent, the answering was orderly and to the point. 

Division IV is skilfully taught & the keen and correct answering of the children is most praiseworthy.

H.C. Batterbury.

Division I     Very Good
Division II    Very Good
Division III   Excellent
Division IV   Excellent




Work as usual.  Weather affect attendance.


Miss Groome has been absent this week with a severe cold & rheumatism.


Miss Summers, Certificated <teacher>, came today as ‘supply’ in Miss Groome’s place.


School closed yesterday on account Urban District election. 
Rooms used as a Polling Station.


Broke up this morning for Easter Holidays.


Re-assembled after Easter Holidays.  Miss Groome has resumed her duties.  She would have returned April 16th but for Holidays.


The following is an account of the staff & numbers of children


Mr R. Youens



= 56


Miss Medcalf   

Art 68

III & part II

= 40


Miss Groome 


I & part II

= 44












Miss Knight





Mrs Youens    

Art 68




No on books



= 43


School closed today on account of May Day Festivities in the Parish.


Work as usual this week.


In the H.M.I.s hand:
18:V:’06     Inspection    H. Lucas


Registers closed at 1.45 pm today.  Broke up for the Whitsuntide Holidays this afternoon.  Dismissed school at 3.45 p.m


Copy of Report by H.M.I.

Visit May 18th 1906

The school is sensibly managed, the scholars are orderly & well disposed and much of the work is quite good in spite of the fact that the school has remained insufficiently staffed throughout the year.  Drawing and brushwork and the general neatness and care displayed in the written exercises are worthy of praise; but, perhaps only to be anticipated under the circumstances, the upper groups are not sufficiently responsive or well informed in their oral lessons.”

“In the Junior Section of the school the children are very well taught and are making capital progress under somewhat depressing circumstances.  

The recommendations in the last annual report, and also in an interim communication, have hitherto produced no result.  It is earnestly to be hoped that the provision of another teacher in the mixed department and of new desks in the Infant School will be dealt with expeditiously.”




Four girls of the 6th Standard were recently sent to Harrow for examination for total exemption.  They were Mabel Lavender, Mary Wingfield, Hilda Doe and Florence Poulter.  The returns show that each child passed in each subject.


Work as usual this week.


Very wet this morning.  Only small number present.


Broke up this morning for the Summer Holidays – one month (4 weeks)




Re-assembled after Summer Holidays 4 weeks.  Many children absent still holiday keeping – a few with whooping cough.


Work as usual


Several children absent with colds and whooping cough.


Work as usual this week.


Working from a new Time Table for a time on trial.


A very wet day.  Many children absent.  I have for a considerable time past, been taking some of <the> backward children of Standard I in Arithmetic &c to ease Miss Groome. (i.e. reduced the number of pupils in her class for some of the time.)


In the H.M.I.’s hand:
School visited today

E.C. Streatfeild




Several children absent from Whooping Cough – fresh cases.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers today and found them correct.

William A.G. Gray


In Mr Youens’ hand:
Miss Knight is absent this week with influenza cold.  Many children are absent from the same cause.


Copy of report by H.M.I. Mr Streatfeild, after visit of 15th November 1906

Mixed and Infants
“The rooms here are far from prepossessing or cheerful, and they would much benefit by being done up inside.  Meanwhile the Caretaker’s work should be more efficiently performed.”
(No doubt yet again the Inspector was commenting on the cleanliness of the school building. Cf. reports of 18/10/1904 and 10/11/1905)




Influenza is the cause of the absence of a large number of children & whooping cough is still prevalent.  109 present out of 180.


In the Vicar’s hand:
I examined the registers this morning and found them correct.

W,A.G. Gray


Broke up for Xmas Holidays this morning.

“In consequence of prevalent illness” the managers decided to close school a day earlier than usual. 

Mrs Youens was absent yesterday afternoon and this morning.





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